Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The weekend

For the weekend on an out of town job, i did not work.

Excitement became me and i went rabid with the thought of no work.

went out friday night, even though it raineeeed.

Had major market runz on saturday, and i had to drive. dont ask

#sidebar all the abuja drivers are mad men that are not roaming- either the roads are too good, or there is too much free money OR the government pays them per accident, because i can not understand the manner of driving that is done in this city.

I mean how can you drive past an intersection with cars going 4 ways and not even slow down?

Madness i tell you.

Sunday was better, went to church - Again the girls that attend that church dress like

a) desperate girls to meet men
b) like they over slept at the club and couldnt be bothered to go home to change first before coming.
c) whores.

I can not understand why you'd wear a dress that you cant sit in, to the house of God.

But then God sees the heart.

After church I stopped over at my girl Nemski gaggles house, met her mom

who kept fawning over how tall and pretty I was-  True story.

anyways after we cooked cat fish stew, and ate lunch we then headed over to my other friends Uloh and Kanizilious to swim.

They were at thier friends house swimming and since we were bored, we joined them and took too many pictures.

after which we went by Ulohs to get changed to hit Aramis for karaoke.

i like the low-keyness of aramis, no signboard outside, soundproof walls, and few people every come out to sing.

So we dominated the karaoke bar, and got invited to show up next week.

So if you are in the buj, and up for some karaok-ing on sunday night- get at me.

Although i must warn you, I sound like a tush frog aka i can not sing. Although I'm pretty sure i sound better than Tiwa "struggle" savage.

All in all it was an amazing weekend.

with not enough sleep and now all i wanna do is sleep.

Side bar, Cup Cake couture in Lagos Makes the most amazing cupcakes ever.

I sent the Lover a box because he was mad, and he is better now.

I miss him and my family but strangely i am not homesick.

stranger things have happened, so i guess i shouldnt be so shocked.

and OMG i had no idea how disgusting new staff could be, especially the overtly forward ones.

like how about you just shurrup and do your job and leave me in peace and quiet.
nooooo instead he fills my blissful quiet with inane ramblings that i do not care for.

im thankful lent is here and i dont have to suffer thier Yoruba gists during lunch- anymore.

Okay its not disgusting- just very disturbing i really dont like it.

I also wish the firm would give new staff adequate traning instead of saying you will learn on the job.

Its unfair to the other people on the job.
Especially when the new staff- can not take ordinary minutes.

exteremly frustrating. BUT we shall over come.

How is it that my 2nd deal dey account has my name as Akanke Okoro?

I quit these people.

The theme of this trip is " she must chop my money"

like Abuja men are just on that splurging tip.
My cousin has introduced me to at least 3 of her boyfriends this week, and all are on that chop my money tip.

like baby, you can have whatever you like.

im amused.

Unlike thier Lagos counterparts.

however what lagos boys lack in " shop my money-ism" they make up for in Lyrics, game ans swegsss.

Abuja Male species need a major reorientation of the art of courting, toasting, chyking, walking up to a lady.

in a nut shell, Abuja men & Boys Lack game.

It breaks my heart for them. All that free cash and no game to back it up.

Maybe because im a lagos girl, but the abuja girls dont seem to mind, they prefer the sound of crisp notes to conversation.

perhaps Abuja boys and girls are made for each other?

And im just here saying my own?

This post is everywhere. I know im still suffering from Lack of sleep coupled with the insane ovulation pain that decided to stop by and say hey to my uterus and has me alternating between yawning and gnashing of teeth.

Monday, February 20, 2012



After being so sad over the week and stuff.
I woke up on Sunday got my hair made, you can call me rihanna, the hair is sooo red!

I love it.

I get mad when people say stop crying over something so small, like I want to ask them, is it your eye?

Or rather am I crying with your lips?

I literally almost missed my flight on Sunday.

Thank God for male staff at the airport.

The stupid woman at the counter was too adamant that we wont get on the flight and my co-workers were already snickering about how I would be late for my wedding.

I just glided over to the ticketing counter and alas, the supervisor was male, after pleading for like 2 seconds, he said " go back to the counter, i have called them, they'll check you in"

that was it, The end.

I tell you, men are as kind as they are useless.

LOL. jk.

I love them. My co-workers now started giving me side eye when I told them how I managed to not miss the flight.
I am finally getting a hang of paid employment, and being thrown under the bus. My Yoruba has improved significantly since the last time I was here in Abuja.

I am at my clients where I was the first time i was in Abuja.

I love it now.

I tweeted this on Sunday- I hate my job.

Then Ronse said, " its a dream job"

I replied even the nicest dream job can turn into a nightmare, all it takes, is one manager.

I'm glad I'm rid of that manager now.

Asides that, i'm just glad to be getting the happy me back. no more tears and shit.

Plus I'm now going to embrace wicked leaders. There may just be a lesson in there.

I am happy.

I am the phoenix arising from the ashes, better and stronger.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I like when my friends have affairs.

Or decadent one night stands and gist me about them.
I live vicariously through my friends.

I've had a long week, and I'm afraid its going to get even longer.

I also need to master the art of ass kissing.

and I'm going to need co-workers to stop thinking my Mother still pays my bills.

Valentines day was alright. work and more work.

Whoever said hard work never killed anybody is a liar.

I would not mind falling ill right now to get time off work.

But my valentines present is so amazing.

Like it is something I have wanted forever.

Did I mention how amazing The Lover is?

My friend asked me yesterday if he is actually as amazing as i make him out to seem

OR I'm just always ranting about him to get people jealous.

I told him, he should not be  a hater.

The Lover is too amazing. I am super thankful I have him in my life.

Although he isn't the calm in the storm, he somehow manages to make me smile.

and I'm thankful for that.

wow lent starts in a week.


Friday, February 10, 2012


I always thought I wanted to make partner.

at my firm, or any firm really.

so the stationery would read, x y Olaolu & co.

But now I'm certain it is not what I want to do.

Being intelligent has led me to coast along the path of least resistance - repeatedly.

That is exactly what accounting is for me- The path of least resistance initially I was going to be an engineer

But it was 5 year in Uni and seemed like too much work so I decided to do accounting instead.

Basically I do not hate my job. I actually like it. it requires minimum thinking.

Which is the problem for me because I need to engage my mind.

I need to rub minds, not stare at excel sheets and surf the internet till I tire.

I need to do more with myself.

The road to partner is paved with numerous get out of Jail cards.

I need to engage my mind.

And yes I realise I am a chartered Accountant.


But this begs the question, what do I really want to do?

For one, the MBA is supposed to open doors for me.

But I worry I will coast through and somehow find the path of least resistance.

all the while these worries are in my head.

The thought of losing weight and becoming a Victoria secret model

has somehow lodged itself firmly in my mind.

Confusion becomes me.

Accountant by Day.

Dreamer  by Night.

Confusion becomes me. Envy consumes me.
for those who have found their calling and natural gifts.

While I sleep on the stacks of cash- I long for mind engagement.

Urgh I'm rambling.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Death scares me.

untimely death even more.

Bad dreams scare me as well.

But death- I am terrified off.

Too scared.

For God has not given me the spirit of fear. but of love, power and of a sound mind.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Eyebrows and Managers

People usually see me and assume i spend a huge amount on my nails, or hair or whatever.

That is not true. But that is besides the point.

I constantly search out ways to find cheaper things all the time.

However I've  found that Lagos girls people  are never too pleased with me when they ask me about something,

and I say- oh I got it at the market, or so its at so and so and so.

First off they give me that- Urgh you go to the market look.

then never ask me ever again- Which I really do not mind.

Lately its my eyebrows. This girl in my office had been commenting on the shape of my brows repeatedly for maybe  2 weeks or so.

I just smile and say thank you. never saying anything.

However when we were in Abuja for work she came along, and continued to make a fuss about them.

Then I figured I should just tell her the truth about my art work drawings every morning.- Before one day she will see me without them and die of shock.

So one morning over breakfast after she made a fuss, I casually mentioned how Its all pencil and I really have no eye brows or so to speak.

Next thing she asked-

What Shop in the UK did I buy my eye pencil.

I said oh- my friend gave it me

which technically isn't a lie as steph gave it to me, and I'm positive she bought it in FESTAC.

so yesterday at work, she waylaid me and said i have to show her this eye pencil, that its sooo nice and yada yada yada.

So eventually sent her the picture.

Her response- It doesn't look like its from the UK.

me : *ends chat*

And I wish my manager would just over look the fact that I'm a later comer to work.

because I work extra hours- Everyday. and i deliver on time. So what does coming early really have to do with anything.

Today he threatened to pull me out of the job because I came in 50 mins late.

Fuck that shit. the office stays putting me on clients that are at the opposite end of town, every fucking time.

Like its my fault i live close to the office.

And to think I applied because it was so close to home.


I know I said I wont complain this year- But that phone call really rattled me.

Especially since I just realised that this isnt what i want to do anymore.

Make Partner- Yes.

Make Money- Hell yes. and making partner wont even give me that kind of money.

I need to finish my essays and apply to schools.

I need to get away from work.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The body

Last week, I tweeted about how amazing a picture a  " friend"  of mine took of me.

and how is was unable to get pas it.

He replied thank you- to which I replied- but I was the subject of the picture.

He said- I could swear you were the Body.

Now yall know I love my body, bit and wiggle free as it is, I still drag myself to the gym, for my arms and thighs.

This morning was the 1st day back in the gym since Xmas..

and it was terrible, to say the least
I'm def looking forward to better days.

And I'm yet to you know be able to wake up early.

On Wednesday, my alarm went off, I got into my gym gear, and woke up by 8am, apparently i went back to sleep.

5:30am is too early to work out, but its the only time of the day i actually have.

This life, you wish for something so bad, you finally get it and now you hate it.

Still thankful for the body, Fab ab feb jillan work outs, the hula hoop I bought today. my skipping rope and sports bra.

My Lord I'm so sleepy!

Anyone with tips to help me wake up early in the mornings asides alarm clocks/ sleeping early.

Im so not a morning person. eish

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Lagos is so hot

I just spent an hour queuing for fuel. without Air conditioner, and a Long weave.

I also paid twice the usual amount thanks to the increase.

I'm not too happy about this.

However I stopped at cane village to buy a hula hoop!

Yay to skinny waists.

I will also be joining my friends on twitter for the February Fab Ab challenge.

I'm also slightly worried about what March 1st will bring.

January 1st- Fuel subsidy removal.

February 1st- Fuel queues.

March 1st- ?????

Happy birthday Shout out to Aisha and Deji!

Hope you both have a wonderful day.


I keep getting little signs that maybe I am on the right track, Just maybe,