Thursday, June 16, 2016

On grievances and what nots

So I am really mad at my partner at work.

And the funny thing is that we are kind of close.

So he called me on monday and said AHN- Are we still fighting?

I do not want to keep grudges with you.


I'm still quitting come June 30.

Meanwhile why do Older people think they know what is best for your life?

When I moved back- I wanted to change jobs; my mother, my uncle & all the concerned stake holders in my life- were against it.

And now they have finally seen the light. There is remorse and had we known stories.

Unfortunatley it's my life so.

No I'm not listening to them again.

People keep asking me if my job is hard. It actually isn't.

So why do you want to leave? I see my partners and I know this is NOT the life I want.
I'm serious.

One day I might just get up and shoot up the whole damn office. That is how over the place I am.


I just realized that I want to go to thailand for my birthday this year.

Which means that If I am going to thailand, I would not be able to go to both America in summer and lebanon.

And then Thailand.

Can I start a go fund me for my happiness?

Because I am genuinely happiest when I am somewhere new and what not.

I have managed to keep off the weight I Lost.

Like people see me and they are like OMG stop. Do not lose any more weight.

You are not the owner of me. Be gone.


I usually have my hair in faux locs for a quarter of  the year to let it grow out. Usually this is summer, or when I have zero movement plans or stuff like that.

However this year my movement is so unstable that I can't even get my locs in.

Why you ask? Well weaves and vacation photos really good together like Rice & stew.

I saw Now you see me  2 last night. And I Loved it. LOVED IT.

I could hardly remember what happened in part one, But that didnt stop me.

I had delightful company AND the side talk in portharcourt cinema is literally out of this world ( the world is lagos btw).

I am trying to drink only water ( again- this must be like 100th attempt- Shut up Femi)

Hopefully It works out alright. Maybe some lemon and pineapple?

ps- Best laxative in the world, A spoon on ACV in a glass of HOT WATER.

Everything I eat. literally it is like my disgestive system is on fastforward, The churn out rate is HIGH.

I have been saying I would do a review for my south african trip and how much it cost and how I was able to bandy people on my famous whatsapp group and make sure there were no slackers.

That sort of thing.


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