Sunday, September 25, 2011


its the name of that drug that used to fight aches and pains.
i was out last night- rather friday night with my friend Asake.

and i was reminded why i dont ever bother with a group of female friends.
it was a good night. danced and danced and danced.
BUT i reminded myself that i was too old to climb the table to dance.

well i had to a couple of times.

it was a fun night. tbh

my darling Debo was there.

so randomly this random boy at the club, just walked up to me and started talking to me.

im like: huh?

like do people still do that? just randomly waltz up to a girl at the club and start chewing her ear off?

saying stuff like " oh you are cute, what are you drinking?" when i am obviously not drinking anything.

but it was a little amusing.

i also realised that the negro thought i knew who he came with- famz gone wrong.

lol. i am a meanie.

Why do people think that marriage is the ultimate for women?

I was having a conversation with Asake's friends, whom all thought i was mad because i said if i got proposed to tomorrow, i would say no.

off course i'd say no. i dont want to be married YET.

i have the rest of my life to get married jo.

they looked at me like i was mad, and one even asked me: " what are you waiting for?"

because i have a job, and everything else has fallen into place the next thing is marriage.

she said that at 30 when all my friends get married, i would be alone. lol.

some females are so small minded, its amusing.

i mean, by all means get married, but dont impose on someone else.

marriage is sacrifice, and commiment and forgiveness and selflessness and all that right now, i am not ready to give.

so forgive me. if the lock on that marriage door changed ages ago, and you are the last to know.

by the way, my core is hurting so bad. :(

Happy birthday Ope. have a fabulala day!

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