Monday, September 5, 2011

series of unfortunate events

my lover never gives me anything.

well anything that really matters to me.

so last year- we crossed like a major treshold in our thingy( i hate that word relationship)

to celebrate this. he gave me this bracelet.

that his mother gave him. and he had had it foreverrrrrr

and he never ever ever took it off.

anyways, he gave me and i promised not to lose it.

sometime before my last trip it broke. and i went to play kissy face with him

and he was upset i even took it off. so i had 2 explain that it broke and im trying 2 get 2 a goldsmith and all that jazz.

so that was cool. i got back home sat and i didnt find it on my dressing table.

so i asked the maid, she said she saw it but didnt touch it.

and that is how i tore my room apart.

and i cant find the bracelet.

and what is worse - he is so calm about it.

needless to say. im soooo upset. i feel like smashing something.

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