Friday, June 29, 2012

I don't want to brag.

but I'll be. the best you ever had.

I'm obsessed with this song.

Saw think like a man last night. I adore Taraji.

I worry sometimes I'd be like tHat. Successful and Alone.

And sleeping soundly with my cold green stacKs under my bed.


I have a lover

The weekend is HEREEEEE!

Nothing really to be excited about.

Work starts by 6am tomorrow. Yes the wretched client wants us to come in before environmental.

This is why I need to marry a rich man like yesterday. So that all these extra rubbish will end.

Hian. Tonight is Lizzy's birthday! She is my Lovers neighbors wife and is having a party. guess who got invited?

But down side is the fact that I have this free ticket to see a free movie at GDC.

Being the miserly soul that I am, I decided to wait till Think like a man came out.

Then realised that I had to wait a 2nd week till it became an old movie to qualify to be watched with a free ticket.

30 of june this free ticket expires.

Here in lies my dilemma, I'm stuck with going to watch my movie, or attending Liz's party.

I have  a love/hate relationship with the Lovers new job. As always he is a super star at work.

Or so he says- Imma have to ask Tori-Tee, they have started bonding.

I also met the cutest Indian at work today. And while I gave him my pin, I imagined me having beautiful mixed race(Indian) daughters that would never have to buy a strand of Indian human hair at exorbitant prices ever.

Alas, this day dream was shattered as he lean in to tell me how much he'd miss me if I didn't come in to work tomorrow. His garlic breath killed me and my beautiful half caste Indian daughter, with her yansh length hair.

Heart broken, I made a mental note to not speak to him again. Alas our Indian bobo had caught jungle fever.
Talking about how he goes out with his friends to Ikeja every Sunday and I- Me Oreoluwa- A whole me, not even half of me should follow him to Ikeja to go clubbing with his Indian friends.

I just laughed. He had to me messing with me. After much deliberation and several mistaken incidents of him grabbing my waist, because I, according to him  almost fell of the ladder twice.

I love male attention, just not from garlicy smelly Indians. Oh and Yoruba boys as well

The other day I was telling the Lover, if i could rid the world of one thing, it would be Yoruba boys.

He thought I was messing around but I'm serious, I detest Yoruba boys with their smelly local swag and what have you.

Anyway the Lover's birthday is next week. I just told my boss, I would be sick next week. Friday, Saturday & Sunday. I will be sick of cake and birthday s...oup.

The older he gets the practical the gifts get- this year I'm getting him something we both can and will use. I can not wait to see his face when he sees it!

Anyway- What are your weekends saying? good loving in the morning rain?

I was going to take my friend to Pattaya for lunch for her birthday- But she isn't speaking to me hence I'm taking the Lover on Sunday. But after work.

I haven't been to a wedding in weeks- I think I may be falling ill.

My favourite Uncle turned 50 this month, and is having a super special 50th birthday parry! I'm so excited, I don't know if to wear oleku ( which is slowly becoming my favorite attire) Legs on Legs on Legsss!

I am so excited for the weekend! Almost as though someone is going to come and visit and drop a million Naira in my laps.

P.s - I think the pre-depression Ore is slowly returning. The Lover thinks its because he said I don't have to buy him anything for his birthday. Apparently I am his everything. *bats lashes*

Thursday, June 28, 2012

God Bless Nigeria

culled from sahara reporters.

(At the lobby of the most expensive hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Overwhelmed hotel staff scurry hither and thither as they try to cope with the Nigerian delegation comprising not more than three hundred and twenty-five and a half persons. 

Seventy-five members of the delegation are shouting on top of their voices, insisting that hotel staff need Portuguese translations for “big man”, “all protocols observed”, “estacode”, “Chief”, “Alhaji”, “advance party”, “Chieftain”, “Stakeholder”, “First Lady”, “convoy” “personal assistant” “special adviser”, “senior special adviser”, “special room service”, “cash payment”, “anticipated payment”, “miscellaneous expenses”, and so on and so forth, in order to provide proper service to the Nigerian delegation. To the left, in a quiet conference room, twenty-five Western Business Executives, led by Mr. Albert Schreiber, are seated, sipping tea, coffee, doing small talk, and glancing anxiously at their Rolex wristwatches. On the conference table in front of each Executive: an ipad, a blackberry, The Economist, and Wall Street Journal. At the opposite side of the table, Ruby, Orontus, Renoks, some ministers, and state governors are sweating. On the table before them: half-eaten kolanuts, bitter kola, alligator pepper, tomtom, and old copies of ThisDay. The Nigerians avoid the inquisitive gaze of the potential foreign investors.)


“Yes, Ruby boy, wetin?”

“Wey oga now, ehn? Which kain yawa be dis? These people are getting restless o. Na we fix this meeting for 9:00 am. This is 11:00 am and oga still never come.”


“Orontus, na hum you go talk? Even the Minister of Trade and Foreign Direct Investment is not yet here. Renoks, wey oga trade?”

“He needed to accompany his madam to the shopping mall this morning. I saw them when they were leaving. He promised he would be back in time for this meeting. Maybe traffic jam catch dem.”

“Ok o, but what about Oga now? What do we do now? Abi make we go check wetin dey happen for the Presidential suite?”


“Yes, Orontus”

“When you reach there, don’t stop at the reception area of the Presidential suite. Go inside the presidential bedroom. Check inside the sheets of the presidential bed. If you find oga there, drag him here to this meeting”

“Orontus, you think say na joking matter be dis? Is this the time for sarcasm?”

“Do I sound like I’m joking? Go drag oga come now. Luckily for you, I hear say Nduka Obaigbena dey reorganize in case they don’t take you back at Rutam Times when we reach home. E be like say wetin we dey chop for Villa don tire you. Otherwise, which one be your own? Your papa name na Nigeria? Are we not all here together waiting for oga? And you are here trying to call oga a late comer”

“Ehn, emi ke? Call oga a late comer? Mewa baba mi o to be. Who born me? I never speak words that are bigger than my mouth o. Orontus, please don’t misunderstand me. I am not calling oga a late comer o”

“Ehen, are you trying to say that I am lying?”

“No now, Orontus, you too dey quick vex. I am just saying that Oga fixed this meeting for 9:00 am himself and it is now 11:00 am. And look at our foreign partners. They are getting restless. I am just saying we should at least pretend that we are doing something to get oga here. At least we can ask Renoks to go and check what is happening upstairs.”

“Ruby, you will never learn the tricks of this trade. What do you think Renoks has been doing on his ipad here all morning? You think he is playing Ludo?”

“Oh, is he not just reading newspapers to keep busy while we wait for oga?”

(Orontus and Renoks explode in laughter)

“Renoks, abeg, help out our friend Ruby. What are you doing on your ipad?”

“Oga Ruby, I am tweeting and also posting updates on the President’s Facebook Wall about the spectacular success of this meeting with foreign investors.”

“I don’t understand. Which meeting?”

“Oga Ruby, this meeting wey we dey now.”

“I don’t get it. This meeting wey we never see oga? This meeting wey we never start?”

“Oga Ruby, you are the one saying that the meeting has not started and we never see oga. That is not what my tweets and Facebook updates are saying.”

(Something beeps in Orontus’s pocket. He springs to attention.)

“Ah, oga is on his way o.”

(All the Nigerians spring to attention. The CEOs look bemused. President Jonathan breezes in and the CEOs finally stand up in respect but the look on their faces betrays their irritation at the President’s lateness. Two dozen aides buzz around the President as he makes his way to his designated seat. Some are carrying his papers. One is carrying his briefcase. One is carrying his cell phones. One is carrying his ipad. The President seats and invites all to seat but only the foreign CEOs seat. The Nigerians remain standing.)

“Gentlemen, I think you are all familiar with African time? Anyway, sorry, I’m late. These things happen.”

(You could hear a pin drop. The foreign CEOs do not share the President’s humour. Ruby winces painfully. Orontus scowls at him.)

“Anyway, we all know why we are here. Thank you for your interest in Nigeria. Before we start, I will invite two of the state governors in my delegation to each give a short welcome address.”

(Each Governor takes 20 minutes to run through protocol before delivering his address. One hour later.)

“Now gentlemen, we can get down to business.”

“Thank you, Mr President, it’s good that we are getting to see Nigerian culture. Can you at least ask the members of your delegation to sit down? We are not used to holding meetings with our potential partners standing up.”

“Did you hear him? You people should sit down.”

“Ah, Mr President, we are all fine like this sir. Just continue the meeting. You know oyinbo people don’t understand respect for protocol and constituted authority. Just continue the meeting sir.”

“Mr. Schreiber.”

“Yes, Mr President.”

“I think you heard them. My people are ok standing. How much did you say your company was thinking of investing in my country’s energy sector?”

“We are looking at something in the neighbourhood of a billion dollars from now till 2015 Mr. President.”

“2015? I thought you were looking at a long term investment?”

“Yes, Mr President. But we think it is prudent to wait and see what happens after 2015. We understand it’s an election year in your country sir. Forgive me but we did our homework. We understand that every new government cancels contracts and agreements entered into by their predecessors.”

“That’s correct, Mr Schreiber. I will not lie to you. But that means you should look at working with us till 2019. We have another four years starting from 2015.”

“You know the results of the 2015 elections already sir?”

(The Nigerians burst out laughing.)


“Yes, Mr President sir.”

“Where is INEC? Go and call INEC. Tell him to come and see our foreign partners and reassure them.”

(Orontus rushes out and returns with INEC. INEC gives the CEOs the desired reassurances.)

“Mr Schreiber.”

“Yes, Mr. President.”

“You just heard directly from my INEC. I travel everywhere with him because of people like you. Now that you know that I will be in office after 2015, can we get back to business?”

“Yes, Mr President. We need a lot of concessions. We want a tax holiday for the entire duration of our operations in Nigeria. We want a 100% expatriate quota. We will need only Nigerian drivers, messengers, and domestic staff for our expatriates. There are local Nigerian companies into our line of business. We expect you to do something about that as we do not tolerate competition. We have prepared a blueprint of our investment plan for your delegation to look at sir. If you meet our demands and conditions, we shall take care of our own special obligations to you and your designated political associates sir. We have done our homework sir. We know that Siemens, Halliburton, and Malabu messed up while taking care of special obligations. Our approach to special obligations is Wikileaks-proof.”

“Now you are talking, Mr Schreiber. Since you understand the language of special obligations, we don’t even need to see the blueprint you have prepared. When do you plan to come and start business in Nigeria?”

“Are you sure that you don’t need to see the blueprint, Mr. President? We are asking for many concessions. Will your National Assembly not at least need to debate the concessions we are asking for?”

(The Nigerians burst out laughing again.)


“Yes, Mr President sir.”

“I think we have some Senators in our entourage? Go and call them for me.”

(Renoks dashes off and returns with two Senators.)

“My brother Senators.”

“Yes your Excellency sir.”

“Our friends here are worried that you and your boys will cause problems for us. Can you please reassure them? Mr Schreiber, these are serving Senators from my country. Please listen to them.”

“Ehem, Mr. Schreiber, you people should not worry. You can do business with Mr. President. We will do oversight but what we see and oversee depends on what you want us to see and how Mr. President wants us to see it.”

“Ok sirs. I understand. We don’t want you to see anything. I have assured Mr. President that we know how to make you not want to see anything.We will take care of our special obligations to you. We are more careful than Halliburton, Siemens, and Malabu. We are Wikileaks-proof. Name where you want your special obligations deposited. Switzerland? London? Washington? Dubai? ”

“In that case, welcome to Nigeria. We’ll get back to you about location. Those places you mention are no longer safe havens for special obligations. Especially London. Mr President, these are wonderful foreign investors o. They speak our language.”

“Mr. Schreiber, now that you have been reassured by my Senators, I think you understand that you people can come and start as soon as possible. Now let us go to the second item on the agenda. Protocols of ratification and publicity of this deal in our respective countries. I think…”

(The President is interrupted by a commotion outside the conference room. The Nigerian First Lady, accompanied by two trailer loads of aides, approaches the venue of the meeting. Orontus, Renoks, and Ruby rush out to meet her.) 

“Useless people. Nonsense people. Do you know who I am? I will no longer take it from you people. The Office of the First Lady is also very important. What is he still doing at that business meeting? You people are preventing him from attending my own event. Ah, Orontus, Ruby, and Renoks, you people are here too? You are part of the conspiracy?”

“No ma.”

“My friends, don’t no ma me. You people know that Miss Brazil 2012 invited me to cut the tape and declare open her new fashion boutique today and I warned you that my husband should be by my side at the ceremony. You assured me you won’t keep him long. Now, I am two hours late for my event and he is still there with those oyibo business men. Abeg, what kind of meeting are you people having? I won’t leave this place until you call Ebele out for me o. Just imagine. NTA crew has already gone to the venue.”

“But, ma…”

“Orontus, nor vex me today o. I don’t want to hear any ma from any of you. Just go and call Ebele for me now now or me and you will enter the same trouser today.”

(Orontus rushes back to the meeting room and whispers to the President who abandons the meeting, leaving his aides to explain things to the flabbergasted foreign investors. The investors leave after being reassured that the deal is sealed. Later, over beer at the hotel lobby.)

“Ruby boy.”

“Yes, Orontus.”

“How did oga end today’s meeting?”

“He negotiated very hard and signed memoranda of understanding with the foreign investors on terms that are very favorable to Nigeria.”

“Good. And did you see the First Lady and her aides anywhere near the venue of the meeting?”

“Which First Lady? I didn’t see any First Lady anywhere near the meeting o. And which aides? The First Lady is here in Rio with her own aides?”

“Good. Very good, Ruby. Great answers. This is what I’m talking about. You are beginning to understand how we do it. If you don’t acquire the instinct of straight-faced automatic denial, you don’t belong in the Villa. You can only get better going forward.”

“You think so, Orontus? It’s not easy o, especially the part where I have to keep a straight face when saying these things.”

“Trust me, Ruby, you can only get better.”

Hilarious Shit. see that bit highlighted in red? That portion killed me. Awon town meeting holders on twitter- Sho ti gbo?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

RIP Jean L

While I was on holiday last month- I met the most amazing people in my firm.
Because I work in a global , and we had been integrated, We had a retreat- Hence my make shift all expense paid holiday.

It was amazing, and I met a lot of people, including Jean.

Jean was the major facilitator, as well as Ginger man. That's what Ori and I called him- Ginger.

Jean was the epitome of enthusiasm, positive energy, and partying.

While we weren't particularly close- We had a number of run ins. He gave me my price and said hey at the gala.

So yesterday when I got the email that he was dead.

I screamed. as tears welled up in my eyes, I called my co-workers to come and see.
Aprils fool maybe? In June?

How can Jean at 28- Be dead?

Stunned can not describe how I felt. I was numb.

So I messaged Ori- She could not believe.

I still can not believe.

I spoke to Zinhle today- No one seems to know how he died.

The firm is not divulging any more details.

I messaged Claudia today- They were close, she must be devastated.

How can death come for someone so full of life?

Someone who had so much to live for. Who was undoubtedly going to make partner soon enough.

- Senior Manager at 28 is not beans.
How can death then decide that is who he wants.

Death is too cruel, even more so when he takes someone so young.

So unexpectedly. In a manner that seems so unfair.

Yes everyone will die someday- But why was his someday yesterday?

In memory of Jean L- You will forever live in our memories.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday morning blues

Raining sarturday mornings are for two things.

waking up next to the lover, and eating large amounts of haribos and going back to bed.

Among other things. It however is never for, and can never be for going to work.

Saturdays are not for work. Whatever can not be done within monday to friday should not be squeezed into saturday.

I mean weddings are the reason God in his infinte wisdom created saturdays.

However this saturday, I woke up next to the Lover. Had delicious breakfast drove around town. 
went home took a shower and came in to work.

Talk about Work - Life balance Integration.

That is a myth these empolyers sell to unsuspecting desperate people. The concept doesn't exist.

But no one believes me, until they get employed and see- That I do not lie.

So tell me- what is your saturday saying- are you at work selling your soul to the devil?

or are your actually living your dream life and giving your employers the middle finger?

Friday, June 22, 2012

It is strange working with people rooting for you to fail.

Even stranger, People who don't hide their disdain for you or your back ground.

Or even say things like- I'm happy this happened to you.

for a while, I couldn't really be bothered, I mean- Why bother about people who you really

don't care about- then you realise that these people have set out to use their political capital to pull you down.

Naturally I'm shocked. because I honestly don't have time for this shit.

And I'm amused that people at all levels have this problem.

and I always always always dismissed it was rumour mill grape vine type gist.

Until my counsellor told me the perception of the staff affects the promotion scheme.

I freaked out inside. I have delivered consistently on most of my jobs.

I work extra hours to meet ridiculous dead-lines. I feel like I do not get credit for the work I do.

Which is true. But I can't understand it.

I really can't. trust me. I've tried. It scares me that I have no control over this.

Like how can I have no control over my own progression. really perception?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Again my Uterus is here.
It hurts. I can not understand this pain.
Explain to me why it feels like- I'm always on my damn period.

I mean I'm thankful I'm even getting it- But can it come without the pain- Pretty please?

who do I speak to about this?

And why does it feel like football is always around- Seasons just ends- Euro's are here!
I can manage this Euro's sha- I'm rooting for Germany, and I'm shocked at the shameful crash out of Netherlands.

I'm senioring my 1st job next week. I'm nervous and I keep biting my nails. I'm just lucky that we are not testing controls.

Like I'm GLAD!!!

It's also awkward that I would have people under me- Who are older than me and more experienced and what have you. But luckily for me, I'm calm and I have good relationship with both them and the client.

I am so ready to run off to school. This work have tire me.
But I am thankful I have a job.

The Lover got a new job and it eats at him. I find it amusing. He is also mad at me because I refused to let him read my essays.

This post is everywhere. And I have so much to say- I just haven't settled in YET.

How has everyone been?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Same Shit Different Day.

I think I need to quit my job.

Why? But you like it? But you want to make partner-  But its not so bad.

I'll tell you why, I do not like it- anymore.

*gasp* I can live with it, but I don't think I want to practise accounting anymore.

It is simply not my passion.

I hate waking up in the morning to come and face these co-workers.

I hate coming to work and not having where to sit.

And most importantly- I hate not finding parking space!!!!!

I hate it with my soul.

and I also hate closing at 9pm and people making a fuss about me walking in to the office at 8:20 am.

I hate it so much, I'm going to change it.

I'm going to be closing at 5pm, every day from now on. I do not care.

we cant finish all the work in one day anyways.

So no while I may not be quitting my job- Yet, I'm definitely making changes that favour me.

I want to take up piano lessons, I've been wanting to forever. I think the time is now.

I have a keyboard at home, I intend to practise and start playing before the end of the year.

I had actually started two years ago, but then ICAN came up, so this year

forget weight loss, or 26 inch waist, I'm going to learn how to play the damn piano/ keyboard./ whatever.

and this job wont let me be great.

anyways I'm obviously very cranky this morning.

Probably because my office security came and was telling me- they will deflate your tire.
Tyre that I just managed to pump, and paid twice the amount because my mothers driver ripped me off.

I need another get away.

where I know no one, and no one knows me.

Like an island or what have you.

I need to make more money and quit this job where people annoy me so much.

You know- I had no idea how irritating people at work were- Until my friend left. because I never ever ever had to even look at anyone else.

all I had to do was focus on doing my job and talking to my friend.

One day after she has quit. it's almost as if the whole office is out to get me- But it has always been that way- I just never noticed. and now I am forced to notice.

and I Hate this shit. And I hate working with petty yoruba people.

and I hate hearing the sound of my wretched co-workers voice singing only God knows what.

which would have been drowned out by laughter of something my friend and I would have been discussing.

or the sound of the deeper life girls phone vibrating. or her giving me tracts.

or whatever. I just didn't realise how annoying this place was- UNTIL TODAY!!!!!

How could I have been so blind?

I feel like all of this just jumped out of a blindspot and I cant slam my brakes hard enough.

Bottom line: I need to make money, and I need to quit. If not for anything, for my sanity.

This bitches' voice is driving me craaay.

On to better newss- PPPAAAAARRTYYYYY tonight!!

It was stephanie's bday during the week, and its Oni's birthday tonight.

Yes- we are going to party like I don't have to be at work tomorrow.

even though I have to be at work, bursting my ass off on a damn weekend.

Surprise- I'm calling in sick- The work should do it's self.

Anyways weekend plans anyone? My friend wants to audition for a role in a new TV series- I think she'd be purrfect for it! If I could, I'd probably follow her there and support her.

she would be such a perfect " Dami" I think that is the role she is auditioning for!

I wish her all the best!!!!!

What has everyone been up too?

My effective utilization hours came in 90% and still no damn raise.

again I say- Fuck this shit!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sometimes, I like to write.

I like to churn out decent pieces and then discard them

or leave them sitting in my drafts.

Other times, I write to relive the moments shared with loved ones

Most times I write, Because I can.

And even when I do not get paid for it,

I do it because it is my release- after struggling with excel sheets all day.

I come here to just pour out what I feel, How I feel, when I do not feel like punctuating,

or spell checking, or googling facts, I just come here and spew forth my bull shit.

My friend from work resigned on friday- Just after we returned from SA, talk about

LOL- I keep teasing her that she may have to refund her ticket money.

She laughs.

I like my new senior- at least the one I've had in the last 2 months.

She can scream at me, and in the next minute, we are abusing kim k.

She reminds me so much of my table facilitator- Claudia.

Anyway that is besides the point. Appraisal time is here, and yours truly is reluctant to send in her apprasials.

Why? Its been a fucked up half year- To say the least.

My 1st job this year was a mess, my manager was mean- and I was a weakling who kept crying.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately for me- My second job was with the same senior who I worked on the same job with. And I brought my A-game.

I hate feeling like I have so much to prove, but I'm learning that I do have so much to prove, to myself, my senior and my various managers.
I also have to prove to bad-belle people in the firm that irrespective of my mothers relationship with the Big Bosses- I can hold my own in my own right.

And I think I am doing this quite well.

I've had only one major breakdown this year in Janury - and that was basically because, my then manager was MEAN.

But that isn't the point. APR's are here and I've been excited with feed back.

My favourite manager has told me to submit my APR. He promised to list of my audit outstandings when I submit it.

Speaking of APR's my counsellor is on leave. How apt. Especially with all the rumours swirling around the office- He managed to go on leave.

Speaking of leave- I need to go on another holiday- I know this would be the third one this year.

I am excited!

My Lovers neighbour was telling me yesterday how thankful he is- that he is male. He said " I doubt I would have been able to resist the pull of aristo"

Speaking of The Lover, We had breakfast on Saturday with my friend from work- same one who quit, and it was absolutely divine. It is one of those memories I will cherish to pull out and caress when I go to school.

And yes- I still intend to go to school, eventhough I am yet to send out my applications.

I think there is a demon involved. holding me back

and this demon has string affiliations with my fear of rejection.

Which is odd- Because I have no fears of rejection.

Its the least thing I worry about- Most times, I believe everyone wants to be my friend.

Is that odd? or a wrapped sense of entitlement?

My mothers birthday is coming- still no grand children, Just thanks and thanks and more thanks.

We are thankful to God.

Now what I really need to understand, is why Im sitting at work at 8:36pm blogging?

Why haven't I gone home?

Why am I strange?

and most importantly- Why does the Lover love me?

The last question is nagging in my subconscious terribly because he has told me " I don't know. I just do"

If I were not an accountant- I wont have felt the need to further probe.

I cant seem to figure it out, and its driving me craaaaaayyyyy- Especially seeing as I'm not a fixer.

Anyway enough of my aimless rambling- How is everyone?

and why the hell am I feeling what seems suspiciously like menstrual pain- Its not 30 days yet uterus, get with the program.

I swear I'm probably the only one on this earth, who doesn't count her days and doesn't carry around a tampon. What can I say- I Like surprises( I think)

even though getting stained by the red robot isn't my idea of a surprise- It is a pleasant surprise.

And oooh Comments!

I get one every now and then- Then you my kind people, while my blog posts are random and not necessarily designed to seek out comments- They are nice.  and I appreciate them.

and would soon develop some guts and start posting some around as well. Anyways thank you all of you that think I'm so bubbly!

Okay this pain is killing me. Gatta run!

Fave blogs

This has become probably my best blog in a while.

I hadn't been there in a minute, and i went there and POW!

Go on- you know you want to.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


How do I tell my mother
That I constantly stay away from the house
and come home late, or not at all

Because I cant stand my sister?

I feel terrible saying it. But it is true. I Love  like my sister- as much as the * insert something here*

But I don't think I want to be her friend.
Basically if I had my way- I would have little or no relations with her.

I mean- I'm sure she is a good person.

But we just are not meant to be.

How do I explain this to my mother without upsetting her?

Million Zimbabwean Dollar question.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weight loss

So last night, the lover and I were watching trace tv- side bar, you wont believe how few videos are actually in existence. Like probably only 10- Anyways and one of the ten happened to be Nicki Minaj's star ships video.

Now the only time i would dance to that wretched song is at the club- When I've had waay too many glasses of whatever my poison choice is. Then and only then will i scream and jump and dance to the song.

So the video came on- and I instantly said- This girls doctor is better that Dr Dre and Dr Who put together.

WHAAAAAATTTT- Her body is SICK! and i mean that in a very good way.

anyways so while Bukky ( the lover's friends girl) and I were ranting about how sick she looks and how we are struggling to stop eating rice and normal weight loss yarns. The lover said-

We Nigerian women are so lazy. Do we know how hard she must have worked to get that body?
The numerous diet plans and the pains she would have endured and what have you.

and We are like- Fuck that, she obviously got her body worked on.

But it sparked something in me.
If you want something so much- you will go after it, irrespective of how hard it seems.

I know because I almost drove myself mental writing my ICAN exams.

Which is even odder because your's truly is about to sign up to take another exam.

strange ehn? This is odd because you see- I really do not need to take it- BUT I feel I have so much time on my hands.

The Lover thinks I need stress to function and I am unable to unwind.

and when I have free time- I have the need to fill it up. with mundane shit instead of me to just sit and watch the sun rise or something equally repulsive to my restless nature.

Which mind you- is untrue because on my last break- I sat and sat and sat and watched the sun rise, and gazells graze outside my window. and sat so still this yummy Zulu warrior came to say hi.

So I can sit still and breathe. but now I feel the need to take this exam. I feel it may be my window out of this mind numbing trial balance shit i get up to daily.

Ps- I Love my job- Its just such a least resistance path when i give it so much thought I get sick.

Speaking of sick- Please who saw the goldie BBA clip where she was crying because that wretched black lipped guy from *insert country here* told her they were just friends.

I found it so midly amusing as well as  an unfair representation of the Nigerian women I know.

Nigerian women are strong and are of that- You aint shit mentality- aka I dont chase them i replace them steeze- OR maybe that is just me. BUT it just seemed up.

such a bitch nigga move.

Pardon my french- Or don't.

So back to what I was saying- I will start visiting the gym again- In the morning and at night. bleh. Imnot too excited, But I will put my back into it.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

so here I am, In bed wrapped with a towel Sharing Haribos with the lover. Wearing matching sunglasses and delibrating on wether or not to Eat tonight. He wants fanta. I want dinner from sphinx. This is the good life the bible speaks about. Speaking of good lives. I went to a wedding today. And the bride broke Down and started crying when reading my vows. So touching. I tell you weddings are why God created saturdays. While I've never had an ideal wedding, I'm positive I want a week day Wedding. So I can go into work the next day- and when they ask me what did you Get up to yesterday. I'd stick out my left hand and say, oh nothing Much, I just got married. LoL. That would be nice. Anyways- how is everyone? Yes yes I quit the 31day reset. A week away kinda reset me. So no I won't be taking the 31 day reset. I am out of my funk. Speaking of funk- how many calories are in one haribo? And Why is South African airways so wretched? Like You'd think being from Nigeria, the Aviation Industry can not sink Lower. Till you go to South Africa. The southafrican airlines are too messy. Please. I would take my Arik Or aero daily. I will rant about them more in detail later. But now- I am happy And even though I still buy the wrong size when shopping for the lover Because I am female and I can swear he increases everytime I leave town. I am still happy. And I am glad I am happy. It has been a while since I have been This happy. Even though I came home and found that my sister used My natural saturday boyd butter container to put the black soap she Stole from me. I'm not mad. I'm just like- nah, your husband will Sort you out. Me- I'm done bitching over your act. And that right there was freedom. As my mother says- you must learn to Manage people. So basically if you have people that delight In picking your things- lock them up. How have you people been? Is it odd I want the sun out tomorrow so I can launch my new sunglasses?

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