Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am a princess. And I will always act accordingly.
I have always believed that it is how you treat yourself that people treat you.

I also strongly believe that your past relations with people always have a way of haunting you. *sigh*

In other news I am truly thankful.

For everything God has done for me. I do not deserve it, but he has been faithful.

See when I failed my exams. ( Yes I failed a paper, and I can say it out loud without bursting into tears) so when I did I was Mad at everybody.

And I was Livid, Pissed off Depressed. Basically insert any very sad esteem reducing word here. That was how I felt. Like I had worked so hard and not seen results.

The monday after I got my result, I spent an hour maybe 2 sef crying in the bathroom at work.

I already mentioned how depressed I was. For many reasons.

1. I really wanted 2 pass my exams and 2 I really wanted to make my Mum super Proud.

But I didn't. And like pain it passes. Slowly but surely.

Next week I resume school again so look out for rants and the likes.

I gueSs being away from lagos just makes me realise how good I have it.

I mean I don't have to wake up and work and earn say 30k and have to go back to look after my family with that.

Yes I have lived a sheltered life but still there is so much to be thankful for.

Needless to say, I don't blame God anymore. Because let's face it, if its his fault I failed this one, its also him that made me pass all the other 7. No?

Well I'm going home to daddy. I'm tired of fighting.

And Happy birthday Harira. I love you lots. And sorry I didn't call. *sigh*

Offcourse u can tell I'm home sick by this post.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Outta town stuvinz.

So yes I have been MIA. I have braids, and I'm at ogbomosho. Yes I know, the Diva is in the bush.

Don't bother your pretty little heads, there is no resort here. So no I am not here with the lover. Although last week while I was at osogbo I had d honeymoon suite.
Judge me all u want, but I am a Princess and wat I want I get.

I have suffered people. Suffered. The last week I had a suite to myself, with nobody, and no alcohol. U know the other day I ran into another girls hotel room and found a HUGE dildo. A HUGE PURPLE RABBIT.( Btw I hurd this is a super popular color 4 dildos) And I was judging her. Trust me I had abused her tire. Until I got stuck in the middle of no where. People it is true don't judge some1 till u walk a mile in their shoes. Ahn ahn.

So I came home 4 d weekend. So I don't need the dildo.

But this is the glamorous life I tell you. All of you in lagos think u are living. U lot are suffering WHAT???

I wake up in the morning and I get a phonecall asking how my night went. Then I have an amoured car to take me to work. Did I mention that I arise at 7:15 and still manage 2 get to work by 8am. Yes no traffic people. Cheap Food. And what not. U ppl think u are enjoying in that over crowded city. Here if rain falls, the water drains away instanta, like life here is so quiet. And peaceful and I am treated like a queen. When I get 2 the hotel, I have some1 2 carry my bag.

And I know no one in lagos lives that life so just stop.

It was my home girl Eneni's bday on sunday. Baby I'm sorry I missed it. Blame growing up and having a job. Gosh I need a holiday and soon.

Anyways this week I'm at Ogbomosho. And I didn't work today due 2 robbery scares. I am not pleased I want to leave here by friday Fun soccer turf blah blah is on saturday and I Need to register for school.

This girl is not happy. *sigh*

A very bored Pussy Kat.x

Ps I remembered and brought along a bottle of Red. And No I'm yet to own a dildo. However feel free 2 gimme one. I shall put up a link soonest. That I found one day at one place.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


this weekend was full of new experiences.

this weekend i have a new found respect for mothers, and huge disdain for people with badly behaved kids.

please dont hesitate to bring out the rod if u notice u are breeding a little monster, it is me that suffers for all this.

im sure u are wondering that m goin on about, let me tell you.

so this weekend, i was getting all prepped up for a weekend get away. i even cancelled my hair appointment and stuff. only for my mother to tell me that my cousins were coming for the weekend.

now its just my mum and i at home. my brother just got back but who is going to look after these kids.? so i asked her, i mean when in doubt ask right?


so i asked her oo.. thats how she turned it to vex, that cant she ask me a simple favour. and blah blah blah. i know all this is just her way of punishing me for no grandkids.

anyways so thats how i went to pick 2 of my cousins. and unknown to me my mum invited another 4. so i had 6 kids to look after.

if u know me personally, you will know i am a lazy person.

*in frauline marian voice* so 6 kids whats the big deal about that???

apparently there is a huge deal. children in the age range of 3-13 are possessed. by something called childhood. plus i believe this particular set were dropped on live wires as kids. ahn ahn. talk about hyper active kids.

they were everywhere, even after the piriton syrup i gave them...they even got more hyper, i was like ahn ahn.

my mother now asked ( more like ordered) me to take them out. i asked around and it was either fantasy land, fun factory or toy story 3.

we opted for the movie. even just to get them dressed was so fucking hard. like would kids die if they just sat in one place??

so thats how i carried my 2 klegs and 6 kids ALONE. to the palms. the youngest one couldnt walk so i had 2 back her. yes put her on my back. *sigh* lets just say all my babe sha finished that day.

and in the usual manner of things, i managed to lose one kid, and for an hour i was looking around for him. i was so pissed off. so i called his dad to ask for his number and that one didnt even answer me. hiss.

5 hours after i got home he called me and started screaming that if i found the boy why didnt i tell him. and in my mind im like how about you train your kid to do as he is told?? hissss

anyways after that experience,i concluded that maybe adoption may not be so bad at all. and the kids will be at least 7.yes forget all those Nigerian movies that they potray adopted kids as witches. abeg abeg ahn ahn. i felt myself age.

anyhoos after all that the next day i attended a new church. that held at a bar. yes a bar. i was skeptical was one of those new generation churches that had no dress code. one that everyone there was probably out the night before. you know one of those ones that the indian hair and LV bag sightings were more than i'd see on a club hopping night. and no im not being judgemental. the sermon was brief, it didnt really fell like a church, forever ive been an anglican and i have come to equate church with hymn's and a lot of fan fare. stripping it of that and making it a hangout, i dont know if it sits well with me sha.

the sermon was brief and they served lunch after. but i heared a comment that irked the fuck out of me. we were talking about sexual harrasment, and he said and i quote " what about those that dress provcatively, you sow a seed and it will come back to bite you"

and im thinking is this fucking retard trying to justify the acts of men that force thier younger female coworkers to have sex with them by what the women wear.

i think its also just the need to be controverisal that made him say such a stupid thing. i know women that have had 3 kids and are by no means crisp and have thier bosses trying to have sex with them.

i went to Qc and there were cases of girls that teachers harrased, our uniforms were the most hideous thing and there were men that still tried to harras them.

and then someone else got up and butressed the point and im like " you must be fucking kidding me" someone that is supposed 2 be spirit filled is saying this.. what happned to if ur right eye forces you to sin pluck it out?? abeg abeg. right now i dunt know if i want to go back to that church, but i know for certain that a lot of people have this whole christainity thing very twisted.

i had other new expirences i'd rather not share but yes my weekend was eventful. there are other matters i wanna touch on, but men this post is long enough already as it is. i think? :)
so *raises glass* to new experiences *sips* may they get a lot better.

Ps. pray for me,my tonsils dont want me to swallow. :(

Thursday, July 8, 2010


yes i am pissed off and tired of men.

now today i needed 2 buy a drug urgently so i decided to "walk" and find a pharmacy.

unknown to me that d nearest pharmacy was in wonderland. any ways today rain didnt fall, instead the sun decide to shine with a vengance, needless to say i was sweating like a pig.

so i walk into the shop and im trying to describe the drug to the sales girl when someone walks in behind me.

i am already irritated by the cannan journey and the dim sales girl that is insistent on being slow, only for this "retard" to say hi.

i turn around and say hi. and continue trying 2 explain what i need 2 d sales girl.

the retard then tapped me. like what is wrong with you as you can see im sweaty and shit and u decide 2 tap me. why?? am i owing you money????

anyhoos i said yes can i help you?? this is what this fool said" i just saw u outside and decided to come in and say hi. so i replied " you have said hi" and continued with my battle to try and describe what i need in my limited medical knowledge in my terrible Yoruba.

the retard then taps me agin.

come on guys im sure by now u could have seen i wasnt intrested and left me alone. instead this olodo now said "why are u answering me with a nasty attitude?"

if i didnt restrain myself i would have spat in his face, ( yes i am divalicious like that)

i mean i am clearly not in the mood. so i asked him " what do u want?"

he said i wanted 2 say hi... me exasperated" but you have already said hi now, what else do you want?"

and thats how this stupid fool started ranting that he just saw me and wanted to say hi and that i used 2 work at his former place of work and blah blah blah..

and im like huh?? i just hissed and faced the girl 2 continue my drama and thats how the retard walked out.

the sales girl now thot it nice 2 say" aunty dont mind them thats how they used to behave, trying to use style to tast girls"

thank you captain obvious.

now men explain to me how i worked in the firm u worked at for 3 months last year. i quit in sept, got something else and ive been here since december last year. and i am supposed to be glad to see you.

i do not fucking know you, and quite honestly i dont know how u remembered me, because all the while i was at my former place i did not even know you exsisted.

so you saying you used 2 work with me as a leverage for trying to toast me is totally stupid. seriously not only is it stupid you are going to end up looking stupid.

did i mention that all the while i worked there i never saw thisretard or even in passing. so what was wrong with him.

i get that men are not smiling and all that its 2010 but please please i take God beg you carry you non-smiling face to someone that gives a rat ass ok. i am not that some one.

by the way i am really good with faces and i didnt recognize him so i knew the fucktard was lying. ui think that is what put me off the most. hissssssss.

ok and what is it with twitter becoming a platform for subliminal messages?? like i totally do not get it, but im sure if i had a case 2 pick with someone i'll make it very clear. i wont go around talking smack abi tweeting smack. then these same people will go there insult thier mothers there and be chanting "twitter is not that serious" it obviously is to you #ho"sitdown

and all those shitty disclaimers, are just too stupid. gosh.

a very wound up


and yes yesterday was fantabulous!!!! thank you AIC. shout out to all my friends that just got in.. im sorry im missing out friday night. lol. have fun for us all.

by the way i miss womilee.:(

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Half year report card.

so ive never done this before but honestly its easier to take stock half way through than at the end then end up feeling depressed. so here is how the 1st half of the year has gone.

ahhh the earlier months were good, but right now baba God and i arent exactly on speaking terms, we had a deal and he kinda let me down. so yes im still mad at him. but im still gratful for all the stuff he does for me. looking back on how far my familia and i have come, i tellyou its only God that coulld have brought us this far. i mean if i had 2 say all the things im thankfulfor, it will be plenty o. i have also started attending the 7:30AM service at church. yes im trying to make amends for all the months of church i missed.

school should not even still be on that title. but yeah it still features o. *sigh* i honestly thought i'd be done by now. i guess God has a reason 4 everything. work is bleh. has been in the last month, but i have owrked 3 different jobs the 1st half of the year and i loved it!!!! like wow i think i learnt so much and it helped in my exams. so i guess i have something 2 be grateful for. personally im still confused about my career path. i mean i am an accountant, and that means i can work anywhere, because u see every corproration needs to count the money they make and ish so there would always be space in every industry, and i think i have too many options. altho im looking at the oil industry now. hopefully i would be able to swing that. but i think i did well career wise i mean no queries and ish :)

ahhhhh ma familia. love love love my mummy. and my brother. my sister not so much. i think im slowly being able 2 grasp the idea that family members must not be friends. besides the bible says there is a frined that sticks closer than a brother. plus honestly i cant be bothered anymore. so yes whatever she does is fine. except moving back home. anyways my baby brothers rship is so amazing like its at an all time high. the mother is amazing i cant have imagined a better mum. so yes that about it .

yes yours truly is off the market and is a one man woman. and has been this way in the last 6 months. late ;last year i had 2 make a choice and i think i made the right choice. yes the other option looks one kain right now. but im happy. very happy. i have someone my best friend, who looks after me asides my mum, in everyway you can think off. i have also learnt to keep our issues to ourselves, in a way it has made us stronger. im in such a happy place. i wish this for all my friends and enemies. i tell you, once u get 2 this place where i am at. you will never settle,:).

Wow. im everyones friend. or at least i was last year. this year i have handpicked who i want to roll with. i mean i dont have a problem being friends with everyone, but i just wanted to find me. sans the friends. and i have, i have been able 2 weed out the people i dont want and preserve those i want too. i dont think i have 2 name names but if u are my friend, im sure u'll know.:) thank you all for putting up with my excesses.

i have been majorly broke this year. WHAT??? i miss uni. gosh wen i was in school i could buy a new book everyweek and my mum wont raise an eyebrow. hmnnn finishing school is a whole differnt ball game entirely. definately serious lifestyle changes. and i have been able to adapt quite nicely. ive saved up a nice sum, and i have taken to lending people money. im considering a nice business deal but im too skeptical and there is no way i am going to put my hard earned money where i have doubts. i want to buy my ticket to spain this year so im really excited about that. and maybe i'll be able to hit that target.i can confidently say i am slowly approaching miss independent status. i mean the last half year i think i paid for gettting my hair done myself. lol. ok thats random but yea, it does feel good to see that i can do stuff for myself. but i still miss pocket money from Uni. damn!

they are too many to list, i am mean. but i am also ridculously nice.
i am ridiculously stubborn. like once my mind is made up it is made up.
i love to argue. and win arguements.
i am rather self obsessed.
i do not believe in 2nd chances.
my mouth is sharp!!!! damn i can cut someone 2 peices and not feel bad.
i think thats it about me.
im too hard on my self.

My skin is clearer, my body more booty-licious, my attitude much better, my relationship with my lovers mother is great. i give my self a B+. because i should have taken off the school in my life. i drive now. people say i am a typical lagos driver. and ive become a tad bit more considerate. i really hope i'll be able to make an A+ end of the year, but these are my expections for the end of the year:

fix my rship with God.
buy my ticket.
attend a wedding with the Lover.
buy my mum a new wallet.
buy 20 new books. ok maybe 10.
do real dreads.
finish with school.
apply to masters school.
make at least 2 new friends. male or female.

so at the end of the year if i could do all that then i'll def give myself an A+

so how did the 1st have of 2010 go for you??

a very expectation filled

Monday, July 5, 2010


if there is anything i have learnt its that friends are rather somehow.

i have this friend that i would have told her anything like any problem i had but now i dont think i can tell anyone asides my mum any of my problems. or the lover.

what ive noticed is that i feel better shring with either him or my mum, the friends.. not so much because i know they all have thier opinons and are sooo quick to judge. they arent bad people, they just dont know thier stand, and maybe its my fault, i havent been clear on that. whatever.

as i blog this i am trying to buy a ticket to benin city. im thinking of flying, although going by road wont be such a bad idea.

ive noticed i get unresonably irritated when people help themselves to my property without asking. like that shit just ticks me off, i also have the disorder of wanting to meet stuff where i leave it. as it turns out my sister has the talent of taking my property. like just stuffing it into her suitcase and fleeing to abuja, now i wont mind if she took 1 or 2 items, but not all my freaking clothing items.

i think he case is uber special because she earns twice my salary plusthe allowance from the mother and she is always present when im buying but she doesnt want.

the mother is tired of seprating fights and has told her to steer clear from my property anyways the mother gave me a padlock the other day. to padlock my suitcase.

what irks me the most is that other house guests we have see whats going on and thend decide to help them selves to my stuff too. totally irritating.

i think what irritates me above all this is the fact she has no remorse. like wtfh?? how do u steal from me and act like i do the same to you.
personally i am unable 2 take things from people, like i hate it, if i have to then i'll return it.

the bible says do unto others what u want them 2 do unto you so how is it that people are unreasonably lightfigered with my property.

suffice to say, my sister and i are not friends. sadly i have just 1 sister. i dont hate her, i just wish she'd stay away from home more. that way mummy and i wont have that much to worry about?

i wonder if i am being unresonable, i mean familis are supposed to share but when that sharing becomes stealing what next, like i hit the gym on friday and wen i got back home i found my bad emptied. like all the contents of my bag were on the floor in my room. now i wont have minded if she asked and i said no and she took it, i mean at least then i'll know where the bag is, but she helped herself to money in my wallet as well as my bag.

for a split second i freaked out because we had people working in the house and i thought they stole the bag and i was already marching to scream that if i dont see the bag all hell will break loose when pow!!! it hit me that my madam has taken it. i asked her if she took it and she didnt respond.

yes i dont approve of her money habits and her choice in men and what not and all this i have no right to complain about so i dont. but what i have a problem with is her pilfering my property. not only does it disgust me, but it gives me the leverage to talk smack to her and i cant for the life of me respect some1 who steals from me.

now having such a person as family has taught me a very invaulable lesson, which balls down to what this post really is about, friends.

i have no difficult friends. u see its bad enough i have 2 live with someone as tempramental that is somewhat complusory so i am very selective about my friends, if u pilfer, lie or behave funny u'll notice i wont be able to stand you and i dont give you my time 2 waste.

so i guess i have 2 thank my sister for that, she helped me set my standard in choosing my friends. suffice to say a big shout out to my home girls that hit d clubs with me on friday and chilled with me on saturday :) love u girlies lots.

and whats an appropriate 2nd bday pressie to give ones lover??

a Rather confused

Emails at 1am

This week the love of my life Uloh was in town. Sooo we went out eating drinking running and just generally doing nuisancey shit around tow...