Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spend and God will send.

actually dont.

because you might just see that delicious blouse you have been eyeing forever for cheap and right there and then.... you cant afford it because you have spent, and you are currently waiting for manna from heaven in form of cash.

and no it didnt happen to me, im just saying.


i tried out a new tailor and she was amazing. the dress fit to the letter t.

i really liked it. except my bum bum tore the zip.

this nyash wants to become the bane of my existence.

always ripping my clothes.

this week has been ace- just wanted to thank the lord in heaven for that.

i still cant find my sports bra. like i dont even get how my stuff vanishes?

and my sister isnt even around.

speaking of sister, its her birthday todayy

*insert the ff bbm emoticons here: party, party, dancing, dancing, beer, beer, smiling, dancing*

and probably coffee too. for her hangover tomorrow.


i wish her the very very very best.

today on cnn i saw sthg in mexico about bloggers being threatened. by lords of drug cartels.

thank the lord that in naija they are yet 2 discover blogger. unlike facebook.

that the president brought to naija.

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