Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shopping, Cheating and Gratitude


today i went shopping with the lover. i like that he saw how hard market runs was. at least now before he opens his mouth 2 make noise he would calm down.

i also hated his attitude towards the sellers. always dashing them money after we had agreed a certain price. they ended up calling me mummy ijebu.


would i leave my husband if he cheated on me?


my boyfriend- maybe, most likely. 85€€ percent sure the answer is yes.

however if i found out my husband 2 be got jiggy with someone night before the wedding.

i'd ask him 2 take the aids/hiv test. if he is negative. we'll go ahead with it.

if not- sorry to all those who bought and sewed aso-ebi.- because i am going to sell.


my last post, i was lamenting about how growing up was hard and all that.
my lord in heaven was listening to me.
and he provided.
and i am thankful.
he really does look after his own.

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