Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Can you tell how excited I am?

today is the event I'm hosting/planning for my manager that is retiring.

So freaking stressful but OMG - So fulfilling, maybe I should be a wedding planner?

Or holiday planner. Also any travel agents here?- get at me please contact details in my bio thingy.

Ps- For real its URGENT.

I worked out this morning, So exciting- NOT.

Trying to undo all the damage this late night pizza eating is doing to my beach body.

Sooooooo, I got a closure. *gasp*

I keep forgetting to tell you people things *urgh*

Anyways I have always haboured the belief that only runs girls do closures.

whatever blame tonto dike.

So that is how me and my closure came to work today and OMG the compliments

I swear I LOVE compliments but today's own was extra.

Y'all really think I look cute in a weave- co worker dearest???

Because I hate weaves.

But this one I'm like meh its okay.

People are like- Oh I didnt recognize you.

and I'm like yasss my transformation to Lagos big girl is complete.( minus the dark knuckles)

I met this boy in my office building stairwell.

LOOK- Igbo boys will be the attempted death of me.

LOL- and we had the most stimulating conversation.
All I could think of was one of my aburo's to merge with him and completely put him in my Life,

He was THAT cute..

Alsoooooooooooooooooo We kind of work in the same industry. ALSOOOOOOO

He remembered me from Primary school ( creepy because he was my baby brother- who happens to be 25's) class mate.

You guys- I am feeling super cute today, The sun is shining ( its a lie its over cast ouutside and my nail polish is chipping and one of my nails broke today at cash and carry while I was wrapping my oga's present) and *sigh* I have so much to tell you people.


I think I find my old amebo ways slowly seeping back into my life.
While I miss knowing gist ( I do not miss the constant hampering that people give me to give then gist- DEJI I am talking to you)

But the peace that comes from minding your business tho- priceless.

Thinking of getting a radio show. Once a week, probably saturday morninggs?

You think people will listen in?

I think it exciting because I sound really unique( like a frog who swallowed another frog and burnt her tongue/ or basically like shakira)

But I think I have  a loot to say- I mean see how I ramble on.

Also will you guys tune in? say Yes.

And I will give you details when It comes through.

ps- I really wanna go to Dubai- dear Universe make it happen, I know you have been workingover time for me lately and I am so thankful but please do not stop,

Your baby girl E. :)

ps: birthday present ideas for a male!

pss: Zero proof reading ALL errors are mine. :)

Monday, June 29, 2015


To go to greece and Stunt on them or nah?

Haha haha, I know its horrible to laugh at the people of Greece rn, BUT- investors dream in real estate property.

Plus I'd pay cash.

I want to buy a holiday home in Greece overlooking the water front- Because fucking beautiful.

The scenery in Greece is Ahmazaingggggg.

Anyways I dunno if I mentioned this but BARCELONA LOADINGGGG.

In August- I'm off to sunny barcelona on this all expense paid trip. * cheese*

However I am worried that bad belle will come and pour sand in my Garri.

will Gist you later.

I HATE travelling with people ( including Eros)

urgh,. He wants to go here ( Italy) then rent a car and drive there ( Monaco) then fly there ( mabella)
Me I just want to go to my Barcelona Jejely.

Thinking of it is just making me be like- Look boy I am not a REAL life agent stop!

Anyways I just started reading the count of Monte cristo. Everyone I tell is like - huh?

I havent even watched the movie. Im waiting till I finish the book before I start the movie and OMG it is so good/interesting.

How have I never seen it/ read it??

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

And be careful when you pray, because God may just answer your prayers

without the buffer of time. exactly as you requested

And then you realise that maybe just maybe Jer 29:11 is true.


Ps- ever wanted something and it comes so easily? then you freak out because it was too easy

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Still fortunate buying fuel.

I'm tempted to be like- excuse me guys- what is this fuel scarcity you have been crying about?

Be careful what you wish for

Remember how I said I wanted to travel this year.

God heard me and took me literally.

Thats all I'm going to say.

I had been feeling a bit off lately. Slowly hatingmy job ( gasp I know)

And what not.

Then I went to church on sunday and the holy spirit arrested me.


Spoke about all the horrid things I was doing( all my totally undeserved days off and the likes)

And most importantly growing where you are planted.

I do not know If I had mentioned this ever- But when I went to do my MSc, one of the conditions I gave myself, My mother and all related stake holders was that- I would ONLY do one year when I move back at my old job- I also need to point out that I am yet to fill out ONE single application even though I had crossed the threshold.

Anyway fast forward to one year being of being at work ( or as I like to call it 5 holidays later #humblebrag)

And I was over it.

Anyways I'm back on it. and I was so super productive yesterday> I loved it.

I'm also planning a retirement party for one of my Managers. It is lowkey weird how I am logistics correspondence for my sector at work.

I love it.

I plan to make a more concerted effort at keeping in touch with old friends.

I am so excited. About what- I do not know, BUT I am quivering with excitement.

I want to go to dxb to look for a dress and pick out my wedding band.

Although I already have one- I want another one.


I am in such an amazing mood.
OMG I think someone in my office has the most obscene crush on me.

It is the cutest and equally irresponsible thing.

ha ha ha.

The oddest thing for me regarding hitching my wagon to one person is having to deal with all these other men.

It is so weird.

I went to the Lagos make up fair over the weekend.

Nigerian make up artistes over feel themselves.

Ahn ahn.

Uncle do you see me giving potential clients attitude?

No- Please be nice to potential customers. I am petty enough to pick my MUA ( in Itunu's voice) based soley on the fact that the person is nice to me.

I like to think I am beaut and so- NO need for excess face painting.

My friend Demilade Roberts also opened up his photo studio!

Super exciting for me because I really really really like when my friends are doing well.

I went by to get some head shots but forgot to wear a bra.

side bar- Can we talk about how my boobs woke up one day and decided to be D cups?

Like HELLOOOO. BREASTICLES - You are supposed to allow me flourish on days when I dont want to wear a bra- Not swinging around like pendulum. * urgh*

Anyways my head shots are useless because  I am unable to use them to stunt on the gram because my twins were just doing anyhow.

But the photos were ace tho #m3lanineonfleek :)

My nails are looking hella lavish after the horrible scene from Vegas.

I think I will refer to my nail length as BV and AV. ( before Vegas and After Vegas)

I noticed a lot of bloggers ( who write because- not them awon linda)  aren't blogging as much any more ( Myself inclusive); Is it because of trying to monitize?

I dunno o. either way Its sad, You people should update me on your lives dammit. It is the only way I know what you are up to.

One of my bestest friends who is male (Yall can guess who, names starts with D) got engaged.

I was so deliriously happy. Because now we are on the same page and discuss marriage shit and ring styles all damn day!


I met D ( who is really Debo) so stop stressing about guessing who over 5 years ago and he quickly became a staple in my life.

I always yack about not having friends; or having bad friends but again #colormegreedy

when in truth I have been quite luckily re- friendship. I mean I lost a few to pettiness. ( mine and thiers) and some to loyalty to other parties ( I fancy myself a queen- off with their heads!),

I mean I have friends from work that have moved on but we still keep in touch and I have been unable to make new friends from work ever since ( color me resistant to change and adjustments) ha

Ps- coworkers used to call us "black berry babes"

Urgh- Do you not just hate Nigerian co workers?

Anyway just an update because I find that you guys need to know what I have been up to.

Finally; I was facetiming my aunt who asked where I was and I said casually oh I am at F's house.

side bar, Can we generally agree on what to refer to my future husband as? I'm leaning towards Eros?

can we do that?
Yes we can!

So I told her I was at Eros's house and she said ahn, she was wondering because it did not look like my house.

So I showed her my make shift closet  and she squealed- She could not believe that I brazenly moved in. and then she said the funniest most innappropriate thing.

She said- It is always good to try before you buy.

That anytime she goes to the store and does not try on clothes she buys- she always returns them.

Me- * dumbfounded*

Are your aunties supposed to suggest pre-marital sex?

Or is it only my family that is that grossly inappropriate?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


This life is for living.

And I try NEVER to forget that.

I have so much to talk about but urgh. I'm just everywhere.

No I STILL havent found my wedding dress :( ( but I have contenders)

I have had the best luck with buying fuel.

You will not believe how favourable the whole thing has been

I need to go food shopping AND just cook up a storm

Also I bought a hand held device with dough picks- HELLO POUNDED YAM.

I am a bit nervous about the whole thing but heyyyyy- what is life if not for living.

My friend's kid also turned one last week.

And they had such an amazing party.

I was dreading coming back to work but then I came back and nothing happened.

Like life is just easy. the things we fear- we blow them out of proportion when in real life its nothing.

ALSO- I am finally working on getting my dream job * cough Housewife cough*

no for real.

I also think I have like a strep infection in my throat ( let the dirty jokes die please)

I am in so much pain and agony.

You would be pleased to know I do not think I struggle with shopping so much any more.
Like I just did not find anything to buy on my trip.

And it was not for lack of trying.

Nothing seemed to interest me much.

I was more about the experiences.

This goes without saying but I love to travel!

I am barely back from one holiday I am trying to go to another one.

second - please why is GT threatning to stop my bankingoperations.

I have done my BVN- at UBA and I swear to God that all the banks need is to log onto some data base and get the details.


I want to make serious efo and pounded yam with zobo and chin chin. I miss my first yearat work, when I had so much time for the kitchen.

And all my catering experiences.

I told some one that my mother got married again. AND she was like

OMG you guys are like the kardashians now

me- pause. no

 she just has a husband and more domestic staff finish.

My nails are the shortest they have ever been. asides my inability to pick my nose- I think I like them.

Plus the color is so pretty!

People keep asking if I cook or do house hold chores.

The answer is - sometimes.

I was telling my uncle how whenever I spend the weekend at my fiance's ( struggling to get used to that word) house. I NEVER do anything. Maybe asides cooking

and I have a sous chef.

In the form of one of his house boys.

He scoffed and said he hated the idea of domestic staff.

and I told him- check your male privilege at the door.

I am taking all the help I can get.

ALSO did I blog about the "soft porn" incident with my aunt?

As I said- so much to share. Not enough time.

and I cant really remember it all.


Listening non stop to Baby all these nights I've struggled and fought my pride scared that someone your type couldn't s...