Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cater to you.

Excuse the corny-ness.

The lover and I were off to see a movie today.

But by 5pm, he bb'd me and said Badnews.

I said "what?"

And thot probably working late or sthg.

Apparently Arsenal was playing.

So I said bye.

He said "ahn so you won't come and watch with me"

Funny, I wasn't so sad. I actually didn't mind

Not seeing the movie.

So when he said please stop by Park and Shop and get me popcorn.

I was like cool stuff.

I actually didn't mind.

So I thrEw in cake- I promise I didn't eat any.

And small chops, Which I'm taking back home because popcorn was just ok.

My point is this - there was no resentment.

I actually kind of enjoyed shopping for the game.

Even tho it was a shit game.

Because let's face it. Arsenal is a Shit face team.

I mean only good thing was all the hair styles.

Those negros get creative with their hair styles.

They are def winning on that turf.

So basically i was happy to cater to my man.

baby steps. baby steps.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Arise o Compatriots

Nigeria calls Obey...

Opening line of our National anthem.

i usually dont blog about my political views on here, because, well.

i usually dont.

but i came across this article today and it so expressed by view on GEJ that i must put the link on here.

Go on, click on it.

You probably feel the same way anyways.

in a way i wonder if those that voted GEJ can sleep at night.

Also i wonder if those that deceived themselves into voting for GEJ and not PDP can actually allow themselves complain.

in all fairness, they should complain the loudest, after all " person wey enter market, open eye buy yeye market go reach house shout put for the matter, even if when him enter the market him carry him korokoro eye torchlite beta market"*

but the thing be say, nobody go put ear down listen to the tori wey you wan nack ontop sey you enter market buy yamayama market comot.*

so I honestly hope buy the time GEJ is done, and majority of Nigerians are ready for proper governing, there'd still be a Nigeria to actually govern.

* and yes i can speak pidigin a lot more fluently than i write it. Summers in Warri did that for me.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


its the name of that drug that used to fight aches and pains.
i was out last night- rather friday night with my friend Asake.

and i was reminded why i dont ever bother with a group of female friends.
it was a good night. danced and danced and danced.
BUT i reminded myself that i was too old to climb the table to dance.

well i had to a couple of times.

it was a fun night. tbh

my darling Debo was there.

so randomly this random boy at the club, just walked up to me and started talking to me.

im like: huh?

like do people still do that? just randomly waltz up to a girl at the club and start chewing her ear off?

saying stuff like " oh you are cute, what are you drinking?" when i am obviously not drinking anything.

but it was a little amusing.

i also realised that the negro thought i knew who he came with- famz gone wrong.

lol. i am a meanie.

Why do people think that marriage is the ultimate for women?

I was having a conversation with Asake's friends, whom all thought i was mad because i said if i got proposed to tomorrow, i would say no.

off course i'd say no. i dont want to be married YET.

i have the rest of my life to get married jo.

they looked at me like i was mad, and one even asked me: " what are you waiting for?"

because i have a job, and everything else has fallen into place the next thing is marriage.

she said that at 30 when all my friends get married, i would be alone. lol.

some females are so small minded, its amusing.

i mean, by all means get married, but dont impose on someone else.

marriage is sacrifice, and commiment and forgiveness and selflessness and all that right now, i am not ready to give.

so forgive me. if the lock on that marriage door changed ages ago, and you are the last to know.

by the way, my core is hurting so bad. :(

Happy birthday Ope. have a fabulala day!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Honour Among thieves.

i read this book all day today and i was impressed.

i dont think ive ever read a jeffery archer book before.

(which is odd, becausse i am an avid reader)

and it was my first proper virtual book.

i prefer paper tbh. but it was such a good read.

2nd my feature in essence magazine is out whoooo hooo.

if you recall my fathers day post, i spoke about having my picture taken and blah blah blah.

well about a month ago, someone i went 2 sec sch with told me about it,

so i asked sabi-rabbit to help me buy the mag.

but she isnt here yet so i just fashied.

and two days ago, my friend sent me a picture of the picture.

i swear- i didnt know i had filled out like that.

my body looked amazing!!!

i knew i had 2 get back in the gym.

anyways that aside i went to the gym yesterday.

all i will say is this- nigerian men are disgusting.

and they have no respect for the institution of marriage.

i wonder why they bother. *spits*

i had a fight with the lover tonight.

and i totally blame technology. we were randomly having a conversation.

talking about his day. and he said sthg.

maybe he was joking. but i didnt know that- i mean it was a phone call.

*cue music*

50 cent and justin t's ayo technology.

if i was lying next to him. im sure we would have had the fight.

and i would have seen his expression and realised he was messing with me.

*throws bb at the wall*

lol jk. but its annoying.

i miss him.

and i miss ife too. i showed her my picture in the mag,

her response " bellisimo bella"

i wonder why we werent such good friends.

i have all the other main struggles tomorrow, tailor- my indecisiveness, what style to sew. how long i want the dress and stuff like that.

i even already have the dress i intend to wear for ife's grad in dec, the lord keeping us till then.

everytime before i decide to blog, i always have sooo much in my head. but once i start writing, its all a mess.

whatever the case. i sha need a stronger core. :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Children of these days

are totally clueless and so facking spoilt. its amusing.

and embarrassing to the parents.

for instance. my12 - sorry 11 and 9month old cousin- doesn't know the story about the 10 virgins.

from the bible o, before some of my readers start getting excited.
anyways so I asked her. i actually said Mena, tell me about the 10 virgins in the bible. she started:

so the seven bridesmaids were waiting for Jesus to come...

im def sending my kids to a Christian school. at least it would be compulsory for them to know the bible.

not like this helps tho, i Know quite a number of girls that went to FA and turned out to have quite a number of sex tapes.

- im just saying.

but i think the world is too wicked to not take your child to church.- Segun

my friend tweeted that earlier. i agreed.

on to more exciting newssss.

*insert fire works here*

i know i know im not supposed to be taking stuff i dont need anymore from the Mother.

but this bag- love at first sight. i mean i actually transferred all my stuff into it instantly- just incase she changed her mind- and decided to give my sister.

#side note: Major shout out to people who stay giving the mother gifts she would never use. God would make you people bigger.

so at the spa this AM.the lover saw the bag and said " i thought you had stopped buying things?"

i said oh the Mother blessed me with it this morning, he replied " so because you didnt want her to change her mind you sharply started using it"

i hate how he knows me so well.

on a mini review about the spa we went to.

well. it sucked. we went to the Make up den on Awolowo road. and the service was poor.

a one hour aromatherapy massage lasted only 40mins and it was fucked.

anyways thats what he said- me i havent gone. lol

i dont feel so bad because i got the deal of

this isnt even free pr. its a good site with a lot of deals that i have taken advantage of.

i mean there is a lot of misrepresentation but since im a cheap skate. anything close to what i asked for i take. with glee too.

speaking of glee. havent watched that show in ages, im obsessed with Madmen and entourage.


after the poor massage, i invited the lover over to lunch at mine and to watch the match- a probably give him another massage with a happy ending- lol jk.

basically to pacify him for the poor massage. he declined.


that team is a waste. hiaaaaaaaan.

offcourse i watched the game, with my sister and husband- both arsenal fans, and i mocked them.

#random? why is Yakubu so fat? like how can one be a footballer with all that training AND STILL BE AS FAT AS OYINKAN????

and yes i realise you all dont know who she is- she is fat. that would be all you need to know*

speaking of fat.

i hate what my body looks like now.

i need to get myself into the gym.

because im almost 6 feet, any unnecessary weight would mean i would end up looking like khole k. and the good lord in heaven knows i do not want that.

i mean i am not painfully thin anymore thank God. but i do not want to be looked at in expectation when that sound sultans Orobo - abi gorodom(sp?) jam comes on at the club to dance and whine my waist like gorodom.

ok you get my point.

i sha need a gym bra to go to the gym and work out. i mean what good is a skinny waist with breasts touching your knees?

i'll tell you- NONE.

it would profit me nothing 2 be skinny and lose my perky twins in the process.

Tomorrow is my church Harvest.
My mother saw my outfit and said, i should be free all these small girl clothes now and he sewing skirts and blouses, because apparently i am now marriage-able.

my mothers new obsession with marriage is amazing.

because a part of me- i dont think wants to get married.

even though i am obsessed with aso-ebi.

i think today is My fathers birthday.

im not to sure.

it actually is- i just went to ask my mum.

her reply " how did you remember"

this life- the strangest things happen. i swear.

* Oyinkan is really not fat. but she isnt a skinny bitch either.
but she keeps saying my face looks like shit- which is a lie from the pit of hell btw- so this is a mini payback.xx

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spend and God will send.

actually dont.

because you might just see that delicious blouse you have been eyeing forever for cheap and right there and then.... you cant afford it because you have spent, and you are currently waiting for manna from heaven in form of cash.

and no it didnt happen to me, im just saying.


i tried out a new tailor and she was amazing. the dress fit to the letter t.

i really liked it. except my bum bum tore the zip.

this nyash wants to become the bane of my existence.

always ripping my clothes.

this week has been ace- just wanted to thank the lord in heaven for that.

i still cant find my sports bra. like i dont even get how my stuff vanishes?

and my sister isnt even around.

speaking of sister, its her birthday todayy

*insert the ff bbm emoticons here: party, party, dancing, dancing, beer, beer, smiling, dancing*

and probably coffee too. for her hangover tomorrow.


i wish her the very very very best.

today on cnn i saw sthg in mexico about bloggers being threatened. by lords of drug cartels.

thank the lord that in naija they are yet 2 discover blogger. unlike facebook.

that the president brought to naija.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

new look AGAIN!!

Its like a fucking identity crises.

lol ok it isnt. My friend Asake said the old theme was an unfair representation of who i truly was.

she said it was all bright, colorful and shit. and im none of those.

She claims im dark broody and mysterious.

ok thats a lie, thats what i told her.

anyways, i decided to get a new look, since it looks like im moving my ass over here a lot.

you know what else is new? I've started wearing powder.

well i think I've stopped now sha, i wore it for a week and had 2 babanla pimples. that have refused to go.

as i earlier posted, i downloaded Moves like jagger et No sleep.

between all that and re vamping the blog theme and shit, i have managed not to get any work done.

i am a little diva.

Am i the only one whose male friends promise to get married to if my relationship does not work out?

was on the phone with my friend FBG, its been ages since we spoke, and we grew up together - on the mainland- tho we are now ikoyi babies. he is my personal person.

Since Jumoke got married, he kept saying all we Nigerian girls know is marriage, like there isnt more than marriage. i told him" if you marry a rich man, there is little more than that really"

dont quote me, but that may be my retirement plan. i kid.

i miss him. i may have to crawl over to londres and spend a weekend at his mercy- full pampering and spluring in his place. only thing is i may have to cook. urgh

anyways he is like 5'4 or sthg and wants to marry a model chic. his current girl friend- 5'9.

i dunno how he does it, but tall girls adore him. must be his head game. winning attitude. and splurging.

#np One thing- Ashanti.
where is she? i liked her music.

Friendships and Poor Decisions

lol relax, no one did my dirty, at least not recently.

since i can remember, i have been unable 2 have like a clique of friends.

especially girls. in a bid to aviod drama the best i could do was 2 friends from one clique.

however i just discovered the flaw in this my mode of operation.

most of my friends from individual cliques actually dont like each other.

that i can deal with, because i mean they only ever see each other when im having something, and im never having something.

but my friend steph and i decided to go to ghana with a couple of friends next month.

and na here this perfect plan began 2 fall apart.

we simply had no friends.

everyone wants 2 make such a trip with thier friends, and since we arent really part of any clique.

we decided to invite one of our friends who is everybody's friend. and was supposed 2 help us invite the boys.

but she wasnt interested.

and so our plan fell apart.

well since i have no friends, to go with, i proposed this to the lover.

who wasnt interested as well.

now i totally understand people who rent families at thier own weddings.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


i have too much to be thankful for.

i didn't grow up rich. i grew up well below comfortable.

when my parents split. my mother was a house wife, unemployed with 3 kids to look after.

only the lord in heaven could have looked after us. and he did.

he truly looks after his own.

today or rather last week, i had 2 sort out clothes to give out. because i own too many clothes.

i remember when we did not have enough clothes.

there is just so much to be thankful for.

there is this yoruba saying- that someone would take away your mat, not knowing that god is bringing you a rug.

off course my yoruba is poor.

as at last week, i decided to not buy anything i do not need.

luckily for me im not a buyer, but i even need to stop taking stuff from people i dont need.

and i need to be a giver as well.

im adding this to my new years resolution this year.

i mean i have suitcases of stuff i havent even worn.

this is not who i am.

Shopping, Cheating and Gratitude


today i went shopping with the lover. i like that he saw how hard market runs was. at least now before he opens his mouth 2 make noise he would calm down.

i also hated his attitude towards the sellers. always dashing them money after we had agreed a certain price. they ended up calling me mummy ijebu.


would i leave my husband if he cheated on me?


my boyfriend- maybe, most likely. 85€€ percent sure the answer is yes.

however if i found out my husband 2 be got jiggy with someone night before the wedding.

i'd ask him 2 take the aids/hiv test. if he is negative. we'll go ahead with it.

if not- sorry to all those who bought and sewed aso-ebi.- because i am going to sell.


my last post, i was lamenting about how growing up was hard and all that.
my lord in heaven was listening to me.
and he provided.
and i am thankful.
he really does look after his own.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

growing up

growing up is probably the hardest thing ever.

especially financially.

once you start working, you just find that everything is different.

and by every thing, i mean every single thing.

and this is not good for someone like me.

my sisters birthday is in a weeks time,

so i decided to buy her a full head of human hair. you know as her birthday present.

this is costing me x naira. ( and x is very high)

so i went 2 see my friend- who has practically become family today and i found out

she is getting married.

i mean, i knew but i didnt know it was that soon.

so now im torn between booking a ticket or buying my sisters present.

my sister is away from home so im sure it would have made her smile.

but my friend said i must not miss her wedding.

and trust me to be in this financial fix.

offcourse i told my mum. she said i should go by road. :(

and its a destination wedding. lol

its actually at balyesa.

i used to be able 2 manage money a lot better than this.

im not pleased with being in this tight corner.

i am actually almost crying. lol.

i amuse myself. sometimes. *sigh*


i confess i am a slacker.

lets blame this job that enables me to carry last like there is no tomorrow.

anyways here i am watching trace.

and a couple of songs caught my fancy

- move like jagger- i absolute adore maroon 5 and anything they churn out. along with xtina and that powerful voice with her platinum blond hair, dark eyeliner and stick your thingy in my mouth red lipstick.

anyways i would def be downloading this song.

- it aint my fault- ltido ft bankyw.

im all for supporting my nigerian acts, but i need to point out to both of these artistes that nigerian girls dont follow boys that wear hoodies in the club. especially if thier men just took them shopping and bought then a diamond neck lace. or maybe its just me. video had that trying 2 hard feel.

i just cant get enough- bep.

i heart fergie and that her voice that is obviously tweaked with auto tune. i'd like her 2 redo this song again when bep split up. or sorry when they take a break to pursue thier individual albums.
extra points because it was shot in japan. i love it!!!

sans the outfits and the last verse. definately gonna download it.


wiz khalifa- no sleeping.

im not a fan of wiz. negro is too skinny and his skin looks like ankara. because im not one to judge i wont include the fact that he is trying 2 wife a ho among the reasons i dont like him.

but just like roll up- which i refused 2 listen to because i strong believed it had 2 do with weed- i still do. but when i did hear it at the club. i rushed to download it. and i actually really really really really like/liked it.

still one of the highest played songs on my itunes after obianuju.

but no sleeping?

amazing. i like it. sort of reminds me of what i want my next birthday to be like- everything free and everybody getting thier party on.

i may just end up buying this album in traffic- dont judge me.

anyways nepa took lite so thats that.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Damaged Goods?

personally i believe older men. i.e. 35 and above with no hope/form of partners are damaged goods.

why are women avoiding you so? ehn that you would be chasing girls 15yrs younger?

anyways that is besides the point.

i was in such a foul mood today so i went 2 visit my home girl funlolly.

funtimes- and major amebo- if you know me in real life. you'd know im not a slacker in that dept.

i need to quit sha- im getting to old.

anyways we sha gisted until she said sthg that i have noticed.

children from broken homes are so "cynical"

i admit i see a picture of a happy family and i sneer like why is the father holding the mothers hand?

i hear someone's boyfriend cheated on them, and i sneer and say- dont beat your self up over it. all of them are the same.

i have subconciously agreed to the fact that

there are no marriages- happy marriages.

only 2 people managing each other.

bear in mind that i am in a "thingy" and i am very comitted to the lover.

but somehow i just think the only people happy in marriages, are women with rich husbands that are well looked after, and widows. oh and women that are avid church workers.

i want to get married- but i think being from a broken home

has really screwed up that whole marriage thing for me.

i am in love with my lover sha.

but as for marriage.

i worry.

that children from broken home are damaged goods.

and i worry that marriage is a lot different than its made out to seem.

series of unfortunate events

my lover never gives me anything.

well anything that really matters to me.

so last year- we crossed like a major treshold in our thingy( i hate that word relationship)

to celebrate this. he gave me this bracelet.

that his mother gave him. and he had had it foreverrrrrr

and he never ever ever took it off.

anyways, he gave me and i promised not to lose it.

sometime before my last trip it broke. and i went to play kissy face with him

and he was upset i even took it off. so i had 2 explain that it broke and im trying 2 get 2 a goldsmith and all that jazz.

so that was cool. i got back home sat and i didnt find it on my dressing table.

so i asked the maid, she said she saw it but didnt touch it.

and that is how i tore my room apart.

and i cant find the bracelet.

and what is worse - he is so calm about it.

needless to say. im soooo upset. i feel like smashing something.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today is the 1st of September.
wake me up when September ends somebody.

I am unhappy away from home.
i know at this age no one is supposed to falling home sick- but i am home sick.
and terribly so too.

i miss my Mommy. :(

but i may be going home soon. so i think i quite happy about that.

I also miss the Lover.

I think sleeping alone takes a toll on me. :(

One of the reasons i cant wait to get married - is having some one in my bed every night.

i think i'm still a little afraid of the dark.

Well other reasons i cant wait also include
- having someone to cream my back- hard to reach areas
- having someone to dote on.
-having someone elses money to spend. :)
and always having someone to talk too till i fall asleep.

offcourse these are my reasons- asides all the other regular recreation reasons and blah blah

funny i dont think Love is as important in marriage as people make it out to seem.
like love pays bills.

anyways i miss the Lover.

i have no idea how i am going to cope when i leave for my masters.

which should have been this month.

smh at my procastinating self.

i feel berra already.

the Girl on the rhythm fm in Abuja- her faux accent is probably the reason she will die a spinster.

yes its that horrible.

Anyways my manager is coming today!!!!!!

something to drink to.


I keep getting little signs that maybe I am on the right track, Just maybe,