Wednesday, June 23, 2010

why men cheat.

See before I had up a post about why women cheat and asked eneni 2 blog about it. She did.

So yday I decided 2 find out why men cheat... And who better to ask than a cheat himself Womilee. At first he was being difficult... But after using my persuasion... I got him to spill. Ladies listen up.

So men like average women No?

Or do men like high maintaince?

When would men get married?

Why do men date women 4 nine yrs then marry the one of 3months?

Why do men steal from women?

Why do men cheat?

Why do men sleep with their SO's sisters, mothers and bestfriends.

Why do men lie 2 get coochie.

Why do men sleep with women then run off?

Why do men...

Let's face it, I could go on 4ver and ever asking why do men questions. But since I'm an actor Not a reactor AND am a solution provider. What better way to find out about this than 2 find a man who I know for a fact has committed 80% of said acts in the questions above. Ladies and gentle. Scratch that, men are not gentle. Sha ladies and men that read this blog, I present to you, Womilee.

Not exactly a flattering introduction, is it gentlefolk? In my defence, I have not committed 80% of the afformentioned sins... I'm at a healthy, gentlemanly 75%. And so are you all.
The saying is 'Men lie, Women lie, Numbers don't'. So you there, you shaking your head at my admission of sin, you tut-tutting at my acceptance of infidelity, unless you were somehow brought to this earth as a figure or a numerical digit and through some miraculous cosmetic surgery, have been converted into a female, but still remain a number at heart, you dear lady have lied and cheated too.
The reason men cheat is the same reason women cheat...cos we can. Yes, men usually go out with a mind-set of being unfaithful, while women claim there was no premeditation involved in their infidelities, does this make it any less wrong. A man is caught cheating he goes "baby, I'm sorry. Please forgive me, blah". A woman's caught cheating she goes "it was an accident. It wasn't my fault!". There's a song by Eminem and Dr Dre, Guilty Conscience. A line in it goes "what you slipped, fell and landed on his dick?!!!"
I've cheated, you've cheated. Simple. Sometimes we know why, most times its cos we're just horny. Dammit, no matter how much you love pizza, you still eat the occasional burger don't you?! Its not a good excuse, but fuck it, its the only one I have.
I've cheated on my girlfirends and with other people's girlfirends. To be honest, I'm proud in some cases, not so proud in others. But I always come clean when I'm caught. I don't claim spiritual possession or temporary insanity or amnesia. I simply say "baby, I'm sorry". At that point, it is up to you to decide whether to knock my front teeth out or not. Cos you better believe, bitch, ill knock yours out if you so much as like another man's haircut.
I am Womilee, numbers don't lie.


richard said...

This sounds more like a brag, than an actual explanation, Not shittin on ur conquests bro, but this doesn't help them ladies understand the intricacies and complex setup that goes on when a man decides to cheat or finds himself cheating... U need to break it down.!!.. Nice 1 tho

richard said...

Also, this Not so insightful, but here is my 2cents on the matter(its actually a copy&paste convo I just had wit MsAdaO)

Its in d male system to conquer and defeat and pile up records of conquests..‎​But he is also more than capable of lovin ...Men are not genetically madeup to liken sex wit love...‎​Well he is capable of loving, but it doesn't mean he won't cheat...A man can be in love wit u but there are three things...‎​He needs God to direct him to stay tru becos by his power alone that 'conquering spirit' would always wanna manifest..Two, he needs to take a decision that he doesn't wanna cheat...And three, self deteermination pushing hard everyday to realise that if u sleep wit another woman u r hurtin the one u love , even tho deep down u can't understand why she shld be so hurt, cos u love her and the other person is just sex(in out in out, cum, byebye)...Anyways a man wld cheat because its one of those things men like to do, wen men sit down and talk at d bar, its cars politics business women and conquests... So they need real genuine stories to tell, BUT they love their wives and family(most times)...


Ms.Oreoluwa said...

so basically they do it 2 brag?? to thier friends??*side eye*

Nono said...
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Nono said...
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Nono said...

I don't think there is a laid out reason why men cheat. Its just like asking y are u curious or why do you smoke?. For everyone there are different reasons. My prayer is to find a man whose reasons for cheating coincides with what I have/can do(granted this might be a weak foothold but whatelse can we do) cos trust me, if u don't do anal or are stupid upstairs n his reason for cheating is cos he wants anal or wants to be intellectually challenged for once then na ur own be dat :).

justbeingme said...

I like the fact that you said "Men cheat, Women cheat". So in other words we all cheat so women get over it! I hate the fact that cheating by men is given a higher coverage than women cheating! Not fair. This is bearing in mind the old saying: Its better to have a master key that opens many locks than to be a lock that is opened by many keys! (insert smirk here)...Lol


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