Saturday, November 20, 2010

wake up call

so yesterday, i got a DM from someone asking for my contribution on a particular matter.

1st i was excited she asked me, even though i know she asked other people, but yeah she asked me so that made me happy.

2nd. i didnt know what to say. and i still dont know what to say. in 50 words i cant define what love is to me.

so while talking to my homie E on the phone last night i just told her OMG xyz asked me "what is love?" i wonder why she even asked me sef i said.

E just said ahhhhn why wont she ask you? when every other tweet is about your lover. Gosh you are so in love, you are prally the only person she even asked sef.

P: ehnnn i am NOT IN LOVE JO!
e: EHN why are u shouting? ok you are not in love you are in serious like.
P: actually im fond of him.
E; abeg abeg. be there lying to your self.
lol and so we went back and forth on the issue sha

bottom line is i still dunno what it is.

i was going to go with 1st corinth 13. 1-8. but errr i am not patient and all that so that would have been a lie.

so i was going to say that love is coming home to something everyday, be it a dog, cat, lover or even a bottle of perfume. :S

i love my chance perfume. no really i guard evry drop jealously.

but then that didnt make anysense.

so im back at square 1.
what is love? ideas anyone??

love cant described by word, it is a feeling, that is like asking you to describe a scent with colors and not words. see insufficent.

but i know this about love, when you get it, you wont need 2 ask anyone if this is really it, because then you just know that it is.
no doubts, no nothing. no sacrifice is too big, and a 30 mins wait becomes a blink of an eye. it flies right by.

i dont think im making sense. but love isnt always smooth sailing, but it is better to have love and lost than never to have loved. i think :S

a confused

side note: i think i just figured it out. last 2 paragraphs. :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

a rant/cry for help.

from Eneni with love and care and all that jazz.
i love you so damn much *sigh*

Crappy customer service
From GTB to Arikair to hairdressers, I can't even tell the exact order and the number of times I've had to complain. Oh did I forget to put Air Nigeria on the list??
I'm writing this as pissed as I can possibly be this time, thanks to Arikair. If they know they can’t handle bookings over the Internet they should simply shut it down and go the old 'over the counter' way. I've been on hold for 12mins. 12MINS!!!!! Of course the hold was interrupted at a 2mins interval with "please hold we are working on it" and no I wasn't using a land line or network with cheap tariffs, I was using my cell all for the simple reason I didn't want to end up stranded at the airport. I swear it would have cost me less if I went all the way to their office rather than try to sort it out over the phone but then again it would have cost more time, which is more valuable to me at the moment. By the way I wasn’t placed on hold when it was time to make the payment.
What is the use of putting our emails and phone numbers if it won’t be used to reach us should the need arise?? The last time I used Air Nigeria they moved the flight forward by 4hrs and we obviously weren’t informed. Imagine what waiting 4hours can do to you. Thank goodness I didn’t have any other plans for that day. All we got for the delay was "we're sorry for the inconveniences" and a smile from the attendants (I admit one was cute) but how was that supposed to make it better?? Oh did I mention it was a return ticket and I missed the 'to' because I came 10mins after checking had closed?? Of course I begged and pleaded and got the "I’m sorry you are late there's nothing we can do". 10mins vs. 4hours...........10MINS vs. 4HOURS!!!!! I'm late for 10mins there's nothing you can do, you are late for 4hours and I’m automatically supposed 2 accept sorry???BS!!!!! Oh and by the way don’t bother complaining because if u do the attendants will give you the 'we've apologized if you are not satisfied go hug a transformer on a rainy day' look.
GTB *sigh* I don’t know where to start. I’ve been forced to forfeit money just because I’m sick of yelling (yes when I’m pissed I yell. in fact yelling sounds cute I scream so don’t piss me off) at them for not rectifying costly errors. And of course the apologies "we're sorry for the inconveniences" 2weeks and you still sorry?? Like are they all programmed to say this shit?? Stop freaking apologizing, get working!!!! And oh the "have a nice day" when you are about to leave still obviously unsatisfied in my opinion makes it worse. Come let me slap you daily for 2weeks let’s see how nice your day is going to be.
Now to the hairdresser.......I hate waiting. No it’s not the usual cliché diva attitude, I just hate waiting. I’m not the most punctual of people but I believe cell phones were made for a reason. If you’ll b late, or even worse not show up, call/sms……anything!!! Just don’t keep me waiting. I go to different hairdressers each based on recommendation and depending on the hairdo I want so you can imagine my pain when this guy kept me waiting for 2hours and still hadn’t shown up. No calls/sms…. (Ok asking for email in this case is pushing it) and I obviously left pissed when I didn’t see him and he still didn’t call/sms/apologize (yes in this case an apology would have been accepted). Considering the fact it was my first time using him, he definitely lost a potential customer.

Is it just this country that we the customers are made to go through such?? These are just a few examples, I can go on and on……I mean I’ve gotten a free movie ticket (popcorn inclusive) just because the sound went off during the movie, it wasn’t even off for up to 30seconds. While here in Nigeria (ceddi plaza) they took light during a movie 2ce!!! And we didn’t get anything.

Am I being difficult?? Am I asking for too much?? I think the problem is to them it’s just a customer. What they don’t realize is it’s never just a customer; it’s a chain of people you are driving away. I’m not against the apologies, they are highly necessary but don’t just apologize, try to pacify the customers and don’t keep apologizing/pacifying, get to work.

I forgot to mention, halfway through this post/rant, Arikair called me back *gasps* yes they did. There might be hope for the country after all so #RSVP (register, select, vote, protect)….yea I know just had to fit that in somewhere. So I’m left with =N=4.00 on my phone, a confirmed ticket and hope that they don’t cancel/delay the flight or if they do I get informed early enough.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Ive have been asleep for so long.

i am finally awake.

Christ be with me, Christ within me

Christ behind me, Christ before me

Christ beside me, Christ to win me

Christ to comfort and restore me

Christ beneath me, Christ above me

Christ in quiet, Christ in danger

Christ in hearts of all that love me

Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.

excerpts from Paron Saint of Ireland.

I am Awake.


Listening non stop to Baby all these nights I've struggled and fought my pride scared that someone your type couldn't s...