Saturday, January 7, 2017


Slighty excited and nervous about new job.

Also what to wear on first day AND what to do to my hair!!!

Keep my hair cut. Tweak it a bit OR,

Get braids

Or get an actual pixie cut.

Plus I let someone use my card and now, complications on charges.

Truly getting tired of being a good person.

Also forgetting to protect myself more.

February will come and I will do better.

All in all freaking excited! 🎉🎉🎉

Still haven't drawn up my budget for the year and month but  ok.

Maybe after next week.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


and small fasting ( because they go hand in hannnnd)

But ( OMG I am so over talking about this because I swear I sound like a broken record), but
Brcxause of how much I prayed for this one thing last year, I sort of didn't appreciate how flipping perfect my life actually was.

Today is drafting my 2017 themes ( shout out to sisi on a budget for the road map) and the themes just show me how actually pleasant 2016 really was.

New job= more money.
I have more and more clothes to give away= which means I went and bought more in 2016 ( still giving them out)

Also I'm yet to curate my capsule for my new job, I don't know If I want to be all short dresses OR just generally pretend when I get there then show my true colors after 6 months with my short dresses,

What I really wanted to ask/ write about when I typed in that title is how to go from praying for one thing so desperately and getting a No, to just getting back into prayer generally.

I might sound showoff-y but y'all read my blog so you aren't surprised but- bad things generally don't happen to me.

So yah.

Anyway please send me your prayer requests so I can have something to pray about?

Because I hate how lackluster I am about having something to really depend on God for.

And because one of the themes I want in 2017 is that whole " And David inquired of the lord " stance   Before I take any steps towards any thing.

I'm going to want to be like God- how do we feel ( we bring you obv) about this step? Is this a Yay or a Nay? Or a wait you aren't ready.

I guess what I'm really really asking is how to find my way back to praying and hearing from God as easily as I did when I was fasting and praying nOn stop in 2016, now that I have nothing to fast and pray non stop about?

Hint: I know the answer is to fast and pray.

But when I start to pray, I have nothing to say.


No really  send me an email if you know how to combat this. It's 2017 and I'm not interested in taking any L's this year so please ehn.

Hit that contact me button and let loose if you are shy to comment.

Also I promise I don't bite.

( sometimes )


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