Friday, April 21, 2017

Grown,Sexy and Adulting

I feel like I have grown so much in the last few months.

It is almost like never mind what it is like. but It is something I am so so so pleased about.

My girl passed her exams. And I'm just like girl I already told you I made a list and everything on that list is getting ticked off.

We ended up at latarvena with pitchers of Sangria and Pizza and Pasta and Asa.

Yes Asa, THE ASA.

It was such a precious evening. Why do people say things like you can't make friends in old age.

Yes your old friends know you. Love you and take your excesses. because lets face it its not after 15 years of my tardiness you want to start crying.

Anyway thankful for new friends that fall in line ( Yes my shiny creative that includes you).

Sexy. Jesus. I think

I'm not sure but I think my pheromones are working over time.

Either that or someone has put a " Fuck me"  sign board on my back and I can't seem to shake it.

It is literally raining men in my life.

For example, there is a trainer in my office from out of town who leaves today, so generally making conversation, I'm like oh why do you people never stay over the weekend to experience the city.

Him: so you would take me out.

Me: Yeah the office has a corporate card so shouldn't be a problem.

Him: I know girls like you

Me: Huh?

Him: I know myself and I can see a bit of myself in you.

Me: Oh. *mutters* Thats what he said. But I really said - is that so?

Him: Sounds awkward but we would be bad together is what I mean.

Me: Urm. okay I'm just going to get back to my desk because yeah.

My friend said I'm an expert placement strategist but that isn't true.
 I think men just like me and I smile.

And Adulting- Can someone just come and give me $10,000 just because I'm cute?

And I have developed a freaking expensive habit of buying art?

Yall know I like to buy things generally not news. But art is expensive AF.

Like I haven't even considered the garri I'm going to be drinking.

Plus it is actually the worst time because I'm going on holiday next monthhhh.

But now hayyyyy.

Pretty please?

Someone give me the $10k?

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