Sunday, October 27, 2013

Merchants, Dealers and slaves.

 That everyone out here, listens to Brymo's New album.

It is delicious.

It is music at its finest.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

We cant stop.

I love this version of the song.

And It has nothing to do with the fact I have a twerking video.( yes I have a twerking video- Stop judging me)

PS: see how she gave Jimmy side eye when she was talking about girls with big butts.

I am def buying downloading or spotify-ing this album.

Plus this is going to be the opening theme for my birthday- Its my party- I can do what I want.

Like cook a three course meal- for 10 of my friends here and not give a shit.

Also- I am going to see Abba the musical tomorrow.

In other towns, they get awon drake and co, here we have to contend with what we have.

Plus I totally LOVE ABBA- My mother loved them and I grew up listening to Abba, and buying their greatest hits everytime I was stuck in traffic and found out it scratched super easily etc. anyways- I will download the movie/ torrent of the album to brush up on my abba skills.

Asides my prep for my super sweet sixteen birthday party-  I am Fine. Back to doing my nails.

Oh And I wrote a test and got all the answers- I have never been more dependent on God for anything ever in my life since I moved her.

Like Oh Gosh! He totally came through.

I am very pleased with this- Dear God, I know I have said thank you, but I need to " loud" the matter for everyone else.

Thank you and I love you.

Ps: That was for God.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Birthday Wishlist and other cool stories.

Unlike last year- I have a lot of things I want for my birthday this year.

Actually off the top of my head- maybe two, or three.

First stop.


I walked into Debenhams the other day and tried on this delicious shade of lipstick- In the words of F- I so much loved it.

This is the rouge in love by lancome in color 381B Violette Coquette

I have travelled ALOT this year, so much that this MK travel tote is beginning to seem like a necessity. I'd take that in Plum. Please and Thank you.

This Image is Navy- but I swear, there is a Plum one and I want it.

3. T-shirts and Sweat Shirts.

I love Parody tshirts, I have probably loved them forever. Even better one of the ones I want is on Sale.

I am so here for this ballin' sweat shirt. In this color- Black. and Size Large So here for it.

This one is on Sale- In a medium. Any color but white works.

4. Fitness paraphernalia.

On the top of this list is the Nike fuel band SE- in maybe color "any other color but blackkk".

I moved house( sorted out the accommodation issue), but my house is maybe a 30 minutes walk from the shops coupled with the carrying of my shopping bags up hill, I must be losing some serious calories. A really wise thing to do will be to document all this weight loss. That being said. One Nike fuel band SE.
I need to start flexing my muscles.

5. Wrist Watch.

List would never be complete without one.

This year I am all eyes for this DKNY Women's Quartz Watch Broadway 3 Hand NY8486. I also want the NY8862 lexington. Both in Rose gold.
 I think on my very shabby list, this tops my wants. That is- I really want this. Really Really. Sprinkled with some sugar on top.

That way I will never ever be late to class ever again.

This year has been full of surprises- Most unpleasant, unexpected and disappointing. In retrospect some were pleasant.

But I found Christ this year so that worked out alright. I started my piano lessons , and I started my masters.
To be objective- 2013 has been good by a lot of standards, my zeal for perfection must be my only stumbling block to admitting that.

In about 2 weeks- I hit the big 30. LOL jk- I am turning  twenty *guess* virtual cookies for whoever gets it right.

And I am pleased with where my life is right now, although I kinda hoped my mother's grand kids would have been ready this year- stilll. I am excited about the day.

I wanted to go on a holiday- but due to foreseen and some ridiculous circumstances, I had to unfortunately put that on the shelf, and have one here in school. I would probably merge it with my house warming party- which my flat mate totally does not want to have.

So probably 5 to 10 of my close friends, 10 bottles of  wine and home cooked food with home baked cake in my new oven.

Also along with the above- I will be receiving  the usual perfumes, cards, flowers and etc etc.

I know I have been awol- But trust me I have a reason- albiet shitty one, but I am back for good now.


I keep getting little signs that maybe I am on the right track, Just maybe,