Thursday, September 29, 2016

Head of the house

So I buy water at home.

Not really buy more like take from my mum's house because she has a water factory and these are the dividends of labor.

so I get water from my mum's house to my own house.

But there are lapses often and it results in no water situation.

So on wednesday I am lamenting that there is no water ( in the Taps)

Eros being unusually passive aggressive said- yeah you are supposed to be handling that

Me: I meant no water to shower , not drinking water

Eros: Yes that has been since morning but there is still no drinking water and its your area. you are supposed to handle it.

Me; *sensing an argument that I do not need* OK. I'm not handling water again. Please you sort out water.

Him: NO. you have to handle it. you have been handling it since.

Me: You are the head of the house; please take responsibility for this water.

both of us: starts stifling laughter.

Him: I've told you, keep doing the water.

Me: Head of the house.

Him: Head of the house, says you should do the water. Honor your husband.

Me: Urgh Go to church, it is respect not Honor.

Him: Whatever- just keep doing the water.

Me: eyeroll.

ps: I loathe bridal showers. I think they are just a final waste of our time. None the less I am tasked with planning one for my sister.

Because (side eye to her friends)- I am finding out three very important things, I did not know because I am a salary earning soul- People do not like to pay for anything.

you give them small space- They do what they want.

I had initally done the wise thing to get a planner based on the budget I had envisioned when I asked people to pay.

Then it turns out people do not want to pay. AT ALL. So I have to scrap the planner and actually do this myself.

But slowly overcoming.

Glad I am skilled in budgeting and cash management. We are on course for the shower.

Although everything is so damn expensive- It is the dollar ma.

Look out for the photos on the blog and my Instagram.


Friday, September 23, 2016


I'm Not Pregnant


Now to struggle with the Cost of tampax pearls in Nigeria.

Why oh lord are tampons that are such a necessity so damn expensive?!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

So Exactly what did you get up to in Lebanon?

Itunu asked as we were sorting through the items for delivery from her Sallah sale.

Me: well typically my day went like this, wake up,  eat breakfast, come back to the hotel room, have sex, shower, wait for my host to come and get me, go swimming in the ocean, eat lunch, come back to hotel more sex, shower get dressed to go out in the night. Go clubbing till about 4am.

Wash Rinse Repeat- basically.

She: so basically you are like pregnant now?

Me: OMG, I hope not, asides the fact that we can't afford it. My boobs have been acting funny.

I honestly think Leban was one of my most RESTFUL vacations. No work looming over me,

No random need to buy anything.

It was literally perfect.

Would I love to go again? YES please.

Friday, September 2, 2016


Aka Leb.

I do not know if I ever mentioned it but Eros does not do conventional work like me.

This does not translate to house husbandry unfortunately as he still isn't as proficient at house work as he should be.

Anyway. One of the things he does- Liquor business he runs with some lebanese people.

Well two lebanese people. However the lebs are so so family oriented that somehow we have become honorary Lebs.

So one of his  business partners is getting married today and we are here in lebanon for the wedding

You guys; Most of my holidays are full enjoyment but I have to confess- This one is next level.


The level of do nothing ness is appalling. But in the best way possible.

Enough about happiness and satisfaction. Let me tell you about Leb.

So when I heard that the groom was getting married to a woman who had never been to Nigeria and was lebanese- I felt so sad. like deep down sadness for the bride. Nigeria is bad enough for Nigerians that are women. Talk less of Lebanese women moving to Nigeria to get married. I was up in arms, how would be cope?

Turns out there would be little or ZERO adjustment.

Lebanon is pretty much lagos with Lebanese people.
from the airport trying to cross the road with luggage- The cars wont even stop lagos style.

It was amusing.

The driver was a manic. Eros refused to come and get me from the airport ( Totally Lagos behavior).

And the only difference is that the city is really really war torn.

even though it is being rebuilt? The scars of war are everywhere. It


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