Monday, April 24, 2017


You drive I'm assuming?

Your assumptions are correct, do you need me to pick you up?

No, but thank you.

You are welcome.


Apparently, when asked if you drive, asking the asker if he needs to be picked up is not the appropriate response.

But I'm nothing if not a fast learner so.

Pss: Apparently I may be badly behaved

Sassy:  You have started acting like a Yoruba boy, what do you mean on a need to know basis?

me: exactly what that means. *shrug*

List 16: List your essentials

My essentials ( For travelling/riding around lagos/Just generally being) include

All my apple products: Ipod, Ipad and Iphone

My power bank

My bluetooth speakers

My passport and Yellow card

My black journal

My purple prayer journal

Mayyyybbeeeee my back up to my back up to my back up rabbit.

Wine glasses

My tokens

My coloring book

My car

Atm cards

And before anyone starts crying about how bible is not there goggle "You Version"
You are welcome.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Grown,Sexy and Adulting

I feel like I have grown so much in the last few months.

It is almost like never mind what it is like. but It is something I am so so so pleased about.

My girl passed her exams. And I'm just like girl I already told you I made a list and everything on that list is getting ticked off.

We ended up at latarvena with pitchers of Sangria and Pizza and Pasta and Asa.

Yes Asa, THE ASA.

It was such a precious evening. Why do people say things like you can't make friends in old age.

Yes your old friends know you. Love you and take your excesses. because lets face it its not after 15 years of my tardiness you want to start crying.

Anyway thankful for new friends that fall in line ( Yes my shiny creative that includes you).

Sexy. Jesus. I think

I'm not sure but I think my pheromones are working over time.

Either that or someone has put a " Fuck me"  sign board on my back and I can't seem to shake it.

It is literally raining men in my life.

For example, there is a trainer in my office from out of town who leaves today, so generally making conversation, I'm like oh why do you people never stay over the weekend to experience the city.

Him: so you would take me out.

Me: Yeah the office has a corporate card so shouldn't be a problem.

Him: I know girls like you

Me: Huh?

Him: I know myself and I can see a bit of myself in you.

Me: Oh. *mutters* Thats what he said. But I really said - is that so?

Him: Sounds awkward but we would be bad together is what I mean.

Me: Urm. okay I'm just going to get back to my desk because yeah.

My friend said I'm an expert placement strategist but that isn't true.
 I think men just like me and I smile.

And Adulting- Can someone just come and give me $10,000 just because I'm cute?

And I have developed a freaking expensive habit of buying art?

Yall know I like to buy things generally not news. But art is expensive AF.

Like I haven't even considered the garri I'm going to be drinking.

Plus it is actually the worst time because I'm going on holiday next monthhhh.

But now hayyyyy.

Pretty please?

Someone give me the $10k?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I love this song.

and now I love the video even more.

Basically stop texting when you go out AH. LOL

Never going to not not hit that
Your loving is drugs to me
And everytime you hit my phone
saying you need company


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Enjoyment as a murder weapon: An advanced study of how Ore spent her Easter weekend

Posit: Can enjoyment kill you?

Data Analysis and Findings
One is broken so badly you know mercury has to be in retrograde.

Also broke over the weekend.

Full and overflowing with love and happiness

Camera Roll
Instagram is going to get these Swipe posts like they are going out of fashion

So what did I get up to?
Actually the question should be what didn't I get up to.

Good Friday saw me at a burial, my aunt lost her mum and trusssssst Yoruba people to do the most and try to kill me with enjoyment. We finished from there and we moved to her house because her husband is from Delta and had to do an appreciation reception thing. ( so if you caught snippets of this on my insta stories that's what it was)

On Saturday morning I woke up unusually early and went to the stadium for a boxing session. I legit almost died. I have to do 10 incline runs and if anyone knows me in real life you'd know I'm not the one, especially on the Saturday after not working out for over 40 days.

Picked up the tickets for Gidifest courtesy AfricaMagic, I genuinely love Instagram give-aways.

Because Mercury is in retrograde, I sent my car to my mechanic to fix my lights and came back with the worst jerking I have experienced and my oil light on. Urm.

Anyway I went to another mechanic who sorted it out so I got a cab back home and slept. Eventually car came back and I got ready to hit the streets.

Got in at say past 9 ish but the love of my life ( Diplo) was headlining the show so I waited in the rain through to 3am when he came on.
 And he was amazingggggggggggg. Walshy fire came as well.

Ps: Walshy if you read this- you need to make sure your tonight mix is straight fire.

This is the part where I actually post photos but abeg.

Just take my word for it. Ain't no party like a Lagos party.

Side bar: Diplo is so fucking hot. I was so so close to actually licking his face in the elevator, but I settled for a video for my insta stories.

But I still tweeted at him offering him breakfast.

Sunday I woke up with the most delicious bout of menstrual cramps- Yes my diet has been shit but e no reach that side.

Sha woke up and faced all my events that sunday which included my friends baby dedication which was really precious,  then went to help my friend Ms beefab at her stall, went to dinner with my friends to celebrate the Man-U win and ended up at some random games night thingy.

Ps: I am so competitive. Gosh. not a bad thing , just saying.

Monday I go to the beach with my friend,s have such an amazing time and I head back home to shower get dressed and attend the after party for Gidifest.

Two things happened- Made a Vanilla Oreo Swirl with Diplo and the second thing does not concern anyone that was not there.


I wake up at 8am and I'm late to work, but what is new?

 Issa No, enjoyment can infact not kill you because why the hell am I still at work?                    

Ore 100- 0 Enjoyment

If you think I'm playing ask Diplo.

Soundcloud playlist for how this weekend really went.

Ps: Major Lazer has some FIRE mixes of Nigerian songs. My lord. Fire. I. Can.Not. Wait.

List 15: List your dream trips


Okay universe. I hear you.

Last week monday I actually put up a bunch of cities and sites I want to visit and see.

Top of the list is Iceland. I had always seen the northern lights in like photos and windows screen savers and to find out that that really exists and wow.

Then my uncle told me he was on a Norwegian cruise, and he saw the lights and I'm now dying of envy.

I'm over feeling envious and I'm now making/taking concrete steps to go to places I wanna go.

Second on the list is Turkey.
I did a transit from istanbul to Liban when I went there last year and if the duty free spread is anything to go by then I need to go into the city and see for myself.
I'm also obsessed with the fact that it straddles Asia and Europe because I'm a sucker for killing all the birds with one stone.
Plus I vaguely remember the scene with the underwater cisterns in that from Russia with love and most importantly- Turkish Hammam bath.

Third is Burning man.
Again in Lebanon I met a Nigerian Indian girl who had a photo from burning man as her screen saver. So I asked her what that was about- Mind blown.

Still struggling with the burning effigy parts because Christian and it sounds a lot like the Israelite roaming the wilderness on the way to milk and honey ( and speaking of milk and honey see my next post please).

But she said it changed her life and y'all know that now my life is all about changing so after a bit of reading up I think it is something I am super super interested in.
Just need to make sure that it doesn't coincide with my period dates.

Fourth and probably the longest back story. Cuba.

Reason 1- Before Americans go and scatter the whole place.

I had no idea how to get there till Jayla flew threw toronto and Chinny flew via iberia - Ps they don't fly out of Nigeria anymore.

But before this I had read and seen photos from a trip Diplo took from miami and it was all very covert with a charter plane and no internet in Cuba but I saw the photos of the crowd and the partying.

Then Jayla& Chinny went and I was like nahhhhhhhhhh I need these cubano's in my life.
And I'm outside a lot so I think a week away from everything will work.
So Cuba lets talk.

Honorable mentions.

I have these visions of me in a tub in a luxury camp tent being fed seedless grapes by the most delicious half naked man and just generally having the time of my life.
Which is strange because- Which one is camping in the matter again?
I do not even like animals like that. But visions are visions are visions.

I love Capetown. The mother city is beautiful. My company was beautiful.

I think I am due a solo trip. re:2014 Greece.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

And so it begins- Travel Blogger (eek)

I opened/started/commenced/began the journey of a travel blog.

It's something I have been wanting to do for eons, because as y'all know I LOVE to travel

and also because I realized it might be my only shot to get flysaa to put me on their west africa meets south africa all expense paid tour thingy- what? I'm honest.

Anyway here it is * Travel blog Link* , please go on there and show some love love love.

Also show it to the SAA people.

I'm thinking of doing four post a month schedule and take it from there.

I am really really really excited about this.

If you can't tell.


So flipping excited.

Plus I get to see Diplo this weekend.

and Maybe one beach trip

and hopefully pool side chilling the rest of monday.

Still undecided about how I feel: re a solid friday night out.

I mean I know I need one. but I'm just a bit meh about it. (for now).

Ps: I think I have to start working on my flakeeeey attitude.

Pss: Yeah nah.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

List 14: List the way you can cleanse your life for Spring

- Develop a new action plan for my career

- Fear nothing

- Do all things you want to do afraid

- Lean into my mistakes.

- Let go of toxic relationships

- Cultivate and grow new relationships

-Find a reliable gel polish nail guy who won't fleece me and would do a decent job

- Read more.

- Write more.

- Trust your gut instincts more.

-Learn to rely on your gut instincts.

- Be quick to listen and slower to speak

- Find a way to get Asa and Gidifest concert tickets for free.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Dear Nigerian Men

You need to let it go.

Issa No from me.

But let Megan Trainor tell it:

If I want a man
then imma get a man
but it's not my priority.

Thanks & God bless.

Ps: I showed my friend my latest Asos haul, he looked at me at said,

later you will be saying :
"I do not know what soap I'm using to bath that these men won't leave me alone"

But for reallllllllllll.

I am yet to encounter  entities more persistent than Nigerian men. Jesus.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Repeated Chants for Today

Ore does not have a shopping problem.

She is growing the economy.

She is enjoying the fruit of her labor.

She really needs  wants a bodysuit even though she has never worn the one she currently owns.

She needs wants a beach cover up because she goes to the beach once a month.

Ore needs to stop buying things.

Because, why does she have a budget if she has no plans to stick to it.

See next post.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


They work.

I have been using the Godfessions book- not as much as I would like to because I am always late to work but enough to know that it has made a difference in my life.

And because of how much they work, I'm actually going to start insta-story-ing/ Snapchatting my favorite Godfession's daily.

"Nothing is difficult for me anymore, I enter into my season of ease".

And if that is not the story of my life.

Nothing is.

Ps: Now will be a really good time to hitch your wagon to my star.

Yorubae can testify.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Love's Divine

Don't bend
Don't break
Show me how to live and promise me you won't forsake

Too much free time and free internet at work and flash backs from random conversations had me youtube-ing the seal II album.


What I love is this song.

And the video.

My Lord.

The Video.

List 13: List the things that always cheer you up

It is so strange, I am so fulfilled when I have bought things but I am now currently trying to declutter my life and closet so I am trying to buy less.

Ps- My ideal job would be personal shopper if I was half as stylish as I wished.

- Moscato.

Goes without saying. Who does Moscato/Rissato/Lambrusco NOT cheer up?


Brown paper packages tied up in strings Gift items nicely wrapped always always always cheers me up.

- Awoof
Nothing like a ridiculous discount to make my heart leap in boundless joy and cheer me all the way up.

I love free things too.

Ps: Asos is currently doing a 50% sale, but I am on a no buy ban till lent ends.


-Candid conversations
-Getting things done by my self ( Case in point, protecting my iphone cable with a spring from a ball point pen. A broken nail later and I'm all cheer-ed up.

Not List related.
But I had such a delicious weekend.
And the sun set on sunday was everything.
I am equal parts nervous and excited about the course I might be charting with all the spare time I have, but I'm doing it afraid. Lowkey.


Listening non stop to Baby all these nights I've struggled and fought my pride scared that someone your type couldn't s...