Monday, April 29, 2013

Don't Marry a Yoruba Man.

After reading the marry a girl who reads and marry a man who travels series I started thinking.

Maybe I should do one of my own.

I was going to wait till after I write my papers BUT you know how it is.
- Side bar: EVERYBODY is getting married. I swear it is an epidemic of some sort.

And I think the information of this post will help those seeking.

Do marry a man that is EXACTLY like your father- that way you can actually take your mother's advice in marriage seriously. Learn from her mistakes and seek her out all so often. If all fails you would have built a relationship forged by the need of counsel and cemented by the tale of relate-able woes.

Do marry a man that does not/ can not save- Although you might resent him, you will automatically become indespensible as you will need to pay your children's fees and pitch in for general house hold up keep regularly. And that is fine- because you know every woman wants to be the one her husband leans on.

Do marry a man that has only one degree- But only if you have more than two. If you have one, do not. Otherwise dinner time will be filled with stories of when I was in school if any child of yours dares to complain about school. - Assuming you have dinner time conversations.

Do marry a man who you love more than yourself- Because when push comes to shove. His love wont keep you. Only your love can.

Do marry a man of different faith- After all variety is the spice of life. What better world to bring children into than a world where they are spoilt for choice faith wise?

To be honest I can go on and on and on, the point is this you can marry ANY man... BUT  a Yoruba man.

What ever you do:-
Do NOT marry a Yoruba man. There is no light at the end of the tunnel in such a marriage.
Except off-course you are a Yoruba girl who has learnt from the feet of a Yoruba mother in a polygamous home. Then and only then can you marry a Yoruba man.

You think the devil can lie till you date and marry a Yoruba man.

This is incomplete- I'll come back to it once I am done with my essays next week. How was your Monday? Ace?


omoniyi said...

Ms Oreoluwa, I ve read thru ur blog and understand to an extent ur unrelenting need to hate on the Yorubas but u must understand that when u yoruba-bash u inevitably just bash urself u possess yoruba blood in ur veins. truth be told no tribe is perfect and using a whole tribe to wipe the floor because of the mistake of one person is ridiculous at the end of the day the person who will lose out will be you, there are wonderful people in every tribe but if u allow the wool to cover ur eyes u will indeed miss out but then again its ur life and ur blog.
PS: U write really well when u r not yoruba-bashing.Best of luck in ur papers.

Adeniji Adekunle said...

U said women should not marry a yoruba men and u only state d disadvantages,what about d advantages,u yourself should check urself before u condemned a yoruba man,definitely d game u play in ur marriage is, " ME AND MY HUSBAND "which is not acceptable to yoruba tradition,if u love a man or a woman,u must love his or her aswell ,because dis ar d people dat will fight for u,when ur right foot shoe is falling off,and respect whom u have to respect in ur husband family,practice dis and u will have a golden chair to say in ur husband family.

rueluv Rudo said...

Couldn't agree more!

rueluv Rudo said...

Couldn't agree more!

Ifeoma Ogbe said...

Lol. I used to disagree witg the writer until I married a yoruba man and saw hell on earth. No light at thr end of the tunnel indeed. How can a man exist who is perfectly content with eating off his wife, having no zeal to work and make his family rich and still wants to be respected like a real man? How can his family also support such travesty! That's what I experienced with a yoruba man and I'm glad I ran for dear life, before I would have to include trading my body to feed us and his entire greedy, party loving family! I'm sure neither him nor his mother would have complained if I had a few sugar daddies for support! Hian! some Yoruba men shaaa...


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