Friday, November 6, 2009


I think i am beginning to love this place, its hilarious. all this babes from jand/ yankee are major trips... they amuse my friends n i terribly.
i woke up this morning to see a lady lactating. and all i can is that..its never that serious. ahn even ur baby at home thinks dat too.
exercises this mmorning was fun. i was in front of my platoon march past and things. i Loved that too.. although i kept messing up. had breakfast with my noise-maker friends..yes Indomie and egg. dont judge me.
i also think im gaining weight..
so last night, my friend Afolabi and i decided to get drinks. this was a very bad idea because Afo n I are verry funny people. that did not stop us tho. we decided to have Red wine. then Tola showed up and decided that we make cocktails. which was a good idea.. if u ask 2 already drunk people. besides the red wine was warm.. ha ha. so we mixed that with smirnoff ice. again very bad idea. all i take away from last night is some girl who used to be involved with Lanre. discussing Lanre with me.. haha! now that was funny.
after being wasted, i think i called Diddy. im not t sure, i also think i chatted with Rick Ross, again Not to sure.
of all this i am sure of one think as from today.. its malt or nothing.
and i know im lying .. but whateva!! :) ha ha

#nowplaying patron tequila paradise girls/ lil jon..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

DAY 2.

The internet here is terrible. to saythe least.anywayscamp has been ok so into a squabble with one of my hostel solders... she was shocked. well a lot of people were, but then thats whatuget for taking the piss with a corper.:)he he!
im worried i need 2 get outta here i havent studied proper in 3 whole days. and because the stupid solder reportd me 2 mycamp director.. I have to scale:) and i thank CU for these extra-ordinary skills.
had the swearing in thing today. went well, stod in the sun for 3 hours, doing nothing.on the upsidemy platoon worked today so i did nothng.
drinks with woma went well last night, i think i got quite tipsy and lost my tounge on my solder woman. but whatever.
today i made a new friend.. well we shall call him brain. as in pinky n the brain. he is all kindsa smart i LOVE!!!
now i wanna go sleep but i know i shouldnt. by the way my kakhi's wernt pencil'ed properly so i couldnt Rock my bee look in 'if i were a boy' but i think i tried sha... however istill mintain, NYSC is a bastard and should be abolished. on the upside ithas convinced me that i need a BB, yes so im eventually gonna get one...MYself..
oh and yeah i miss Ricky to bits.. hope he's setled in,i shud call him,im doing shakara.
and accordingt to Diddy my shakara i splenty. however i have missed twitter and now cant waitfor these exams to finish. so that life starts..
camp is getting boring jo.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


NYSC/cuo/2009/ 0*****

Now sitting under my platoon canopy, waiting for the stuff. NYSC does crazy/ scary things to you. Ricky n I are now cool thank you NYSC. In the sweltering Heat all i can think about is my chicken n my coke in my bag. out of consideration, im not eating. OK i lied, i want no one to beg me. just spotted potiential camp boyfriend. Platoon member oogling me shamelessly. I do not smile back. he just stood up.. nope he's not potiental anymore.. the smell of rubber shoes remind me of a trye factory not like ive been , but i imagine that this is what they smell like.
OMG just spotted one Tom-Tom Gucci Fanny pack. aka waist pouch, dont ask. all i did was see. and why the hel are ppl not filling thier forms properly. Now looking on Ogle boy's form tryna spot his Uni. LOL. he attened Uni-Ilorin.exit stage left, NEXT!!!!

thank God i brought sunglasses. my eye's will be the lightest shade of brown in d next 3 weeks if i dint:) Strangely i think imma have fun at this camp. But now i miss Ricky, he left his call up letter at home.. smart alec.
OH n during my PG test, i couldnt pee i had 2 drink 2 bags of pure water and then some...
i never thot i'd say this but i miss twitter. and just for the record no one here has caught my eys just yet.
Where are all the hot boys at camp nowwwww??
oh n yeah my PG test came out Negative. oh snap! lol NOT major relief. i wonder why i keep thinking im PG.
ok just spotted a nice looking boy... with a rubber bucket. WTF??-500 points, but a small bag. i like that:)
I just spotted a dude that looks like Ricky. I admit im atrracted to huge men. SUE me. im skinny so im guessing i like a lil meat on him in the mix. just saying..
OMDZZZZ JESUS i spoke too soon, see this cutie CUTIE CUTIE. ahn ahn bobo toh bad!!
in other news.. one IGBO-esque lady infront of me, thick accent begging the platoon dude to pick her form.. bitch sit down! Girl beside me has Red eye pencil and the 1st half of the brow is black.:)
so just putting this out there. i have plans to Pencil my ugly green trousers. Serioulsy. ok just spotted two other Ricky-esque looking brothers.. i like. scratch that I LOVE!! ahn and Debo stil hasnt called me:(
ok imma get off this and start staring into space now:)

#now thing. NYSC= now your suffering continues.


I keep getting little signs that maybe I am on the right track, Just maybe,