Thursday, September 8, 2011

growing up

growing up is probably the hardest thing ever.

especially financially.

once you start working, you just find that everything is different.

and by every thing, i mean every single thing.

and this is not good for someone like me.

my sisters birthday is in a weeks time,

so i decided to buy her a full head of human hair. you know as her birthday present.

this is costing me x naira. ( and x is very high)

so i went 2 see my friend- who has practically become family today and i found out

she is getting married.

i mean, i knew but i didnt know it was that soon.

so now im torn between booking a ticket or buying my sisters present.

my sister is away from home so im sure it would have made her smile.

but my friend said i must not miss her wedding.

and trust me to be in this financial fix.

offcourse i told my mum. she said i should go by road. :(

and its a destination wedding. lol

its actually at balyesa.

i used to be able 2 manage money a lot better than this.

im not pleased with being in this tight corner.

i am actually almost crying. lol.

i amuse myself. sometimes. *sigh*

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