Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Honour Among thieves.

i read this book all day today and i was impressed.

i dont think ive ever read a jeffery archer book before.

(which is odd, becausse i am an avid reader)

and it was my first proper virtual book.

i prefer paper tbh. but it was such a good read.

2nd my feature in essence magazine is out whoooo hooo.

if you recall my fathers day post, i spoke about having my picture taken and blah blah blah.

well about a month ago, someone i went 2 sec sch with told me about it,

so i asked sabi-rabbit to help me buy the mag.

but she isnt here yet so i just fashied.

and two days ago, my friend sent me a picture of the picture.

i swear- i didnt know i had filled out like that.

my body looked amazing!!!

i knew i had 2 get back in the gym.

anyways that aside i went to the gym yesterday.

all i will say is this- nigerian men are disgusting.

and they have no respect for the institution of marriage.

i wonder why they bother. *spits*

i had a fight with the lover tonight.

and i totally blame technology. we were randomly having a conversation.

talking about his day. and he said sthg.

maybe he was joking. but i didnt know that- i mean it was a phone call.

*cue music*

50 cent and justin t's ayo technology.

if i was lying next to him. im sure we would have had the fight.

and i would have seen his expression and realised he was messing with me.

*throws bb at the wall*

lol jk. but its annoying.

i miss him.

and i miss ife too. i showed her my picture in the mag,

her response " bellisimo bella"

i wonder why we werent such good friends.

i have all the other main struggles tomorrow, tailor- my indecisiveness, what style to sew. how long i want the dress and stuff like that.

i even already have the dress i intend to wear for ife's grad in dec, the lord keeping us till then.

everytime before i decide to blog, i always have sooo much in my head. but once i start writing, its all a mess.

whatever the case. i sha need a stronger core. :)

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