Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Arise o Compatriots

Nigeria calls Obey...

Opening line of our National anthem.

i usually dont blog about my political views on here, because, well.

i usually dont.

but i came across this article today and it so expressed by view on GEJ that i must put the link on here.

Go on, click on it.

You probably feel the same way anyways.

in a way i wonder if those that voted GEJ can sleep at night.

Also i wonder if those that deceived themselves into voting for GEJ and not PDP can actually allow themselves complain.

in all fairness, they should complain the loudest, after all " person wey enter market, open eye buy yeye market go reach house shout put for the matter, even if when him enter the market him carry him korokoro eye torchlite beta market"*

but the thing be say, nobody go put ear down listen to the tori wey you wan nack ontop sey you enter market buy yamayama market comot.*

so I honestly hope buy the time GEJ is done, and majority of Nigerians are ready for proper governing, there'd still be a Nigeria to actually govern.

* and yes i can speak pidigin a lot more fluently than i write it. Summers in Warri did that for me.

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