Thursday, April 13, 2017

And so it begins- Travel Blogger (eek)

I opened/started/commenced/began the journey of a travel blog.

It's something I have been wanting to do for eons, because as y'all know I LOVE to travel

and also because I realized it might be my only shot to get flysaa to put me on their west africa meets south africa all expense paid tour thingy- what? I'm honest.

Anyway here it is * Travel blog Link* , please go on there and show some love love love.

Also show it to the SAA people.

I'm thinking of doing four post a month schedule and take it from there.

I am really really really excited about this.

If you can't tell.


So flipping excited.

Plus I get to see Diplo this weekend.

and Maybe one beach trip

and hopefully pool side chilling the rest of monday.

Still undecided about how I feel: re a solid friday night out.

I mean I know I need one. but I'm just a bit meh about it. (for now).

Ps: I think I have to start working on my flakeeeey attitude.

Pss: Yeah nah.

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