Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas and all its extra's

Christmas has come and gone.

and work has come.

And it was fantastic, actually a lot more fantastic than i imagined.

Although my mother was away and i had the hugest fight ever with the lover that AM, it turned out well.

One of the lovers friends actually sent us both a gift.

weird, he addressed the cards and shit to " the lover and Ore"

toushing stuff.

on the 26th my fat friend Oyinkan invited me to a beach parry.

which was good as well.

i also had a brief run in with a boy " who just got back"

all im going to say about the issue, is give me a Lagos boy any day.

These i just got back boys have clearly lost the plot or maybe they weren't even included in the plot in the first place.

but the conversation we had was eye opening.

We then went to chef's in the park, My friend fregene was cooking, but by the time i got there food had finished.

I saw friends and lots of people who also " just got back"

i swear these people are everywhere.

and to be honestly it is mildly irritating.

But then if you have spent the whole year shopping and saving to show your baffs to your lagos counter-parts in Dec, you wouldnt have a problem prancing around every lagos event.

But thats besides the point.

On 27 i took my siblings to lunch at Protea westwood in Ikoyi. the food was okay, but i found an insect in my chap man after almost finishing it.

although they offered me a new one, and said i shouldnt pay for the old one ( Like as if i had any plans on paying), i still couldnt bring myself to drink it.

i also got the protea deal of dealdey. i tell you people,

dealdey is probably the reason im a fattie now, after the lover off course.

after lunch my friend "aldmoni" came to scoop my self to the TNC3 thingy.

myself then turned into my sister- who was so fucking bored at home, and Aisha, who was also bored at hers and came to mine.

this will definitely be the last TN anything i would be attending ever.

it was basically a twitter argument but in real- life.

On the upside Itunes got the card of the security assistant.

if that can be said to be upside.

Instead of going home, i decided to have some people over at mine,
was a riot.

after wining and dining and showing off my kitchen skills, we just talked and it was good.

at 11pm- everyone faded, i just up-ed and went to the lovers place.

And i just realised as i am writing this, that i haven"t been out all xmas long.

like over night out.

work starts tomorrow, i think i would kick start my day with the gym.

and Yinka and Eneni, i think i got out of my groove and shit so i wont be needing that cat. :P

by the way, i think one of the greatest dis-service anyone can do to themselves is not follow thier intuition.

especially women.

i have a kick ass intuition, and i follow mine daily, sometimes i think its the spirit of God telling me what to do.

i need to draft my new years resolution.

2 things on my mind.

weight loss

and masters application.

i've accepted the fact that the Lover is not going to come to school with me anytime soon.
and a tiny part of me is excited about being in an LDR, surely that tiny part is crazy.

but i have to go to school irrespective of what his life choices are- and i cant stay waiting for him to align with me.

what would really piss me off however, would be IF after my one year there, he then decides to go to school.

- that would be major irreconcilable difference yo.

I also want to give a huge shout out to Deyo. for xmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bubble gum pink nails

Usually im the red talon jezebel-esque wielding nails typa girl.

But in the spirit of xmas i decided to cut it short AND paint it pink.

think nicki minaj pink.

luckily for me, my nails are beautiful so it came out looking nice and shii.

but i didnt realise how nice it actually looked until i was making eba for my mum

and i stopped. they looked gorge.

so i used style to delegate plate washing to my brother so that the nails wont shaa on time. lol

My sister is coming home finally!

Im excited! i missed her, im also worried about the logistics.

what car would be available, sleeping arrangements, wardrobe space.

ive gotten so used to having my own space, i cant believe i have to share a room again.

this is motivation to go and do that masters

of which the school keeps emailing me. unfailingly by feb i should have gotten it out of the way.

my 1st xmas in lagos in over 10 years.

mixed feelings, because i really dont have a clique of friends just people i talk too, i cant make concrete plans for xmas.

the lover has to work through the holiday- even though his mum invited me to thier family breakfast- sidebar, i think that is waaay too much sha.

but since my own mother wont be here- i really should have followed her to the village to be fair to my self- never again.

AND my students have been released for holiday, even though they didnt want to leave, they are sooo cute.

although they banged the 1st test i gave them, they are improving.

today i was looking through a students note AND she wrote my name and the english translation.

i was so tickled about the whole thing.

i was telling debo- my darling friend- who uses me as a make shift girlfriend minus the sex when his real gf is outta town, ab out how this xmas is gonna really suck and if he would be so kind as to find me a private jet so i can go to benin on sunday morning.

that would be nice.

so it turns out a number of people in my fitness groups have body magic, i have been saying i will buy it since, but - to be honest to myself, i really dont need it. except its a gift i would continue slaving at the gym. although shapers would be nice.

turns out this xmas is gonna see me with a lot of free time on my hands.

AND i have 3 store counts to attend too.

sometimes, i think i should be a super model or sthg equally glamorous. i feel like im wasting away here inthis 9-5 rat race.

i read the bobo omotayo book, it seemed okay, except i had read most of the articles on BN. however i agree with his views on lagos life.

lagos life has a box and its impossible for me to fit into it.

i think its because im not class concious enough.

and i know this is a good thing, because my mother told me so.

speaking of my mother when i gave her the eba to eat, she didnt complain, which meant it was ace.

so i pushed my luck for a compliment and said, ahn you didnt say anything about the eba.

oh its perfect she replied.

you'll make whoever you marry very proud.

My mother makes me feel like a princess, like everybody is undeserving of me.

sometimes( in minute nano seconds) i wish she could pick out my husband for me.

then i snap out of that.

speaking of which do we all hae that opposite sex friend who can say shit to you and get away with it?

I have this friend we grew up together, although he dated my sister, we still speak once in a while, but when he calls me conversation is so great its amazing.

yay to old friends that just pick up where we left off. its just so easy with him.

im guessing its because we have known each other forever.

i hate stupid old men that strip me naked with thier eyes in the gym.

and i hate the young men that do it as well.

yup this means i have resumed going to the gym.

i swear i need someone to kick my ass more often.

back to the lover's mother inviting me for Christmas breakfast, im kinda undecided.

My mum thinks i should go,as does everyone else, including the lover,who is going to play that its so rude to turn down my mother's invitation card.

Festus asked me why i stopped tweeting about the lover, he asked if it was maturity.

what i heard was him fishing for gist assuming the lover and i have split.

i mean know its paranoid to think thats what he was on about, but i mean he was out of town for two weeks, out of sight, out of tweet content.

besides i had my students keeping me busy so i tweeted about them.

you know whats weird, compliments from people who dont care about/ probably wont ever see again making you feel good.

especially drivers- dont judge me.
if i accost the for wanting to hit me, they will now say, how i wan take jam fine girl like you.
lol that makes my day.

Dealdey is amazing.

i will gist you people what they did for me. i was touched.

Good customer relations will get you everywhere.

especially for someone like me who is rude.

and one more thing, i wish i had "friends" coming in this Christmas.

all the people have their own friends coming in an have abandoned me.

steph is off to SA with her best friend.

I really enjoy my company, i would write and read and shit, but Xmas is family / loved ones related. sadly, Mummy is travelling AND lover is working.

sister will return and run off to her boyfriend - in Jesus name, because God knows i need the space.

brothers girl he has been chasing forever girlfriend is in town so he would be with her, and all that.

and still dont have a christmas dress, but i am grateful i have a roof over my head and people i love irrespective of where they are.

plus i won a skinny belt AND eneni promised to send me a cat- because im now an old lady.

Good times!

anyways incase i dont blog again till after xmas

Happy Christmas. and a Prosperous New year

I wish all of you,
Love from the one you love
Light from PHCN and
Laughter from jokes which you arent the butt of.

Happy holidays.

Monday, December 19, 2011

cant save them all

I cant save everybody.

some people are emotionally broken and cant be fixed until they

choose to realise that they are broken in the 1st place.

i am not captain safe any body.

im no super man.

I sent someone out of my class today.

happy lives here.

The lover is back.

and all is well with my world.
I also told him i teach and he keeps teasing me about it.

I also did not realise how much i missed him till i saw him.

he also added a ton of weight. I may just have to put my foot down on his weight loss attempts.

that being said, i had a delish weekend.

Nothing but watch games, eat chinese and watch tv with the lover.

I really really really like december.

December reminds me of when i met the lover, and sneaking out at 12 midnight to return at 5am just to listen to really good music.

I have one of those weird ass Love stories.

weird but good.

Im just lying here and being happy if there is anything like that.

it also helps that im shopping online as well.

December in Lagos is always sooo packed. P on P on P.

urgh hate it. wanted to go to my village but work said no.

actually work didnt say no.

along the line i just didnt go.

Im also worried about having to go do a masters, I went to see my sister in April

and she burst into tears when we were leaving.

and then i started crying as well.

thats how much we must have missed each other. and we arent even friends.

talk less of the people you actually like.

I have no idea how i would cope for a year away from all the people i love, mummy, my brother, my lover.

i get teary eyed thinking about it.

i must device a coping mechanism. MUST.

anyways must stop thinking about it.

My friend is giving me a birthday present tomorrow.

Im sooo excited. i cant wait to see what it is, shoes? pants? clothes? a sheer blouse?

i also need to get my hair did. however since i have told all my office people thaty my hair is yansh length im just going to save my self the drama and wait till we close for the year.

ALSO- its Uwana's birthday on Saturday Im too excited about the whole thing.

You'd think she was my child.

I still cant believe Ope has a kid and is married.

Everything is moving so fast.

and everyone is changing so fast.

and im just lying still in the middle of all of it, being happy.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Was Debo's birthday, and in the usual manner of things, good food, great people and greater conversation.

I have a very special relationship with Debs because it was at his party, i kinda got into an insane make out session by the pool serious with the lover.

and we started kicking it ever since then, but yeah i have a special relationship with him.

Love him to bits.

Today was the office xmas party and NOC gave me a ride home, he also seemed excited that i teach over the weekend, and kinda used to style to try to get invited.

I said i'll see. i should have just said yes, these kids need all the attention.

Maybe i'll invite him to sit in on Saturday.

i hate deadline writing by the way, i feel like it stifles me.

I also like when someone likes me blog, and sends me a private message.

im glad i can make people smile.

in other news 3 days to go.

Im excited. and you should be too

Thank you Oyinkan, for making me take the gig, i am glad i did.

its work, but im glad.
sometimes you need someone to nudge you a little in the right direction.
I think Oyinkan is that my someone.
But she is still fat. :p
lol jk.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vic O and everyone of us.

I just watched the tasteless interview hosted by toke makinwa.

It's sad, because I know a lot of people not living their dreams, but have the loudest voices in laughing down some one who is brave enough to do that.

That interview was tasteless and very poor because it could have been an avenue to actually get to know Vic-o. Instead it was not so subtle teasing, littered with stupid snide comments, making extreme false compliment sound even more irritating than they already are.

Not like I'd expect an entertainment tv or presenter to know better, seeing as the industry can be likened to primary school, bullying and every one trying to be friends with the cool cats, instead of maybe reaching out to vico properly, artiste tweet stupid snide comments on twitter, so much for the entertainment industry solidarity.

Now not that I think vico is an ace musician or anything, but then again neither are the artists that currently make up the industry, but it is unfair to lead him on. Using him to catch cruise.

Making comments that obviously make no logical sense.

It is wrong, unfair, and God sees all of us.

While I am not a moral authority, I am able to see this and speak about it, does this mean that no one in the damn industry can do the same.

I worry for our generation, our lack of humanity further erodes whatever the spirit of greed didn't steal from us.

If one person can not speak up and stop this Vico madness.

I worry that 20 years from now, what should be important would not see the light of day.

While I admire the resilience of Vico in chasing his dreams, I believe he can do better.

I hope that he actually flourishes in that same industry, and those people who encouraged him,

So as to provide themselves with some from of entertainment would actually be stuck with him,

So that when the joke is no longer funny, they would have planted the vico seed so firmly in the ground that uprooting it would be impossible.

Yoruba people have a saying" it is easier to up root a tree when it is still a shrub"

I really don't expect much from that particular industry, but I'm shocked that there isn't a person

In there to put a end to this circus.

It is disgusting and at the same time greatly troubling.

That being said, I have no Ill will towards the interviewer. And the so called fly time entertainment, I just think it is unfair to make fun- especially of this magnitude - of one person.

I applaud Vico confidence and I pray God takes him far.

I also pray that none of us would ever be laughed at because we are different or do things differently.

Most importantly I pray God restores our moral fibre as a society.


I won a skinny belt today.

I hope this starts my winning streak.

My motto is this,
If you can think it, you can win it.

I already plan to give the belt to my friend Eneni.

It just feels so nice to be a winner.
Many thanks to Pam, the giver away,
And Asake who sarcastically attempted to dampen my hustle,

You made me fight harder,

It feels good to win. Would be back with a better post soon.

I'm just too excited.

Friday, December 9, 2011

This week and other random happenings.

So the past five days have been amazing.

On monday, i went to work. i also can not remember what i did there, i came home afterwards to lounge with my grandmother.

On tuesday.
I did not go to work. instead i did some random running around AND discovered that GT bank have stopped doing inter bank standing orders- how am i supposed to save now? ehn?
In the evening, The lovers neighbour invited me for his friends surprise party. because the only useful thing i had done all day was go see my students VP, then go to ijora to pick up some things from the motor park, then stop at best in lere to buy sharwama, then drop by at my aunty's house to see her, then go to lagos island to buy the text for my students.

i decided to go, but only after confirming that there would be small chops.

i also realised that because im shy i hate people in intimate gatherings - such as the one i attended.

anyways so i went for the party, saw wey, ate small chops. saw a couple of people.

I was also introduced to the celebrants "girlfriend" - and she retorted " Im his wife not his girlfriend" then i said " actually fiancee, when is the wedding?"

i dont quite grasp when females act as if being with someone is the highest.

anyways back to the party. it was quiet. small gathering of friends and people who came to eat small chops well wishers, such as myself.

Plus there was take away as well.

so i heaped the paper plastic plate and brought some home for my grandma.

On wednesday, i went to work. and went on and spent plenty money. because i was bored out of my mind, and i had nothing to do with my evening, and was nervous as hell about my hearing the next day, i decided to go and eat thai food. so i tweeted about dinner, and my weightloss partner bbm'd me and asked to follow me to din din, i refused but i suggested a movie. i also invited my other friend Asake, (whom i will talk about later) to the movies as well. I also went to ebutemetta after work to see aunty Joy, I urged her to sew my clothes, before she went into labour, she said ok....

so i got home changed, Booskie decided to pick A up which was cool by me. i was buying myself african lit when the showed up.

#sidebar the movie real steel is such an amazing movie. ALSO wolverine, Hugh Jackman is SOFA-KING-HAWT. and that ass. lawwwwd have mercy *fans self*

we sha had fun, it was good company and a goodmovie until the a/c in the cinema caught fire. and we had to run out. but we all came back soon enough.
because i am a self acclaimed "clapper and side commentator" at the cinema i really enjoyed the movie. Dakota Yogo was fucking amazing. that family is just swimming in talent yo. i hope none of them walk down the lindsay lohan route.

i cant wait to buy the dvd and watch it with the lover.

from there went to drop A and we just chilled. and ate rice. and chilled.

On thursday, I went to work and blah blah blah. at 6:30 i called my mum to remind her about my hearing at the club, all the while cursing myself. repeatedly for putting her through that mess.

so i bbm'd her at 6:45 that i was waiting for her- assuming she was coming home to get me first, actually she was already at the club - and there was no parking space.

so i begggggged my baby brother- to drive me over, and in the usual manner of these things, there was insane traffic, followed by an accident on mobolaji johnson. urgh. we sha managed to get there at 6:57.

lets just say there is a God, the hearing went well. and i was advised not to do it again.

i swear i felt like my week couldn't get any better. so i set my alarm for the gym and went to bed, by 4:15 i woke up to pee and saw this message from aunty Joy's husband " Your sis don born"

I screaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmed and called him. he disclosed the sex, " na boy"

how is she? she dey. she will come home tomorrow, me- i will come and see her.

On friday: i went to the gym, then text my boss i wont be coming in to work early, and i didnt bother going again.( tbh i have shut down for the year)

then i went packed goodies for her, stopped over at best ( i swear those guys don wash put for that thing) bought two and went to the hospital.

I swear maternity ward matrons use people to catch the most cruise.

It was so such a beautiful moment. i was like OMG OMG OMG OMG.

Now if anyone has ever been to my house before this year, you would know who aunty Joy is. she practically ran the house and raised us when my mother was away slaving at the hands of 9-5 employment.

and when i saw the baby, so yellow and cute with a full hair of head. i knew God had answered my prayers early.

Fast forward 10 years from now, all the girls that will be flocking to him, i will be using to wash plates in my kitchen. among other things.

Christmas had come early.

I am thankful for small mercies, and big mercies alike.

I also want to apologize to my Friend Asake, who i did not intend to offend, but some how managed to as i promised, i have taken down the post. I'd rather lose readers not as if anyone reads this anyways than a friend.

My grandma leaves tomorrow, i have grown fond of her, but i am glad to see her leave.

Tomorrow i shall resume at aunty Joys house. later make some sweet zobo.

Im also going to see my 1st stage play ever, and im quite excited.

i swear i have so much free time on my hands. Its almost amazing.

ps: am i the only person who avoids people so that i wont mistakenly blurt out shit?

Monday, December 5, 2011

I feel sick

Physically- because I need a break, and i can feel a fever coming up.

Also also because i did not finish my Malaria meds two weeks ago.

Mentally- Because I need a break.
and im stressing out about my disciplinary hearing on thursday.
Mostly because my Mother is involved.
I wish they could suspend me without any hearing.
I feel sick thinking about having to put her through that shit.

and this is really getting to me.

Emotionally- I dont feel sick. But By tomorrow i probably would.

Today, i would be strong.

But tomorrow- I would call in sick.

and lie in bed and do nothing all day.

Play with my baby brother, and do my nails to cheer me up.

Write the damn statement for my hearing, and drink large amounts of moscato.

ps: Moscato is my newest kryptonite.


I keep getting little signs that maybe I am on the right track, Just maybe,