Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Myself and I.

i enjoy my own company a bit too much. a people irritate me a little. i have a very little tolerance for bullshit. and i am the queen of double standards.

I realised, im only friends with someone who already has a friend. or a group of friends. for instance all my close friends arent friends with each other. lol.

its amazing. they have thier own friends, and we are just friends. not best friends or anything like that.

i only belong to one group that we are all close. "my Fly family"

but that isnt the point, the point is that by doing this is have subconciously avoided the drama of many female friends.

so yes i am something like a Genius. when it comes to women, and friends and all that drama.

I am also rather evil. i am not proud of it, but there is a standard which i have st for everyone that speaks to me.
basically to be my friend or speak to me or whatever, you must do it in a way that i like and approve of, if not i wont speak to you.

i know it sounds funny, but its how life has been for a while. till i got a damn job. but all that is going to change soon.

for some reason ive been on a happy juice OD. meaning, i have been overtly happy. for no just cause.

i think i have finally come to accept me for who me is.

i know im done shrinking for anyone to shine. and i am positive there is room at the top for everyone.

and i am done trying to split my self to make anyone happy.

only you can make you happy. well and maybe a bit of champers.

but with nysc ending, im just realising all the growing up i will have to do. to say that excites me will be a lie. but when i get to that bridge, i will cross it.

i am coming into me, my strengths, weaknesses.

i am realising my confidants and my comrades and im learning to treat them as such.

i am cutting off people. i know with such a small circle, who else do i want to cut off again.

i am just living for me.

this wont make any sense to you if you havent reached this point, but when you do, and you become as happy as me. then you'll look back and say ahhhhhhhhh i seee what she was on about.

Monday, August 23, 2010


usually, im a happy bunny, but this Monday Morning its different, and im worried, i cant ascribe this happiness to any thing.
i mean if i list all the reasons i should be unhappy it would be the length of 3rd mainland bridge, but im happy. super excited. i wasnt out all weekend. i jsut realised how expensive my holiday will be. and damn its a monday for chrissake and im still this jolly.

im sure im pissing people off atm, with all my jollyness, but i cant hel it, i feel like santa!!! coupled with the fact that... i am broke! and waht not, im still happy.

i even kinda enjoyed school yesterday, i wasnt floating as much and the lecturer was kinda flirting with me. :) well he asked for the total figure from me.

i even managed to snag a seat at work today. damn im so excited. i'll go to the gym:) today!!

i even had breakfast! i am sooo happy, this is ridiculous!

ok ok ok. im stopping now. but i am super happy today!!!

like seriously *singing* i am HAPPY!!! :)

A very very happy

ps: i saw shrek4. really good movie. now cats and dogs left to see.
pss: NYSC ends very very soon, by 2nd week in sept im going to take my 3 week terminal leave! * excited*
psss: im actually picking up post depression of failing my exams.
pssss: i wish everyone this kind of happiness. surely it must be From God!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DAMN im pissed.

so i was going to blog about how a friend of mine needs 2 get her shit together and stuff. but i wont because she called me "little Miss Perfect" seeing as i have my shit together.

people, she may have meant to insult me, but as a matter of fact, i do have my shit together. i know how arrogant that may sound, but lets face it. i am pretty much a very big deal. scrap that, i am a fucking huge deal. in my mind off course. i didnt tell her that, i just ended the chat.

her is a friendship that i feel i should have ended a long time agao, and i believe that the time is now.

anyways that isnt why im blogging. let me start by saying. i do not have a problem with muslims or christains. i am an anglican,born, batpized, confirmed and God willing i willget married in an anglican church. but that isnt the point, the point is this. i dont know how 2 insert links or any of that stuff so imma give u a quick run down.

during the muslim service, a christain girl disguised herself as a muslim, went into the mosque and waited till the alfa proceeded to call to pray, then she got up and started scremaing "Jesus is Lord, Allah cannot save you" and the likes.

offcourse she was attacked and badly injured, luckily for her, University security intervened and saved her, now the muslims are protesting, that the girl should be expelled.

i believe, no i strongly believe she should be expelled with immediate effect.i know the general concensus is ahnn that is too harsh, because i told 2 women in my office the same thing and they said i was mean.

please this girl attends MFM, no offense to MFM goers) this is a church where they "physically fight" the air in the name of fighting enenmies. imagine if a muslim waltzed in during the service, sat thru till it was quiet and started screaming about how Allah is God. i dont even wanna think about how they would react on sight of a physical enemy.

how about the Cele people that beat thier members that are posssed? how much more a " supposed enemy"

what she did was a total fanatic move. and it should not be allowed at all. we live in a present Nigeria where religious tensions are high enough as it is, then a final year student makes a move as stupid as this... please kick her out.

off course seeing as we are in Nigeria, they would say "her fathers people" dont want her 2 finish and all the other baseless excuses Nigerians give when somethings happen.

i am a christain, and i strongly believe in the principles of forgiveness, but this is an institution, where you have freedom of expression, freedom of religon, and this is how you choose to mess it up. i sat expel her christain church going ass. WHAT???

because this is a person that has been in the system for 4 years, a law student, "apparently" the best in her class and she pulls a stunt like that?
what if she was killed? then everyone would come down on all the muslims in that school and what not.

i know how we all want to win souls for christ, but i think these new churches need to incorporate a new method of winning souls for christ.

just thinking about it makes me so MAD, maybe its because the school i attended never gave us the chance to express our view, they held those hapharzad "student forums" and that was just for eye service. because they never used to take that shit seriously.

i strongly believe the only way Nigeria can live tension free is if people respect religious boundries. i mean your religion has over 20 different denominations, and there the minority has just one doing thier own jejely and u do shit like that? come on now.

its just wrong, on every single level.

look at it how u want, but i believe she is very lucky to be alive. and she should be expelled.

again im sorry if this post offends you.
actually i not.:P

im still pissed tho.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Lunch time.

random my last 2 lunch experiences have been awesome.
but 1st, i started school this week. i am a very strong person, if i may say so. but going back to school was hard. it was probably the hardest thing i had to do.

i even changed schools and started a month later, thinking it would ease the transition. nope! it didnt. so i went to the lovers' trying to get away from having to go back to school.
lets just say he is with my mother and everyone else on this school issue.

despite the fact that i was crying. he insisted i go. *sigh* and if u see me cry ehn.. waterworks and things!
off course this means that he is now immune to my waterworks show i put on, and i must find another means of convincing him 2 get my way.

moving on, school was terrrible. i have never felt so awkward in my life. MY GOD. i was like the new girl. and in the usual manner of these things, i sharply grabbed a seat, well the 1st empty seat i found. which was close to the front of the class. 2nd row. and i was thanking God that at least i had found a seat.

it wasnt till 30mins later that i realised that i was seated right beside the class ITK. u know that person that has all the answers, and gets every question asked correctly and u just want to throw your biro at him? yes i was seated right beside him. no wonder the seat was empty. *sigh*

im looking forward to a class that i wont be floating so badly tho.

anyways lunch today was somewhat intresting. 3 of myco-workers and i decided to go outta the office and eat. (my office canteen is such a shitty place) and then it hit me.

people actually think of me differnetly.

so 1st my co-worker who invited us, said i looked spoilt. *side eye* i dont think im spoilt tho. i dont think anyone who lives with my mother can possibly be spoilt. my Mother is the poster woman for slavery. like she is a proper slave driver. anyhoos. so we got talking and i said i wanted to push my luch back till 3:30 so i could eat till 4:30 and come back and just leave. which logically makes sense of some sort since i am entitked to an hour of lunch? right?

he said it was gutsy. aka something of guts, how is it that moving my 1 hr of lunch is gutty?? *confused*

i think maybe we are terrorized too much in our organization, like we are spoon fed with fear. and it not just us, its everyone that isnt a manager or partner, waaay too much ass kissing, and pisstaking.

this isnt me complaining though.

after a while he said i was bold and he kinda confirmed it from my friend.

i dont think im bold tho, i just dont like people taking advantage of me. i didnt say that tho, i just smiled and said maybe that is who i am.

so in other news, he saw me as a spoilt diva. little princess that cant take bull shit.

so i decided to give him my blog adress, something i never ever do. he will then read this post and lol.

anyways thank you for lunch, it was filling as it was entertaining. and you we could have spilt the bill you know. :)

anyways he also suggested i have my own show. whatever.

i was also going to tell you lot about the fab fab fab weekend i had.... but this is all im going to say about my weekend.

he said: " suck till it bubbles"

Yours Divalicious...( i know thats not a word)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

yori yori remix

at first i was mad at the bracket boys.

like how do u get tuface in the studio and then you do a remix?? *side eye*

asides the fact that tuface is the best thing Nigeria has produced. in my opinion. (evidence supporting my argument is AFRICAN QUEEN)

anyways so since i have established my obession with tuface. he did not dissapoint me.

only him can take a super smash hit like yori yori and totally kill it. as in we go together like google and searching? :D

*insert chessy smile*

anyways so yori yori was supposed 2 be my dance into reception song, for people that attend Nigerian receptions, you know wats up.

but after listening to this song, my dear future husband will have to bring barcket and tuface to the wedding o.

because nothing else is going to work.

" we go be together forever....nobody go seprate us....


ps: who was "michelle" abi "rochelle" that they did a shout out for in the begining?
i am totally jealous. that is all.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I love summer, the boys, the girls, the fanta babes, the extra cash, the new clothes our friends coming back will get us. *sigh* I ‎​♥ summer.

So summer?

Well Yes and No.
Well yes its summer and No, I am not going out this summer.
Why u may ask.
Simple the summer crowd is back.

Now let me explain this to you, u know how when we were younger (if u went 2 qc, u'll understand this) you just had 2 travel for summer holiday 2 get a new bag, folder, pencilcase and the likes.

Well the london people have that fever. Every Nigerian that school's outside the country feels the "inexplicable" need 2 come home 4 summer. Forget about easter. Summer is prime.

Not that the economy suffers for it, half of the Nigerians that live in Nigeria actually go 2 all these strange countries as well, so there is sort of like a balance.

Unfortunately for me, I have a Job, which means I have 2 endure summer with the fanta babes.

Fanta babes.
Ladies, You know that one friend we all have that boys like because they have totally zero morals.
Exactly she is a fanta babe. She "shares the fun"
Now imagine 1million other girls like that, without scruples flooding into lagos. *sigh*
*cue music* all the single ladies... You will be very single for a very long time. I'm just complaining on behalf of my single friends that were looking 2 get hooked up this summer. News Flash, the Lagos boys still in lagos are Rooting 4 the fanta babes.

So yes summer brings in these fanta babes.

Why are they so impossible 2 stomach? 1. There's a million of them. And 2. They aren't exactly friends with you. And trust women. Lol.

Now this really isn't my business because I have a job that gets me 2 tired 2 even look past my side miRror. 2 even notice a fanta babe.

But let me tell u my business. You see I ‎​♥ ‎​♥ ‎​♥ lasgidi. I love the energy the power, the vibe the nite life, the traffic. You know all that constitutes Lagos. The people I don't care so much about.

So when I have time 2 go out, I'm super excited. I'm ready 2 let my hair down and have a good time. Like table dancing money spraying good time, this is lagos meeen!

Then u can imagine my irritation when summer comes and OUR clubs are packed with fanta babes.
Not only are they packed with them, they are also underage. Not only are they underage, they are wearing Rags. Not only are they wearing Rags, they spew forth bullshit like this" oh yeah I just came 2 the club 2 chill"

EXCUSE ME!!!! We have seen the facebook pictures of them pouting with their knee length human hair and avatar-esque looking makeup, and wat not, but we like that on facebook, not in lagos.

If you want to chill, I advise you sit at home so that a/c and blow you or better still the deep freezer. I'm sure u'll be very chill when u come out.
And my LORD the picture taking OMG. We just want 2 dance and party hard drink and go home. Not pop bottles splash them around and pose for pictures, you know we actually Drink these drinks here in Lagos. LoL. I know how odd its sounds but yes, we buy drinks and then we drink them. We don't splash them around will posing 4 pictures.

I have gone out, seen like 7 girls who came out to the club to chill, dint dance 4 a min, turned down everyguy that approached them, sat there like pillars of salt and just looked, stared the nite away, oCcasionally gossiping and giggling. Lest I forget, they were drinking water, something about being on a diet.

First. Its a club, why are u having a sex and city moment, I'm sure u can do that at home, 2. This is lagos no 1 is going 2 have ur picture taken! So stop already. 3. If u aren't going 2 dance then why are u taking up space in a club.. This isn't the country club its a flipping nite club.

I haven't been out this summer. But I was out last summer, I had finished university and I had no worries, out 2 have fun, imagine my shock when on my first night out, it was like we were at hell. Full, hot stuffy and people were just standing and looking.
Apparently its Not cool to dance. #kanyeshrug.

And I can bet a large number of the girls there hadn't even hit puberty. So parents what is ur 15 year old daughter looking for at a night club???

*sigh* I'm tired already but you get my point. Last week I was itching 2 go out, hang with my peoples and thingsss. Till after calling about 4 of my babes it occured 2 us. Its summer. We can't go anywhere. Lagos is flooded, and face it we are old cargo. Lol. We are the Naira spending people that club owners forget keep their clubs running all year round. I mean in March or April, I can actually hit the club and have a good time, not 2 full, just regular, you know... Lagos style.

But people summer is here and we must must accomodate the inflow of immigrants.

2 further buttress my point I went 2 see a movie yday. The cinema was full. AND I could spot the london people, in their tiny shorts and vests. Outrageous big hair and wat not. Actually u can spot them anywhere u go, just look out 4 the boy in bright blue skinny jeans and a red shirt with a yellow beanie or sthg close to that.
For the ladies. Look for hair, plenty of it. Make up. And always always always they are inappropriately dressed. None the less, we love the fanta babes, how else would the Naija based fanta babes stop hounding our men. Yes the jand and yankee ones would be in demand, and we all know that is a huge upgrade, from a uni-lag ho.

No BS tho. I love love love summer. And Don't even get me started on christmas.

Summer is her people.


I keep getting little signs that maybe I am on the right track, Just maybe,