Tuesday, April 18, 2017

List 15: List your dream trips


Okay universe. I hear you.

Last week monday I actually put up a bunch of cities and sites I want to visit and see.

Top of the list is Iceland. I had always seen the northern lights in like photos and windows screen savers and to find out that that really exists and wow.

Then my uncle told me he was on a Norwegian cruise, and he saw the lights and I'm now dying of envy.

I'm over feeling envious and I'm now making/taking concrete steps to go to places I wanna go.

Second on the list is Turkey.
I did a transit from istanbul to Liban when I went there last year and if the duty free spread is anything to go by then I need to go into the city and see for myself.
I'm also obsessed with the fact that it straddles Asia and Europe because I'm a sucker for killing all the birds with one stone.
Plus I vaguely remember the scene with the underwater cisterns in that from Russia with love and most importantly- Turkish Hammam bath.

Third is Burning man.
Again in Lebanon I met a Nigerian Indian girl who had a photo from burning man as her screen saver. So I asked her what that was about- Mind blown.

Still struggling with the burning effigy parts because Christian and it sounds a lot like the Israelite roaming the wilderness on the way to milk and honey ( and speaking of milk and honey see my next post please).

But she said it changed her life and y'all know that now my life is all about changing so after a bit of reading up I think it is something I am super super interested in.
Just need to make sure that it doesn't coincide with my period dates.

Fourth and probably the longest back story. Cuba.

Reason 1- Before Americans go and scatter the whole place.

I had no idea how to get there till Jayla flew threw toronto and Chinny flew via iberia - Ps they don't fly out of Nigeria anymore.

But before this I had read and seen photos from a trip Diplo took from miami and it was all very covert with a charter plane and no internet in Cuba but I saw the photos of the crowd and the partying.

Then Jayla& Chinny went and I was like nahhhhhhhhhh I need these cubano's in my life.
And I'm outside a lot so I think a week away from everything will work.
So Cuba lets talk.

Honorable mentions.

I have these visions of me in a tub in a luxury camp tent being fed seedless grapes by the most delicious half naked man and just generally having the time of my life.
Which is strange because- Which one is camping in the matter again?
I do not even like animals like that. But visions are visions are visions.

I love Capetown. The mother city is beautiful. My company was beautiful.

I think I am due a solo trip. re:2014 Greece.

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