Saturday, January 30, 2010

the king and I

This is an old face book post. I saw and Loved. And thot to share.

This is something ive been meaning to do for a very long time and im really excited that ive found the courage to do it now.

starring the king..and i.

she walks into the inner chambers of the king, she looks around in awe of what she sees, jewels, artifacts of all kind, and most importantly the sword of truth. She quickly catches her self, theres no need to waste time, her night with the king was after all only a night and she had to prove her worth.

The King.

i looked up and OMG!!! the most beautiful thing i had ever seen, Ok, not the most beautiful but close to.

hell it was!!!. in all my travels i had not set eyes upon anything, so pure, untouched. She looks around, its clear she's not used to such affluence, she looks so young. i like that she would appreciate all the wealth. I beckon to her.


i step forth and my toga drops loose for a split second i feel inadequate and then he smiles at me.

he must be pleased, but he has had other women incessantly, this must be nothing new. I try to recall all that i have been told. he is just so Alpha male. My throat goes dry as he gets up to walk towards me.

he is not supposed to get up and walk towards me. I hope i havent done anything wrong. he is still coming. I drop to my knees.

The King.

i suddenly find myself on my feet. she is befitting of a queen. Could she be the one? maybe this is a sign. and look at those legs on her. I'd have made my choice right now, Oh those legs!*smile*

whats the matter?? did she faint?! OH thank god shes dropping to her knees*sigh* i think ive found the one." hello, Get-up, come forth".


i do just that, walk forth. i would never forget those words. hello get up come forth.He reaches for me, i wonder briefly,if this is how he warmly receives all the other women. maybe, maybe not. its about me now. the Grapes, I lift them and give them to him. he smiles. thank God this is turning out all right. Suddenly he starts to speak, to me. I did not get that memo, now im really surprised.

The King.

"one of the greatest superstitions of the human mind is that virginity is a virtue, you know?" she looks blankly "cassandra, you that right?" she smiles and looks shyly at the grapes...

these damn grapes!!! "do you want some?" i ask. she looks away again. now im scared i hope she isnt dumb, she hasn't said anything all night. All night. ok she just walked in, then why do i crave her communication.


i find my voice"yes my lord, so ive been told". he looks visibly relieved . he pulls me onto his bed, and places kisses on my neck,back, my forehead. it seems as though he believes im edible, like a feast to be ravished. he is king after all, so i submit myself for ravishing. it's not exactly one of the easiest things to do. Lie with a man you do not know.

but he is king after all. the King,

The King.

her vulnerability is amazing, overtly attractive. she hasn't returned any of my kisses, perhaps i should step it up a notch!. i pull at her hair and the wreath falls off. she smiles. she had better not be untouched. it would be difficult to work with. her is skin is like liquid gold and her eyes, i could look at her till forever and never tire. with trembling i pull her onto me. She obliges. Only naturally.

I am King after all.


for a fleeting moment, a very fleeting moment, i imagine myself queen and as quickly as that thought came i pushed it out. not all visions are to be believed. Queen! *sigh* *giggle* i'd like the sound of that

" Queen Cassandra". I actually laugh out loud and the king stops."are you ok?" he asks, i nod. once again my voice deserts me. then it dawns on me that i am in awe of the king. his ambience is overwhelming. I hope he is pleased.

The King.

either this girl is trained, or this must be her talent. I look at her as she lies there i know she is awake. Her breathing pattern changed."Cassandra" she turns. I smile, she really is the most beautiful thing, ive been staring at her in her sleep. i begin to tell her about the history of the inner chambers. She looks too intrested. a bit too intrested, then it dawns on me.


Dont tell me he is narrating this story.The one we were told everyday of our lives in training. I can mentally recite this story. suddenly he kisses my shoulder, not like a kiss but a kiss none-the less and one i enjoy."tell me what you think?" he asks. about what i wonder. so i fix him with a blank stare. five seconds." about what my lord?"

The King.

the sex( or a more ancient word im yet to discover). She smiles.then i know it was good. but how good i wonder. Venus dint mince words. Well that landed her back on the streets. she has the most beautiful smile and her hair shines like an onyx. could she really be the one? and the way she looks at me. can she handle it?


i honestly dont know what to say when he asks about the sex(or ancient..blah blah blah.). it was good but what am i going to say? so i fix him with a blanker stare, turn over , fall asleep and dream I'm queen and i shall reign supreme and sharply i wake. all the noise and bustle in the room. the hand-maidens come in to clear up.The King is gone and so are the grapes and every thing i dreamed off. the sheet must be changed and it dawns on me that nobody speaks to me and i realise that i am an intruder and must leave. I also realise the metaphor of the night was extremely humourous. its a night, no more no less, and i slept it through even though i believed i loved the king, it dawned on me that he would have another woman, after woman till he is satisfied.

then my self pride kicked in, i dont intend to wait around for any man king or slave to find me worthy to be his mate. Instead i'll leave and find someone more deserving of my self.

then it hits me, i never had what it takes to be a concubine, to go to bed alone, with the knowledge that my man king or slave is with another woman. call it foolishness, I'd call it self respect.

and so ended my night with the king.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Last night I got invited to drinks. With a couple of ppl I know. Well I met most of them on the social network-ing site called Twitter. And I knew some from back in the day from QC. It was FaB!!!!!!!!
It was a sex and city Meets Cashmere Mafia- esque kinda meet up. Except boys were involved. And no one was wearing manolo's.
It was the Whole works. U know turkey, ketchup and Alcohol.( I like to think they went all out cuz I was coming) There was a lot of mixing in the house. :D. None of which I took part in oooo!!! Cuz I still can't explain why am up at this time and I have no work today. Maybe its cuz my Lover scolded me for Not taking my job seriously.... Which is a lie cuz all I do is go Late. But I take it seriously. Or the alcohol. Which it probably is.
Back to the issue. Well in my mind I was gonna surprise the people there, unknown to me that they had Voted to allow me come. I'm gonna hand it to them tho.. They feigned the surprise quite well when I came in. As every invited guest should.. Or as I always do.. I brought a bottle of Red. Honestly cuz I had owed him one long enough AND I needed self entertainment just incase I didn't have fun. It Turns out I didn't need it. The self entertainment that is. When u have 5 young people and alcohol the conversation tends to vary from Sex to Sex to More Sex and Most sex. Basically. Intellectually stimulating Conversations are left at the gate or Entrance 2 d forest. :) the Venue looked like the Amazon jungle to me. Which is good. Cuz I don't wanna leave work and Then come and still talk about it afterWards.
I also sensed a lot undertones in the conversations. There were sharp side glances I normally won't have Noticed except for the fact that I was the guest and yes so I picked up these things. There were alSo a lot of skipped topics. Maybe its best to let sleeping dogs lie. I also realised how poSsible it is for 2 ppl 2 have a bbm convo while sitting Next ro each other. Is the black berry Really taking over real human communication. If yes the RIM would really have 2 step up their Emoticons. If no then maybe they should have waited and had their conversation in a place where. I won't have felt it Rude. Either Ways, its ur BIS o jare do what u will.
Also realised that when future plans at such meetS are made. 3/4 the time they don't include you. No? Yes. U being the invited guest off course. This may sound strange and all high-skool movie-ish but its true. Don't turn yourself to Mogbo Moya on the issue. I think that's a pretty hard reputation to shake off... From what I gather.
Moving Back 2 the issue. everyone said how husky my voice is. Never really Noticed. Then the ultimate was that I sound like kelis. Guess who is changing her bbm Name to kelis?! Not me. I'm sure someone is tho... :) I'm not gonna even count how many times I got called 'hot' so I won't come across as a boaster. You know how these things are. I also realized how much technology is encroaching into our lives and how blurry the line better Virtual and Real life is getting.

I promised not to get excited about it but since the matter was tabled last night.. Vals day is coming YaaaaaaaY not. I have school that day. But it doesn't matter tho.. For those of you out there Who have Significant others.. U can like to feel free and share the love. Well to the people who need it.
All in all, it was a Fun Night. Its nice to just sit with regular people and have them gawk over how awesome I am. Ok that last line was extremely Delusional. Forgive me. I get like that some times. But really it was a very fun Night.
Now would I go back to that particular gathering again??? Probably Not. If not for anything for fear that I would Ruin other peoples beautiful gathering. And that my Cab back home may fall into 3rd MainLand bridge.( Yes I knoW O, its on the mainland) But most importantly that I would become a regular guest and not be a special guest anyMore. The last is probably the most honest reason. Yes we all are self conscious.I'm just the 2nd to Admit it. The 1st was kanye West. (I think that rhymed) maybe I shud get into the Rap game.

It is Ok to date your friends ex-boyfriend/ girlfriend. Provided u tell him/her And u brace yourself for the 'I told you so' tongue lashing u'll get When u break-up. Well that's one way to look at it.

I am the Greatest.
iFloat like a butterFly. iSting like a bee.

#np Change ur Parade. LYnxxx.
(Yes I have the song Now)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Addictions.

I confess I am female. well its much of a confession but still.. :P And like every female I have my addictions too. Let's face it.. We all have them.. They are the reason ur wife/gf /significant other buys the same pair of shoes in 20 colors for $500. She doesn't?? No? Ok Well maybe not ur girlfriend. Sugar mummy. Anyways moving on.. I have majorly 3 right now. Growing up it was nelly posters... I used to steal em.. From everywhere.. In my mind my mummy took it 2 prayer whEn in sS1 I asked all d day girls in my class to bring me their dishMags so I could tear off the front page. Or cover page, nelly was on the cover. Those who refused to give me theirs got a serious tongue lashing AND oFf course I kept malice with those that refused. And back then u did not want to keep malice with me. Moving on SS2 came with my lip Gloss addiction. I think this was the worst.. My friends used to sing this 'ogedegbe ororo ur lips are shining.. Evening in d morning ur lips are shining..' If u know that tune. U are either extremly Razz or u went 2 qc. Only d latter can be forgiven. Off course I stole lip glosses too. Actually I still steal lipglosses. :)
Moving on SS3 came with a compulsive obsession for dyed hair. I'm surprised I still have hair on my head... And that its still 1 color.. We bless the lord for that..
Uni came I'm not gonna go in2 d details.. But it was boy's shirts... Those rubber wrist band things... Face caps.. Nail polish.. Talking attitude t shirts. Not in that particular order tho.. All the while perfuming. But the perfume addiction was as a result of my mummy dashing me all the time.

AnyHooos.. Strange is the fact that.. I have never had a shoe addiction. *gasps* I know. They always say women Love shoes. Well I am a woman.. Or a girl.. Or whateva I'm sha not a boy and I hate shoes. Funny I have just 3 pairs.. And they are all black. Sad its even only one I wear. I can't be bothered.

Right now my latest addictions r Ankara,bags and underwear. The first 2 habits my mummy supports financially and I'm sure she's tired. But that is her cross 2 bear.. Not mine.
Back to the point. Ankara. I have like 50. I know how odd it sounds esp as the places I can wear them 2 are limited. Idc.
Infact its rumoured that my tailor's kids have been transfered to Corona from Aunty Ayo. Hmnn since I started using him. This is a rumor that may not be too far fetched. Moving on.
Bags. My newest addiction.. I have about 20 bags. Not all are designer bags obviously.. My mummy is not that generous and I don't like bags that much to do Aristo.. Yes so... But they are all very pretty.. And I Love them soooo much..
I also have developed a soft spot for bathrooms. Esp as my clients own is very warm.. :) I'm actually in the bathroom right now.. Office is too tense and I felt the need to blog. So bleh.. I'll just tell em I have diarrhea or sthg... I know they know I'm lying but idc.
The next person that comes to knock this door is gonna get screamed at.. Ahn ahn..
Ok anyways back 2 what I was saying..
Third underWear. I'm not a clothes person.. Infact I'm never more at peace with myself than when naked. So only naturally I have taken to loving underwear.. Its like a compromise between being Naked and having clothes on.. Added bonus of seeming sexy. I still don't understand girls that take forever to take their clothes off with the lights on. I mean in d next 20 mins its gonna be under d bed the least u owe ur underwear are those 3 seconds glance he gives them and says 'its nice. Now please take it off' yes we aLL owe underwear that!! But asides that. I strongly believe in the power of underWear. For anybody's self esteem. Male and female. This is not the reason why i have A LOT tho. I mean I hear money is good for ur esteem but I still don't have a lot. Now there is a catch. thing is this I LOvE and oWN underwear of all sorts.. Corsets, two pieces, one piece. See through. Lace. Padded bra's. Semi padded bra's. Demi padded bra's. Stockings, garter belts. The Works. (And no I don't work at a. French whore house) God has blessed with a Fab body he took time to make (boasting/ bragging/ showing off) Idk and idc. And underwear loves my body. I really shudnt involve him. But ask my lover.. I'm sure he is ImpreSsed with my collection of underwear.. This is the catch.. I hate red underWear.. Its tacky, totally unsexy and I Hate it. Ekk. Why are u wearing red bra and pant.. Looking like a cheap french prostitute. Ok I take that back.. Yoruba prostitue. Apparently witches in Yoruba movies wear Red underWear. Sadly mummy bought me a shit-load. Of Red, lace, with a lot heart-like designs underWear. *sigh* I am a cheap french prostitute. Or will be looking like one very soon.
No need to dwell on the negative. I just wrote this 2 point out that maybe I'm not a normal female. Why won't I like shoes?! Maybe cus I'm 6feet and I wear a british size 8. That's undoubtedly the hardest shoe size to find. Its too big for regular stores. Its too small for the plus sized stores. Bleh!
But even if I wore a size 6. Shoes would never make sense 2 me. Cost so much.... And so freaking little benefit! And then the life span is sooo short! Ahn ahn. Altho I'll take a pair of Red Heel's for Vals. (Only naturally I need them to match the red underWear).
That being said I left out my make up adiction. Because I think that is a norm.. Call me strange.

My AIC is waaaaaY cooler than my Manager. Of course this has nothing 2 do with the fact thaT I just found out he is appraising my performance on this job. Ok I'm lying sue me. But really asides the fact he is Igbo.. And light skinned.. He's a cool dude.

Ok that's a fake attention seeking IMO.
In mY opinion.
Reading a book is better than watching Tv. Any Day.
I am the greatest.
iFloat like a butterfly. iSting like a bee.

#np sexy can I. Ray J.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bored.... Maybe a blogPost?!

I'm in class but my mind keeps wandering... Faraway to all the random things it should not be running to.
1. My lecturer seems like a business angel. I think I have a bizness idea.
2.My Ankara's and all d styles in my mind plus I just discovered tafetta. I also have new ankara.
3. My Lover. When I'm stressed sex comes to mind. I want my lover and I want him now.
4. My E90 has quit on me. I dunno what it is on about BUT it can like to give its self brain. I Love the messages on that phone. *stupid grin* I stil want my lover.
Saw my home girl Doyin. We spoke at length about Random stezze. She concluded I'm a fighter AND a nympho. I said nothing. 2nd time in three days I'm hearing that. Oh well.
It seems like mummy wants 2 remarry. Dude should get ready to be taxed Well- to death- fucking guy. I hate him already. I know he has done nothing more than splurge but I just don't want him married to mummy. Don't ask me why. I just can't stand him. my lover said I should not think like that, but I can't help my mind. I think I'm evil- stale gist!
IN other news- New bag.. Black guess bag. God bless mummy. Well it was her friend. But God bless her still.
The 2ladies beside me are sleeping both are engaged. Bleh wedding reminders. My non-working E90 is annoying me. Outta my mind. I think of my new friend. I've Made a new friend. Efe Sakutu. She is the sweetest thing ever. Plus I think she is my sister. Odd I never make female friends randomly. I am thankful for her. I can tell her stuff I won't tell anyone- odd?? No?? Whateva.
Work is great, haven't been in sincE thursday.
This skool ishe is draining all of my energy. I wanna take a walk and listen to my ipod. That's what imma do.
*music break*
Back. Good. Walk cleared my head. And decided to write an Ode to my Lover. Blame No 1 by John legend and kanye West. No I haven't been cheating and Yes I am a liar. Sue me.
I really want my lover tho.. Really really. Now I really should stop shakaraing for him so much..
Next week class starts by 12pm. Maybe I should beg my mummy to travel so that I can go on a weekend hiatus.
Nevertheless I feel like I'm floating in this class.I should be more serious. I like the babes I'm sitting beside. I'm sure they are wondering what I'm writing like this. I need a back rub. I want my lover jo. I'm not tired of saying this. I would never get tired
Of saying it. In the back of my mind I'm worried that he would end up like the others. And yes all d others ended up heartbroken. But I'm sure he'll be fine if he does end up there.
YAY karaoke on the 5th. I am also dressless I need to cook up sthg for karaoke. Maybe my jumpsuit altho that is tinY!!! I think I should start sit-ups or crunches or sthg. My tummy Is getting huge and I've stopped Noddles except when I'm at my lovers house. Damn I want my lover jo!!!!!! Lawd I'm sue I've written that like a zillion times. Ok no more lover talk. I want d Noodles I eat at my lovers house. It is a very sext kind. The kind I'm scared to try and cook for fear that I may mess it up. Tho its just noodles does any1 mess up noodles?? Speaking of Noodles I miss Noodles boy. In a good way miss. Not a bad way miss.
Shit last page already.
When people say don't let overConfidence kill you. It surprises me that they can't smell my feaR of the up-coming exans. I'm petrified. Shitless. How I'm managing to come across as over confident hmmmm. I'm wondering when the tears would start coming.
Again Finally I want my lover.

Yaradua is not insane. It is us Nigerians that are insane. Insanity is doing something the same way over and over and expecting a different result. So its us Nigerians that won't Vote and expect that Government would change that iBlame.
That being said.

Iam the greatest.
iFloat like a butterfly. iSting like a bee.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Frustrated.... But still counting my Blessings.

First happy new year Peoples!!!! Yayy I wish all of u a great year Ahead. I dunno bout you but am handsome. Ok I was supposed 2 say 2010 is my year. (Inside Dbanj joke) sowi if u dint gerrit. Better luck next time.

This year has been good SO far...I've changed a lot of things. Ok not many things but I have changed my Bio. To the Greatest. Because yes I am the greatest. Blame this new thought pattern on Mohammed Ali. I'm reading. His autobiography and I am impressed. I have learnt he was a christain born 'casius clay'. And went ahead to radicalize himself. I also learnt Malcom X was a muslim. Don't ask me why I thot otherWise. I just did.

Moving on I also realised that people only see u how u see urself. And I'm not even done reading the book yet... Because its under the bed at my lover's house. I know know!!!

So once I get it back I'll let u know how it ends. Now I want a new book, eleven minutes Paulo cohelo. And yes I was frustrated last Night. Anyone who knows me personally.. And I add personally cuz I'm on some social network site and people just assume they know me. From there. The world really is a global village. But those who know me Personally, know I LOVE to be in charge. Like I thrive on it so bad I could be a bully if not in check. This year I promised myself I'll be of a meek and gentle spirit. And I'm sure u can be sure how that is going. Bleh!!!!

I feel myself becoming a doorMAT!! Arrrgggghhh! Mummy thinks I need 2 be more diplomatic. I think people need more honesty around. Diplomacy involves 1/2 truths. :( oh well. I love mummy too much to oppose her. As I was saying that ISH frustrates me. Like I say "I'm gonna be meek and quiet" then some person takes d piss and by default or reflex I get on my "oh u did not just mode" snapping fingers and ruff necking. Ok I'm kidding. But that's d mind set. I a lot more evil than that. I calculate to ur downfall. That's what mummy see's and can't stand.oh well.

That's why I'm majorly frustrated. My Lover is also a. Major source of my frustration. Nigga is gonna turn me into a lesbian of somesort SOON!! Ok that being said.

I'm blessed. I can't count these blessings. They are too much. 1st. I passed my exams. So I had a great christmas. I love my Family. I had one of the best xmases ever. And a bit of my faith in d institution of marriage was restored. 2. Was ill briefly this year. I think I had too much fun last holiday. 3. My goal of being ACA at 21 may just come to pass. IJN. 4 I've got a great Job. 5 I've got great Friends. 6. My Mum. 7. I've got a great lover that doubles as my best friend. I could go on and on. But no need to brag jo!

And I already trashed my resolution this year. And I have just 1. To do sthg with Ankara. Yes I Love Ankara. And apparently I know how 2 work it. I also cannot draw But I can think. So I wanna get a sketch book to practice. Or sthg but this 2010 would sha not go without me making d most of my Ankara. Me I've said my own.

Strangely I think mrBiggs fried rice tastes better than Chicken republic own. That being Said. I think m done here. AND IMO means in my opinion. :D

The Greatest. Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee.

#np Mad Neyo.


I keep getting little signs that maybe I am on the right track, Just maybe,