Monday, February 22, 2010


There is a phrase I can't stand. " I am not your mate". funny thing is I hear that a lot. And I shall hear it for a long time. Simply because I do not deal with my mates. My average female class mate is 35 married with 2kids. The Men average about 40. So they have my age mates at home automatically think they have earned my respect. Which would be alright is this happened 10years ago. I think there is something about learning with your child's age mate. Technically I being 15 years younger is sharper than you. I would assimilate faster than you. This means that I will be Nicer to you. My mother trained me to realise that not everyone is as fast as 1 am. Moving on the older ones are yet to realise that me being Nice or slowing down is not your right neither is it an obligation I have to you. If we are class mates this must mean there is something in my head and I did not sleep my way here. This isn't your organization. I don't care how the young ladies there operate.
I also don't appreciate you making stupid snide comments that are totally unbecoming of your age mates about my attitude to classes. You did not pay my fees and I am not accountable to you. Yes the society raises a child. But you forget that I AM not a child. I am an adult whether or not you admit it, age has nothing to do with maturity, as you have made very obvious. And clearly me leaving the class every saturday by 5pm irks you. Well this is not my problem. Dear Ma and Sir whatever problem you have with me you will have to take up with Jesus because u see, it is he who blesses me. That's all.
Good night and have a nice drive home.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

lovers to friends?? why do all good things come to an end....:)

Personally I do not remain friends with my ex. I have a way of somehow managing to get them in that fix where they "want me back" SO I don't do it. I love drama. But ex man friend drama. *sigh* I am NOT up for that.
Well right now as I'm putting up this blog, there is this one person thaT I have remained friends with. For reasons I can't put my finger on. And NO we are not mile high club members. Well in my defense I was very young and naïve and blah blah blah blah. Let's call him "J". So anyways J and I had this FAB love affair. We never defined what we had going on and whatever it was, was on for 9months. Btw that's d shortest I've ever been with some one, so if u are reading this and u thought to ur self "oh but we were together less than 9 months" I hate to burst ur bubble but we were never together. Anyways. I was in 100L and I was oh so in love. Told every1 about him. Met his sister. Err G I'm really sowi about that lip gloss incident. But it was Mine. *smug smile* by d way his sister totally hates me. Somehow I end up with people whose siblings can't stand me. *sigh*. So we had that cute romance that made me who had done my 2 weeks in jand, go 2 yankee on d weekend of my disney world trip cancel and fly back 2 jand. U see I'm Very extreme when to comes to boys I actually Like. Offcourse my mum was Mad but she was in Nig and couldn't do much. I don't wanna List all the unresonable sacrifices I made. Ok it was just that one but looking back now LAWD*slapping my self 4 times* what was I thinking?? Huh? That he was gonna be in that undefined space spending all that casH on my virgin self??? Hmnn? Maybe he has looked back and wants to recoup all his losses in KinD. Maybe that's why is still speak 2 him. MayBE its not just cuz of the raybans he has promised me. Either which ways since he started all this I want u talk. He can keep his rayban's till either I'm lover-less (not anytime soon) OR he stops wanting me. Which ever comes 1st. Although I know this a shot in the dark but really did he think I'll say oh yes cool. I missed u. Let's kiss and make up. Four years later. Darling that boat has sailed and shall never return.
Whatever he thought. He should have hurried back. Four years is a BSc and a 2yr relationship and another 4yr on and off undefined love affair. so why does he want me back. Lord knows not much has changed. And I'm even wiser now. How d hell are we supposed 2 work???
I think I'm really offended cuz he was my only claim 2 maturity in that oh I still speak to an ex of mine. Now I don't even have that anymore. But just 2 take d piss I should ask what happened to that police of a babe he got involved with just right afteR. Last I saw she said he was just "uni love" *smug grin* yes just so u know that totally Made my day. The day I heard it. Well I do not mean to brag but there must be sthg really FAB about me that keeps em coming back for more. Hell even my present lover came back. I must be laced with gold. Ok as delusional as that sounds it may be the honest truth.
I miss my lover. I want my lover. *sigh*
In other news I went to the market and bought satin. Sigh they were so beautiful I couldn't say no.

Ankara would always be my 1st love. Forget Satin AND tafetta.

I am the greatest .
iFloat like a butterfly. iSting like a bee.

#np Go. Crazy cousins Feat Meleka.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the Devil and the boy.

First I want all of you to follow my home girls blog

 Whenever we need to make a very important decision it is best to trust our instincts, because reason usually tries to remove us from our dream, saying that the time is not yet right. Reason is afraid of defeat, but intuition enjoys life and its challenges. ~ paulo cohelo.

The boy was walking to buy bread when the mayor of the city crossed the street.

‘The reason he is so powerful, is because, he’s made pact with the devil,’ a very devout woman in the street told the boy, and he was intrigued.

Some time later, when travelling to another town, the boy saw a beautiful corn field. He asked who was he owner as soon as he arrived at his destination

‘All this land belongs to the same man. I’d say the Devil had a hand in that.’ – answered one of the villagers.

Later the same day, a beautiful woman walked past the boy. A priest also saw her and said aloud:

‘That woman is in the services of Satan!’

From then on, the boy decide to seek the Devil out. One day he managed to see him face to face.

‘They say you can make people powerful, rich, and beautiful.’

‘To be totally honest, this is not true’ replied the Devil. ‘You have just been listening to the views of those who are trying to promote me.’

I read the above story and thought wow. I want everyone who reads my blog to read this. And hence I blogged it. Altho I am working on something FantastiC for my next post and no its not my opinion on internet hook ups just yet. :)

I am the greatest.
iFloat like a butterfly. iSting like a bee.
#np Side Effect. Mariah carey and young Jezzy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

valentines day. Much Ado about Nothing ....No? well i know :)

Wow so Vals day is here.... Abegi make we drink water drop cup. You see, I have never given out a gift before and my lover is outta town for vals. So this year finds me alone. And if u know me personally u'll know how much I love to splurge on myself. So this vals day I'm going to buy myself a bag, or the almighty brazillian hair or sthg ridiculous. Well that was a lie
I'll never buy myself brazillian hair, simply because I cannot afford it. I also won't buy it because I really don't think there are any 'brazillians' who cut their hair to sell. And even if they did I'm sure they won't want it on my head. Like seriously tho. I confess I can't tell the difference. Infact I believe this brazilian hair madness is a scam bY the Nigerian Market who blive how gullible our Nigerian women are and would buy anything. Please I'm sticking with premium. If by anymeans u have the brazillian hair on don't be offended but how much do u earn???
I mean the other day my friend came 2 ask me to buy Malaysian hair. #QQ do malaysian's have hair???
Anyways getting back 2 this 'special lovers day' u know. We all get the men in our lives to eventually pay in cash and kind for all the back breaking u have had 2 endure. #makesSense.
But what of all the toasting that he endured before the back breaking. Do we write that off or armortise? I dunno, just asking. cuz if I had my way every1 would be at redemption camp that day.
Maybe I'm just upset that
1. I will be in skool.
2. My lover will be outta town.
3. And he will Not get me anything.
Because I do not want anything. Maybe except another bottle of perfume to add to my 8 bottles already. OR another bag to add to like the 20 I already own. Or maybe another BB? I dunno how people still manage to buy ppl like me presents. I don't mean 2 brag but dayyyyUuuuuummmmM I gat my own. Ok that was off but who cares.
I still think every1 shud go 2 redemption camp. 1st. Singles 2 go and pray 4 missing rib. 2nd. Courting couples shud go and pray for guidance. 3rd married couples shud go and pray against the spirit of Ekaette.
And I won't buy myself a bag. Because I can't afford the one I want. Well I can if I do Aristo. Which I can't bring myself to do. ( Aristo is the local slang for gold digging/ sleeping with olderMen for money) I think. But please don't quote me.cuz I know some babes/ women who are like what 30 and still think they r doing aristo. Bitch wake up. U are his mistress. LOL there quote me on that one.
Anyhoos so I'm not gonna buy d bag either. Neither am I buying choclates. Maybe I'll buy myself a revision note. Maybe?? Or a new watch to add. Or Yess maybe I shud go on d prowl for a particular top to match this totally off skirt that mummy Bought for me and I still haven't been able 2 figure it out. Maybe?? No. I have too many clothes already. I think I shud even give some out.
I have really deviated from the point and that was too easy BECAUSE vals day holds that little intrest for me. Ahn ahn.
Ok but I sha have red underwear. And I've been Mentally trying to wrap my mind against missing skool and I can't seem to do it. Dayummmm I'm such an eficko. I shud be studying, but here I am blogging of the top of my head. *sigh* since this blogging Madness took over I have written less in my Journal. And I have a new one. Maybe its cuz I have no Valentine Memories again this year. And strangely I don't seem to mind. I'm getting worried for myself.
I'm done here. Scrap Valentines day. That's all. Its to expensive a habit to Maintain. I mean so u'll buy ur SO christmas, then new year, then Birthday, then Vals, then easter, then God bless u ur anniversary is now in d last quater of the year. U may as well be paying quaterly tithe to him/ her. Don't mind me jare. I'm just grouchy. But really tho. They should scrap Vals. And no I'm not single. So its not about that. I'm guessing its the prudency accounting concept in me speaking. :)

Your Name is Very Important. Let's be very careful the names we give our kids. I heared Goodluck was deputy head boy in his secondary school and the head boy fell ill, guess who became head boy???
That's all I'm saying.
And yes u cab quote me on that one right there!!!

I am the greatest.
iFloat like a butterfly. iSting like a bee.

#np Glitter in the air. Pink.

Friday, February 5, 2010

X, Y and maybe Z

Today's blog is mostly hypothetical. Well this part is. Meet X: female, cute. Relationship status: almost engaged.
Y: female, vivacious. Relationship status: very Confused.
Z: Male, kind and nice. Relationship status: un appreciated. (I think)
Anyways this is a classica story of boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. However the girl boy meets is Y. Very confused. And cannot be bothered. So they have a whirl wind romance of sorts. Wine and dine. A couple make out sessions. Z meets Y's friends X included. FastForward to 3months later the romance comes to an end. Y experinces some form of clarity and decides Z is not the one for her. X steps in as alarina. Aka intermediary. Saying how sad it is that Y and Z aren't together anymore how much Z really liked Y.. Blah blah blah. We all know how this is gonna end.
Fastforward even further to 1month later. X has an issue.
She thinks she likes Z. No she likes Z a lot.
I know what ur thinking. If you were Y, u'd curse out X and tell Z off. Or just plain keep away from X. But look at her funny. Or whatever.
This experiment is 2 show how strange a woman I am.
I think I'm an actor and not a reactor. I also think I have the weird reactions to such things.

Stepping into Y's shoes, I feel only relief. And gratitude.
Relief that maybe I could be friends with Z after how things ended between us. Now that he has a significant other. Or something of that sort. Because he really is kind. And I won't mind remaining friends with a kind man. There are not to many of them out there.
Gratitude that X has shown her true color and I shall be able 2 treat her accordingly without having any need 2 justify my conscience. 2. Gratitude that it wasn't someone I cared deeply about. Like a lover or my boyfriend. Yes so I am grateful its an ex side dish affair.
Strange?? Well I didn't think so. Till all my friends well my 2 homegirls told me how proud they were of my reactions. And I remembered what Otunba once told me. He said babes, u don't give urself enuf credit. Maybe he was right. Idk and honestly Idc.
What I do care about is that X and Z treat themselves kindly. I'm not interested in drying tears anymore. I dropped that of my JD* for someppl this year.
I want happiness around me all year round.
That being said. I wish them both happines.
That is if I Y offcourse. Odd. And strangely I'm not Y.

This is a really short post. But its something I needed to explain the truth to one of my friends who thinks I bottle up my emotion.

I do not have a wall around me. Actually I do. I also have a door in that wall that I use 2 let people in. And throw people out. I also hold the key to that door.
That is what it is.

I am the Greatest.
iFloat like a butterfly, iSting like a bee

#np fight for love. Cheryl Cole.


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