Monday, April 3, 2017

List 13: List the things that always cheer you up

It is so strange, I am so fulfilled when I have bought things but I am now currently trying to declutter my life and closet so I am trying to buy less.

Ps- My ideal job would be personal shopper if I was half as stylish as I wished.

- Moscato.

Goes without saying. Who does Moscato/Rissato/Lambrusco NOT cheer up?


Brown paper packages tied up in strings Gift items nicely wrapped always always always cheers me up.

- Awoof
Nothing like a ridiculous discount to make my heart leap in boundless joy and cheer me all the way up.

I love free things too.

Ps: Asos is currently doing a 50% sale, but I am on a no buy ban till lent ends.


-Candid conversations
-Getting things done by my self ( Case in point, protecting my iphone cable with a spring from a ball point pen. A broken nail later and I'm all cheer-ed up.

Not List related.
But I had such a delicious weekend.
And the sun set on sunday was everything.
I am equal parts nervous and excited about the course I might be charting with all the spare time I have, but I'm doing it afraid. Lowkey.

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