Monday, July 5, 2010


if there is anything i have learnt its that friends are rather somehow.

i have this friend that i would have told her anything like any problem i had but now i dont think i can tell anyone asides my mum any of my problems. or the lover.

what ive noticed is that i feel better shring with either him or my mum, the friends.. not so much because i know they all have thier opinons and are sooo quick to judge. they arent bad people, they just dont know thier stand, and maybe its my fault, i havent been clear on that. whatever.

as i blog this i am trying to buy a ticket to benin city. im thinking of flying, although going by road wont be such a bad idea.

ive noticed i get unresonably irritated when people help themselves to my property without asking. like that shit just ticks me off, i also have the disorder of wanting to meet stuff where i leave it. as it turns out my sister has the talent of taking my property. like just stuffing it into her suitcase and fleeing to abuja, now i wont mind if she took 1 or 2 items, but not all my freaking clothing items.

i think he case is uber special because she earns twice my salary plusthe allowance from the mother and she is always present when im buying but she doesnt want.

the mother is tired of seprating fights and has told her to steer clear from my property anyways the mother gave me a padlock the other day. to padlock my suitcase.

what irks me the most is that other house guests we have see whats going on and thend decide to help them selves to my stuff too. totally irritating.

i think what irritates me above all this is the fact she has no remorse. like wtfh?? how do u steal from me and act like i do the same to you.
personally i am unable 2 take things from people, like i hate it, if i have to then i'll return it.

the bible says do unto others what u want them 2 do unto you so how is it that people are unreasonably lightfigered with my property.

suffice to say, my sister and i are not friends. sadly i have just 1 sister. i dont hate her, i just wish she'd stay away from home more. that way mummy and i wont have that much to worry about?

i wonder if i am being unresonable, i mean familis are supposed to share but when that sharing becomes stealing what next, like i hit the gym on friday and wen i got back home i found my bad emptied. like all the contents of my bag were on the floor in my room. now i wont have minded if she asked and i said no and she took it, i mean at least then i'll know where the bag is, but she helped herself to money in my wallet as well as my bag.

for a split second i freaked out because we had people working in the house and i thought they stole the bag and i was already marching to scream that if i dont see the bag all hell will break loose when pow!!! it hit me that my madam has taken it. i asked her if she took it and she didnt respond.

yes i dont approve of her money habits and her choice in men and what not and all this i have no right to complain about so i dont. but what i have a problem with is her pilfering my property. not only does it disgust me, but it gives me the leverage to talk smack to her and i cant for the life of me respect some1 who steals from me.

now having such a person as family has taught me a very invaulable lesson, which balls down to what this post really is about, friends.

i have no difficult friends. u see its bad enough i have 2 live with someone as tempramental that is somewhat complusory so i am very selective about my friends, if u pilfer, lie or behave funny u'll notice i wont be able to stand you and i dont give you my time 2 waste.

so i guess i have 2 thank my sister for that, she helped me set my standard in choosing my friends. suffice to say a big shout out to my home girls that hit d clubs with me on friday and chilled with me on saturday :) love u girlies lots.

and whats an appropriate 2nd bday pressie to give ones lover??

a Rather confused


Emosh said...

i can see how that can get really irritating..
my brother does sort of the same thing..
It all about tolerance x

mrwiseone said...

wow. thats an interesting relationship.
I've always thought the best way to teach people lessons is to do to them what they have done to you...least till they complain.

you don't sound like one that would even be stressed to retaliate :D

Least you're looking at the brightside

Ms.Oreoluwa said...

@Emosh i dont hvae the spirit of tolerance jare. :( i just do my own and i'll be goin. lolz.

@mrwiseone i dont have d capacity 4 such things. i dont like what doesnt belong to me.:( abi ooo..the brite side is the only side.


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