Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Along with becoming kinder and seeing the world, I wanted to become more generous this year,
with my time, my money, my skill set.

You know that sort of thing. and I might have asked God to show me ways to become more generous and then promptly forgotten because Life comes at you quick.

Anyways a beautiful opportunity arose for me to be generous with my time and specialised haggling skill set- I have to assist my sister in planning her wedding.

I know I know. It is the most time consuming thing. And my mother is not budging on that budget ( and I respect her)

But planning someone else's wedding for free is mentally tasking but I am grateful because I have only one sister and if I am willing to help friends all the time why can't I do the same for my sister.

With Money.
I find that I want to give more. Oppotunities arise and I do not want to give to them.
Example: Someone is in prison and everyone is rallying around to raise money for lawyers. Personally I think if you are guilty, you should stay in prison, and I know this person is guilty so I even steer away from the topic when the issue comes up.
But last week someone close to me said she needed some money for lawyers. It was such a small sum but I did not have it last week. So I fashied.
But this morning I asked God to give me opportunities to be generous as he is so generous with me.
Person called me to ask for the money.

And I was torn between giving cheerfully and just giving because an opportunity arose.
I was not cheerful about it. But I gave. I do not know if I feel better/happier but I will win this generousity battle by hook or crook.

I really want to live a minimalist life style so one of things I did was give a good number of my stuff away( Because I wasn't really wearing them anyways)

But there are somethings I hold on to, that I should stop holding on to.
Like my skin care ( I have battled with acne for so long that I cant just let go of beauty products) Ha!

Second opportunity came today to give and I also struggled with it. I am on a N1000 a day budget aka the minimum wage and in order to save cost on fuel Eros drops me off at work and I use public transport home.
It is actually pretty decent. Anyways, I found a keke customer that takes me from obalende to a 5 minute walk from my house , total cost home N200. by 5 days a week N1000.

and it's not hot because lagos has been breezy. Anyway I keke driver had an issue with a mirror ( he broke a passengers mirror) and I just dropped and left. I got home gisted Eros but drove to work the next day because I was really traumatized about the whole thing.

Anyway today back on my keke grind, I see my customer and his keke is empty. I ask him to charter the keke ( I wonder why, I'm usually okay with waiting) anyway so we head out minimal traffic and something in my mind just kept saying pay him N1000.

I had already negotiated to pay N550. ( which is a really good deal). Anyways I was like nope. Cant click I have to do and I think of all the things I have to do with money.
But then I remember I want opportunities to be generous , he drops me, and I give him the money and I walk home.

Slightly confused because I do not know if this is how it works. I really want to be generous and I think a good way to start is by giving especially when I do not feel like giving.

Eros says I am grossly dishonest about money. So I am trying to do better.
My mother says I am shrewd with money.
My sister says I always have money.

I tell them that the only reason I have money is because I do not buy everything I see on the way to where I am going?!!!!

No one believes me with all the stuff I own sha.

Second- I have had such good fortune negotiating with vendors for my sisters wedding.
Third- I think a lot of you are mad for spending so much money on none factors for a day that would come and go so quickly. LIKE!

Haba. when I see some vendors quotes, I'm like buh bye.  Real quick I called a band, and he said N1m.
that is one million Nigerian Naira's for music band.

I said bye.
The venue gan was not N1m. so what are we really saying?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

On grievances and what nots

So I am really mad at my partner at work.

And the funny thing is that we are kind of close.

So he called me on monday and said AHN- Are we still fighting?

I do not want to keep grudges with you.


I'm still quitting come June 30.

Meanwhile why do Older people think they know what is best for your life?

When I moved back- I wanted to change jobs; my mother, my uncle & all the concerned stake holders in my life- were against it.

And now they have finally seen the light. There is remorse and had we known stories.

Unfortunatley it's my life so.

No I'm not listening to them again.

People keep asking me if my job is hard. It actually isn't.

So why do you want to leave? I see my partners and I know this is NOT the life I want.
I'm serious.

One day I might just get up and shoot up the whole damn office. That is how over the place I am.


I just realized that I want to go to thailand for my birthday this year.

Which means that If I am going to thailand, I would not be able to go to both America in summer and lebanon.

And then Thailand.

Can I start a go fund me for my happiness?

Because I am genuinely happiest when I am somewhere new and what not.

I have managed to keep off the weight I Lost.

Like people see me and they are like OMG stop. Do not lose any more weight.

You are not the owner of me. Be gone.


I usually have my hair in faux locs for a quarter of  the year to let it grow out. Usually this is summer, or when I have zero movement plans or stuff like that.

However this year my movement is so unstable that I can't even get my locs in.

Why you ask? Well weaves and vacation photos really good together like Rice & stew.

I saw Now you see me  2 last night. And I Loved it. LOVED IT.

I could hardly remember what happened in part one, But that didnt stop me.

I had delightful company AND the side talk in portharcourt cinema is literally out of this world ( the world is lagos btw).

I am trying to drink only water ( again- this must be like 100th attempt- Shut up Femi)

Hopefully It works out alright. Maybe some lemon and pineapple?

ps- Best laxative in the world, A spoon on ACV in a glass of HOT WATER.

Everything I eat. literally it is like my disgestive system is on fastforward, The churn out rate is HIGH.

I have been saying I would do a review for my south african trip and how much it cost and how I was able to bandy people on my famous whatsapp group and make sure there were no slackers.

That sort of thing.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Update and Goals

June is usually the month of reflection for me so yah.

However I haven't written in a while because - I have been so uphappy. well not unhappy.

But grossly dissatisfied. with everything.

Except my darling Eros ( sometimes)

But for real,

I was in cape town for a week and it was so beautiful. *sigh*

further reminded me how much I want to be a travel agent/ make a career in something that brings me so much joy.

I am currently contemplating making a list of things I need to shed to be able to live this life.

Then making another one about convincing my husband HOW, this life would make so much sense if we just got up and moved. ( I mean we have no kids, plus we can always come back)

Anyways It's all in my head.

And another thing I want to do this year is self publish a book of short stories.

But I promise to properly write them with capitalizations in the appropriate places as well as  punctuations where they should be with minimal typos.

And I already know what I am going to name my book.

And I know what I am going to base it on ( this blog- DUH)

Will you guys buy tho?

That way I can make more money in Foreign exchange and be happily happy? So I make you cackle and you pay me for the jokes I crack.

Ps- I am going to open a small (very small) side hustle of travel sort out within budgets for my close friends and family.

with a flat rate that ranges between 30-50k.

I do not know if I mentioned it but Cape town was amazing ( snapchat has all the good stuff), instagram is getting throwbacks weekly, while twitter got some action ( Like when my para gliding pilot was trying to hit on me, but I was not too sure).

Anyways It was amazing- I was so sad to leave and also Imma need FRSC to put some respeck on my name because it takes a lot of courage to drive on the right side of the road when your country's roads are left hand roads and basically lawless driving.

Shout out to my hotel in Cape town- Pepper club, Hotel and spa. unfortunatley we were too busy to try out the spa, but maybe next time.

Travel tip: Let the hotel/ booking website or whatever payment method charge you in Naira. because globally the market rate is maybe N200 max, while the parallel rate is 360 to a dollar.

Ps; I swear by Agoda.
One three occassions, they have come through for me.

When I was in Italy and was moving to spain but didnt have a hotel booking.
When Eros was off to DXB, very last minute and he ( me really) had to make the hotel booking.
When Stanbic Refused to allow my first choice hotel charge my naira card, Agoda, was so kind to split the charge over two days.


So I swear by them.

Let me tell you guys about Stanbic IBTC.

Gt bank had been badly behaved, I got some money and the froze my account because of the amount. (EFCC tinz).

Anyway so I got the account unblocked BUT they hot listed my ATM card.

I just  went to open a stanbic account.

But Stanbic has been so wretched.

My card works when it wants. Sometimes my pin ( which is correct); doesn't work. Like I have to enter it repeatedly (4 times).

Other times they debit me but the transaction declines.

8 is the different number of incidents I had to deal with and send them DM's to try to resolve the issue.

Turns out it takes 45 working days for international disputes to be resolved on stanbic.

If you want my advice: Leave Nigerian cards alone when you are going overseas.

For real.

Emails at 1am

This week the love of my life Uloh was in town. Sooo we went out eating drinking running and just generally doing nuisancey shit around tow...