Monday, August 9, 2010

Lunch time.

random my last 2 lunch experiences have been awesome.
but 1st, i started school this week. i am a very strong person, if i may say so. but going back to school was hard. it was probably the hardest thing i had to do.

i even changed schools and started a month later, thinking it would ease the transition. nope! it didnt. so i went to the lovers' trying to get away from having to go back to school.
lets just say he is with my mother and everyone else on this school issue.

despite the fact that i was crying. he insisted i go. *sigh* and if u see me cry ehn.. waterworks and things!
off course this means that he is now immune to my waterworks show i put on, and i must find another means of convincing him 2 get my way.

moving on, school was terrrible. i have never felt so awkward in my life. MY GOD. i was like the new girl. and in the usual manner of these things, i sharply grabbed a seat, well the 1st empty seat i found. which was close to the front of the class. 2nd row. and i was thanking God that at least i had found a seat.

it wasnt till 30mins later that i realised that i was seated right beside the class ITK. u know that person that has all the answers, and gets every question asked correctly and u just want to throw your biro at him? yes i was seated right beside him. no wonder the seat was empty. *sigh*

im looking forward to a class that i wont be floating so badly tho.

anyways lunch today was somewhat intresting. 3 of myco-workers and i decided to go outta the office and eat. (my office canteen is such a shitty place) and then it hit me.

people actually think of me differnetly.

so 1st my co-worker who invited us, said i looked spoilt. *side eye* i dont think im spoilt tho. i dont think anyone who lives with my mother can possibly be spoilt. my Mother is the poster woman for slavery. like she is a proper slave driver. anyhoos. so we got talking and i said i wanted to push my luch back till 3:30 so i could eat till 4:30 and come back and just leave. which logically makes sense of some sort since i am entitked to an hour of lunch? right?

he said it was gutsy. aka something of guts, how is it that moving my 1 hr of lunch is gutty?? *confused*

i think maybe we are terrorized too much in our organization, like we are spoon fed with fear. and it not just us, its everyone that isnt a manager or partner, waaay too much ass kissing, and pisstaking.

this isnt me complaining though.

after a while he said i was bold and he kinda confirmed it from my friend.

i dont think im bold tho, i just dont like people taking advantage of me. i didnt say that tho, i just smiled and said maybe that is who i am.

so in other news, he saw me as a spoilt diva. little princess that cant take bull shit.

so i decided to give him my blog adress, something i never ever do. he will then read this post and lol.

anyways thank you for lunch, it was filling as it was entertaining. and you we could have spilt the bill you know. :)

anyways he also suggested i have my own show. whatever.

i was also going to tell you lot about the fab fab fab weekend i had.... but this is all im going to say about my weekend.

he said: " suck till it bubbles"

Yours Divalicious...( i know thats not a word)

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Lol...I like this.


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