Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Yay to past holidays and present holidays!

I want to Contonu with a bunch of my friends over the weekend.

It was delightful. Had all the essential twists and turns every holiday should have. I Loved it!

I will attempt to put up a post particularly about that.

I also have been on a you only live once stance- shopping like there is no tomorrow.

In a month- Since I discovered ASOS delivered to Nigeria, I have bought at least 5  Different items costing me a pretty penny.

This new clothes phenomenon must be as a result of Wanting to get dolled up for the lover.

SO my mother returned yesterday as well... with MORE new clothes!

She is such a darling, she never buys us clothes because she says she feels so bad after shopping for us and we say she didn't buy us nice things.

I guess the older we get the more the mother and children's tastes align.

Today I am going to be on the radio.

I'm nervous, because in real life I sound like shit.

Like a toad. who lost its voice.

But I'm also excited! Radiooooo!

fingers crossed and all that jazz.

Emails at 1am

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