Thursday, August 30, 2012


I don't say this enough.

But God thank you for everything.

I am finally at a place where I am happy

And its a nice feeling.

What's even nicer is the fact that no external factor changed

Thank you Jesus.

Ps: The lover is super amazing. *insert love struck smiley*

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Having Pimples is exactly like being single.

Eevvvvverrryyyyyybody has the answer to your problems.

They exact same way people ALWAYS seem to know/have a son, cousin or nephew for a single lady, is how they know the answer to my acne problem.

Drink water
Sleep well
Don't eat groundnut
Don't wear powder
Don't burst it
Put toothpaste on it
Go for facials
Do this- do that.

And I have done. And I am tired of doing.

End of this mini rant

Pss : I'm going back to Natural face products abeg.
That which is excellent endures forever.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sisi Nene

This name Nene means a lot of things to me.

Its the name to the person who is the closest thing I have to a school daughter. Which is strange because I didn't really like people much- especially the junior people.

( Not like I like them any more now, I am just getting better at dealing with them)

But now.

Sisi Nene is the name of the song that has allowed me in my subconscious to accept wiz kid as songster

( I cant quite bring myself to call him a singer/ artiste)

Asides all these my disclaimers- I have listened to Sisi Nene at least 20 times between yesterday and today.

This song is catching the attention of my "Pepe Nene" ( To borrow the words of wizkid)

My friend is starting out a business venture!!!!!

I'm so immensely proud of her- While I'm reluctant to support Nigerian Dressmakers due to their exorbitant prices, she is one person who I would not hesitate to whip out the lover's card to buy ( even though I haven't seen one item of clothing from her line I love it already)

Work is panning out to be a breeze- I quite like it.

I'm making some personal progress- and I'm quite happy about it.

I find my love for ankara coming back and back and back- even though I try to stop sewing since I really do not need any.

wheeeee Nengi's wedding is coming up soon!

I'm so excited, she is literally my sister.
I am contemplating getting shellac manicure- between taking showers, washing my underwear and plates the nail polish doesn't stand a chance. But I worry that the UV lamp will give me cancer.

For some reason, I have been experiencing unusually high levels of fear.

This irritates me to no end and it always happens after a close shave with God.

It is so annoying- What am I so scared off?

I keep telling myself I do not have the spirit of fear- But still I fear.

Strong holds are mind sets- going forward I will attempt to do something I fear everyday- To dispel this growing  feeling.

Church was amazing on sunday.

Two things I learnt

1- The fake is really good until the original comes along

Christians are not afraid to wait.

RE: Abraham, Sarah, haggai, Ishmael, Isaac.

Ishmael was a good child until Isaac came along.

2- Being confident in the word of God has it advantages and rewards.

This message spoke to me so strongly that I knew the message was for me.

fast forward to the night, I saw my aunt- and she  basically told me stories and what have you.
we were up till 5am. forget that I had work the next day.

She also told me that " All mother in laws are witches"

and I retorted " If I get married to the Lover. I know I would not have this problem"

In all honesty this wasn't even me sassing her- My lover's mother is so nice.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

30 minute love affair

couple of songs i really like now.

paloma faith 30 minute love affair
chidinma kedike
wale rozay meek mill bag of money
omo akin talosobe

in no particular order. last night I went a karaoke-ing.

it isnt news that I can not sing- its just that I so much love it!

Friday, August 24, 2012


When I was 15, I finished Secondary school ( stop trying to do the math- I am legal)

I met this 7-8 year old boy who is my neighbour and we struck up some weird ass friendship.

and I run into him once in a while and say hey and we chat across the street or whatever.

Yesterday while doing my drive of shame home- his dad was driving out of the house

so I parked my car and I was trying to sort myself out so as not to miss my flight to the buj.

So he walked up to me and got my number and watched me walk into my house.

20 mins later he texts me- saying I should call him when I'm leaving so he come say goodbye.

I text him when I arrived that my battery died and he replied>

Let me spare you the details of our bants.

Until I asked how old he was- and he told me.


This is horrible MILF behaviour.

So why do I not feel horrible?

Ps: Do they have charges for  relations with underage people?

My friend that we taught together at the public school sent me a message yesterday.

Apparently our students have started checking their results and calling their VP.

Who in turn, called him to relay the good news.

While she doesn't have exact percentages- Turns out My students are doing remarkably better than those of last year.

Ecstatic doesn't cover how I feel.

Its ridiculous to feel this much happiness and Joy over something that doesn't affect your life in any way.

But I'm unduly happy.

Makes me consider quitting my Job and teaching full time.

If only I could resist the siren call of the finer things in life. *sigh*

None the less!!!
Congratulations Sabirah & Tobi!

You are both amazing!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back with a bang

I'm back to work today.
And it is actually quite good.
My manager whom I absconded from isn't screaming at me,
My review notes are minimal.
My other manager sent me at love letter  long ass review note with over 30 points and I've done about 15.

Plus this is just 11am. Coupled with the fact that I'm off to the buj tomorrow AM for my Italian  lovers.

I have missed them, funny thing is, they were my worst clients, till I encountered the Indians.
Anyway I am happy for the break away from work.

Just that I will miss the lover.

LOOOONGGG WEEKENDS FTW! sallah break was amazingggggg.

Oyinkan Thank you! also your blog isn't anon. We know who you are. * insert evil laugh here*

Monday night might have as well been friday- Amazing games night coupled with insane private party.

Party of life.

bear in mind that I use the term " Private party" obscenely loosely here.

Because I mean- Our party of friends were pretty much the only ones at the club- and you could walk up to the DJ and have him play a song for you. And we were the last to leave.

So I think its fair to use the term.

My nails are amazing. I wish I had it done in shellac.

Also last night while trolling the interwebs- Turns out there is bleaching cream for the nether regions.

and by nether regions I mean ass hole and love below.

Don't ask me why I know people are bleaching their asses- Amber rose I see you.

so anyway this particular cream got rave reviews I'm just to scared of cancer to try it out.

Divine derrier- For interested parties.

So What has been up with yall?

Friday, August 10, 2012


Olympic fever is so cute in london.

My uncles super sweet 50 is tomorrow. I am jet lagged and tired.

and watching tv. at 4 am.

but i am Happy, content and at peace.

i am confident about my new choices.

I am happy.

London is warm and nice and family is here.

my tailor messed up my dress and my aunt had a spare dress.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I am.

A daughter
A lover
A sister
A friend
A money maker
A solution provider
A confidant
A good person to have seated beside you at dinner
An Obsessor of weight
A reader
An avid reader

I was listening to heather Headly in the car tonight (he is )

And I thought I should list out all the things I think I am.

Not in any other of importance although my subconscious seems to point to the fact that  a lot of who I am is rotted in relationships I have. If the way it was written is anything to go by; my relationship with the mother is very Important to me, I constantly find my self striving to be the perfect child, which is a good thing ( I think ).

The relationship with the lover : need I say more? I think not. Ok let me just say this " he is my joy bringer. In a land of smoke and ashes, he is milk and honey.

A sister, I value te relationship I have with my brother so much, I constantly spoil him and I still take responsibility of half of his mistakes. My relationship with my sister, basically capital work in progress.

A friend: for some reason, this is at the bottom of my relationships, while I value friendship, I don't think it is exactly do or die. I mean while no man is an island, Im not exactly trying to have the whole world living in my island. So friends are far and few between for me. And Im thankful for this.

A money maker. Let's just say, I'm pretty surprised money didn't come before any of these relationships. Seeings as the love of money is the root of all evils, I won't say I love it. But I understand it answereth all things. And I really like that. So I'm pretty much always about the money.

A solution provider- let it be known, my default thinking is outside the box.  My mother has a problem and she calls me. Well her and quite a number of people, it's One of the numerous things I'm thankful to God for, my problem solving ability/ thinking pattern.

A confidant: for some absurd reason, people love talking to me.Alot. Which is odd because I talk a lot. Doesn't stop them though   They just keep talking and I keep listening. By people I mean older relatives, random people I meet at the spa- you know, it's cute but when people meet me to share- mentally I make a note to write in my journal. Not about thier stories tho- mine. I hate to share.

Someone seated beside you at a dinner party. If I told you half the shit I knew- you would not believe. You would also pick up a book and educate your self. I'm armed with all the facts I need. Occupational hazard of being a book worm. You sort of know things- things normal people usually have no business knowing.

I am obsessed with my weight- I worry that this is honestly on this list, while most of my worry is lip service, and I know what to do to lose this weight, the should be a me defined, but it is, I'm guessing I'm worrying more seriously than I, consciously admit.- although I'm tall, so I'd probably never be exactly fat.

A reader.

An avid reader.

I love to read. Downloading the kindle app on my iPad was a good thing. I read everything. And Nything which is bad. I need to filter. But books are like crack to me. Half the time I worry that I'd end up like those librarians who have sex with unsuspecting nerds/ library users in the god/ religion aisle. Just like it happens in the porn flicks and black lace books

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Because of what my life panned I to I pretty much use blogger to see what my friends have been up too.

I know appaling.

Almost as if people didn't want me to know, they stopped blogging.

I may have to get that recent update thing on black berry.

Because lets face it, people wear thier hearts on thier BBm statuses.

Statuses are the new sleeves.

Excess luggage is calling me by my 1st name- baba God, be an airport scale.

I need to buy a duffle bag, but I can't find one anywhere here.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Tried on a bralet at the shop today.

I hated what my body looked like.

Cellulite has moved into my thighs - and seem rather comfy there.

But my belly, urgh.

Lord Jesus, please just be a gym trainer.

Or provide money for lipo.

For now I'm stocking up on spandex and body shapers.

And I'm accepting cases of " self love" if you have in excess- send some over.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The big relationship

So I'm watching sex and the city and I realize how much of a fluke this show is

Every one has that mr big relationship that Carrie had, that on and off relationship

That borders on what mr grey and miss steel have.

( that book is a fluke too)

What I'm basically trying to sayis this

You don't marry " Mr big or Mr grey" in real life.

They treat you like shit until you wake up.

Don't buy into the fairy tale, life and relationships are choices.

They aren't Real life. They are fairy tales and should stayin movies/ books.

Ps: SJP's body is ahmazzzzzzzingggg. I want it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The voice

In the last 5 years I have met people and when I open my mouth to speak- they always say " you do not sound like you look"

In the last 3 years, I have had acute  inflamed tonsils.

And I have managed and endured, although I quite like the raspiness of my voice, people off the Internet meet me and say- you don't tweet like you are skinny and tall ( although I have no idea what tall people tweet like) they always also say I sound like I lost my voice.

Fast forward to this holiday, I see my aunt who is a doctor, she hears my voice, she looks into my throat, and declars so flippantly - who told you you have tonsillitis? Girrrrllll you have acute laryngitis.

So in the usual fashion of these things I googled it.

I am not a happy bunny.

For one I have to rest my voice box a lot, especially since I am a tallkerrrrrr.

Anyways I have a doctors appointment.

Another surgery. Another day. We thank God for good health.

I'm sha mad at the lagoon doctors who said I had tonsillitis. Mschewwwwww.


I keep getting little signs that maybe I am on the right track, Just maybe,