Friday, April 30, 2010

There is Nothing Else i can say.

My Internet at home has packed up. Up Nepa. One of the days they decide to give us power, they go and do power surge. We would have been better without the light. I liked the gen current better. anyways so I'm internet less, because these swift people will come with one Long ass story that Trust me u don't even wanna know about. And mother dearest is forming deaf. Na wa.

Anyways yesterday at work a co-worker of mine gave me one gist like this. Sthg about his "friend" ( who by d way I strongly suspect is him) met one girl and then they didn't talk and then 2 weeks outta the blue the girl texted and asked him 2 buy her brazilian hair.

He didn't reply, one month after the same girl( after no prior contact) asked him to senf her 250k ( two hundred and fifty thousand Naira). This time he replied asking If she wanted to start up a bizness and what not. She said no, she just wanted the money, and he said No.

Another two months later, she texted him and said her birthday was coming... By now I had tuned out. Like totally tuned out, see Personaly I am SICK and SO SO SO tired of hearing stories like this. It is Over rated and it is terribly one sided. So when I tuned back in I asked him " how did she get his number" he said , "oh he gave it 2 her". Which means they had probably met at this nice wedding he saw this hot babe, spoke to get got them exchanging numbers.

Now whether or not they had sex, I don't know, I wasn't there. He swears his friend ( who I strong suspect is him) dint touch yer. *i hear una*

I know Women are NOT stupid. Nobody will ask you for that kind of money out of the blues. Except 1. U owe her. 2. She knows u are going to give her.

I'm sick and tired of men chanting all women are gold diggers WHEN all they bring to the table when they meet a woman is their wallet. Sweets you attract your kind, if you want to define your values by money, that's the kind of girl you will get. EOS.

So after we argued back and forth and got some other co-workers in volved. He said I should read a write up called ify's diaries. Its about a 29 year old girl who wants to get married and keeps attracting married men and what not. Very typical, at least every1 knows one of these kind of people. The write up portayed her to be a materialistic girl who wanted to be the girl that had the amn with a nice car and bespoke suits and what not.

I know boys that have refused to date girls that don't have cars. Shocking abi?? But when a man doesn't have a car and its a turn of Girls are materialistic.

I know boys who don't like girls that dress up. And look all fancy and stuff. Oya shey u have that cassssssh upgrade the sister. No, Never. Mba. They will die 1st before they do anything good for her. And IF peradventure he does make her look nicer than she was when she met him. And they spilt for whatever reason, the girl becomes the gold digger who ran off with all his money. NIGGA PUHLEASE!!!!!!

See its that mentality right there I am tired off. Personally I'm not easy on Aristo girls, you have no excuse. Because I know some# I went to QC with and she couldn't afford uni fees, she worked at Mr Biggs (yes ke) for 5 years while the rest of us were in Uni, I had a job at her office and I ran into her and she told me she was retiring and was going back to uni. So basically all of you doing aristo.

As I said u have no excuse.

The mentality I am Not tired of however is men actually doing stuff for women. Excuse me, I'm jejely on my own, then u come and start asking me to have lunch with you, after much persuasion I agree. Only to take me to chicken republic and spend N2k and then get mad that I refused 2 text you back??? Huh?? Cuz I had lunch with you?? And then u open your mouth to say "after I took you out to a wonderful lunch" *cough* Nigger not that kind of Nice.

Nice like you meet her and you don't start bragging about how ur father owns Net building. Like you call her a couple of times and if she isn't intrested leave her alone. And Boys don't lie, we all know you know when she isn't intrested. Leaving her alone is the Nicest thing. Nigerian Men must think that Persistence in chasing girls is one of the fruits of the spirit. Its not. Stop. Nobody wants 2 be rude to you, they just want you off their backs. Its annoying and then you become irritating.

Yes. Back to the nice things, you can take her 2 a movie, not some ridiculous resturant you can't afford and when she orders you'll be coughing and u'll order only water. Smh and its these kind of men that. Cry gold digger the most. Nigger please.

Perosnally, I will not Pay for any 1st dates. Yes ke. If you can get a date out off me, THEN u'd better pay. I know my worth, and its NOT the stupid movie but the fact that your willing to pay and you will. Because I will make you, even if u had no intentions of paying. Says a lot. But nooooo because there are independent women now, yall shoudl just close shop on looking after girls properly. Abeg.

That's my own sha, if you don't have a car, no biggie as long as you don't live in Ikorodu town and expect me to get a cab there. That's coo"m if you are gonna send your friend to get me. Fine, but there is a line. I'm not asking 4 a man in a sport I'm in intrested in who can look after me. And no I'm not high maintaince. I just like and I was made for the finer things in life.

But seriously tho is there anything wrong in wanting 2 marry a man that drives a sport?? If yes what? To me its the same as marrying a woman that has a nice ass, or one that gives super head or one that turns sexy Amala. I mean its not the whole deal but it should be in the contract abi???

My home girl is single and she claims she is searching, he lifestyle dosent depict that ooo. This my friend ehn. She is still in uni and when I see her shopping bags I'm like babes where did you get all this money 2 buy this ish, she'll be like free. Men I love this girl to bits and all cuz she is like my sister BUT there is no way I'm letting her near any of my male friends now. Maybe in the next 5 years when we all have our ish together, not now that nobody is intrested in catering to her. She made it very clear, she wants some1 that has money. And I don't know anyone that has that kind of money in my social circle anyways so pass.

In other totally unrelated news its Jimi Daodu's bday. He is my home girls boyfriend so I don't expect you to know him. But if you do, wish him a happy birthday. She does love him to bits. And I am not a fan *kanye shrug* "bet" its her life jare.

In other related news: I'm good with my sister from previous posts apparently we were mad about two totally diff things or at least what upset me wasn't what she was talking about. All is well is all that ends well.

Last night when I was supposed 2 be studying my homegirl called me to do amebo. Apparently one of my ex-flames in Uni had been expelled. AGAIN. *sigh* these private schools can take the fucking piss. My God. Last year he was in a car accident resulting to the death of another student. Then they called him back. 2 months to raduation, he got expelled again. For going home for easter. Yes that's d reason why, and know that school they'll add a million other offences to add to his list of why they had 2 expelle him. Please let's Vote.

The youth, let's go out and vote. I know it seems small but this is the link up. When you vote, there is change in the educational sector, the federal universities start to function and rubbish like this won't be happening in glorified secondary schools. Its sad. Personally I don't want my kids to go to school abroad, see my camp blog posts. I don't want clueless kids. The other day my cousins whom their parents believe the ducational system in the Uk is better hence they have bEen there all their lives came home. She saw danfo amd called it a "caravan" I kid yoy not. She was now looking for the gypsys. Who does that to their kid?? Because of strike?? Or what? Abeg let's all go out and fix our country jare. Because you see, I'm tired and sick and tied of complainuing. Kmt.

Yessss exams in a few. *dancing alanta* I can't wait for them to gooo. I'm taking piano lessons tuesday and thursdays once I finish and I'm excited. Maybe I'll have that 21st party I've been dreaming about?? Yes no? Whatever.

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