Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Listening non stop to 

I want your simple and your crazy
I'm not the type to tame it
Just when you think you are at your worst
I'm giving you my best.

This album is so sweeeet ehn. I love it.
Like its on constant repeat.

I've haven't be reading much.
because my life has been busy.
But I have made time to read alllllll the old messages I really should delete.
But yeah, I haven't be reading much.


-For my vacation at the end of the month. I can not wait
-my holiday wardrobe
-how I'm going to vanish from work for a family event at 1 ish
- How I need a driver, that someone else will pay for
- how I need to loose weight
-Outfits for the weekend


My nails
The turn out for my mother's husband's 60th birthday
I cut my hair (again) and dyed it the most beautiful shade of purple/Pink.

My gosh you guys it is beautiful. ( My hair)
My life currently.

I know this is such a shit update but you people will have to manage.
Also I love weddings.
I thought I'd hate them because of the separation from Eros,
But I actually really really like them.
I actually a calendar full for the month of October and I am dying from excitement already.

Also why are my family members trying to constantly hook me up.
From my mothers friends ( Iyama).
To my cousin who called me to tell me that her co-worker saw my photo
and wants my number.
(double Iyama).

I'm a really peculiar person so I'm very wary about being hooked up.
So I just tell them what I have discovered is the biggest cop out.
Let me pray about it.

Thats even a bigger cop out than my husband said no.

Sha sha sha.

My nails look cute. My hair is popping
My skin looks amazing

And My sugar baby called me this morning for a collaborative jam session over the phone.

Listen, it may not look/sound like it but I'm counting my blessings and right now
life is good.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

31: List the words that define your personality

Lover girl
Love enthusiast
Lady of Leisure
Duty bound
Kind (ish)

So basically I'm the introvert/extrovert (really the word is ambivert), who hates people in her bed and cant stand wet showers but LOVES having a good time partying at velvett.

You are contradictory he said.

Friday, August 25, 2017

What are you running from?

You are guarded

You keep running

What are these walls?

Why won't you open up to me?

Me: huh?

I swear I'm like a lover girl but everyone keeps saying things that prove that I am not.

2 weeks ago my friend said to me that she would never introduce me to any of her friends because

I am a cassanova.


I was hurt. and now I have to find someone else to introduce me to the boy.

So I ask my home girl M, who was in town from Miami and she is like yah, you have walls.

Me: Word?

Even in friendships and its obvious because you are so open so when you have a wall its glaring think national red line uncrossable.

ME: hayyy.

I also ask E, who is my baby girl and trusted adviser in matters of the heart because who better to show you the way?

Sha she said yes, why are you running so much?

what are you running from?

Me: Everything.

Her: It be's like that sometimes.

Monday, August 21, 2017

list 30: The qualities you admire most in others

I'm not a very patient person and it translates to even when I am dealing with myself I want things now now now.

I'm not the most forgiving person - apparently.

The ability to not speak back ( sometimes)
I always have to say something.
Have to have the last word.

Really it goes from you are so cute to you need to cut that attitude out or I will come and fuck it out of you. smack you.

I admire modest people, I love to sing my praises by myself constantly.

I do not think there are any virtues in playing small, but that is just me.

Ps: I had such an amazing amazing amazing weekend ehn.
Pss: Do yall not drink the cocktails at weddings?

Thursday, August 17, 2017


I completed my photography class.

I am so proud of myself.

I keep looking at the photos like. Gosh.

Thank you so much Canon.

And Leke.

Thank you!

29: List your childhood and current dream job

As a child I really thought I was going to be a beauty queen a la Agbani.

Google her.

Anyway now I am masquerading as a chartered accountant while really I'm an enjoyment enthusiast.

My current dream jobs, would be to curate affordable travel plans and itineraries  for Nigerians.

Which means I get paid to travel for free and write about my experiences and tell people* why they should visit these cities.

Second job would be to be a columnist a la Carrie Bradshaw minus the shoes but for travel.

 and maybe a bit of the sex?

we will see sha, trying to make this a reality.


Friday, August 11, 2017

Articles I liked this week

Because I'm all about love and what's better than a love story between two power houses?

Love Story

Because I met Diplo in Lagos, while he was on his Africa tour,
and was most likely one of the people eating steak at COVA while he Dj-ed
Also waited in the rain for his headline performance at Gidifest


Because everyone says, you won't compromise.
This Quora question answers this perfectly.


Relationship Pro tip:  If someone has too much baggage, we’ll end up carrying a lot of it.

And finally because, aren't we all trying to hack this thing called life?
in the healthiest possible way?

Life hack

Excerpt: "but merely pointing out that
 it is not necessary to accept the choices handed down to you by life as you know it.
There is more to it than that— no one HAS to do something he doesn’t want to do
 for the rest of his life.
But then again, if that’s what you wind up doing,
by all means convince yourself that you HAD to do it.
You’ll have lots of company."

This week picked up greatly, you know, if anyone is interested in knowing.
My Travel blog *covers face* has two comments,
And I'm starting a photography class next week- No more shooting on auto!

Told you it picked up.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I think
Actually I know

That there is one thing I hate more than being lied to,
and it's people taking my things without my permission.

It is disrespectful AF.

And I do not do it, because I know how much it irks me.

Same way I ask people before I pick out of their plates because I know how much some people hate it.

I don't care about it but I respect people enough.

So I moved back home and my sister assumed it was perfect to just pick up where she left off stealing my things.

Latest one includes a set of 3 gold bracelets valued at 500GBP.
Now I had been managing my bracelets so that next time I'm in London,
I will go back with my receipt and sell them jejely and collect my money
because Ticket to Barbados is 500GBP

Imagine my confusion when I couldn't find them.
They are kept in one place and I didn't move them.

Anyway I went to visit my sister
and guess what I found?

My beloved bracelets in the tray where she keeps her keys.

And offcourse one was broken.

Bye bye Ticket to Barbados.

But check this, she doesn't understand why I am upset.
Apparently I am " Over reacting"

And everytime she says that word I just want to slap her across the face with a folding metal chair.

Over reacting to something I have told you repeatedly that I hate?


Just thinking about this is stressing me out.
Fast forward to this morning,
she messages me about how much she loves me and she wants me to know

And I tell her,

Stop taking my things.
If you "Love" and respect me as you claim and you really want me to know
leave my things alone.

Off course she starts talking about how it is only material and it's not enough for me to react like that.

Me: LOL.

When you are ready to love me, you know what to do.
till then I'm not interested in this conversation.

I hope she goes back to my mother and they both cry over this.

because I know that shit isn't ending.

And now I'm ready for war fare.



Tuesday, August 8, 2017

List 28: List the wildest things you want to try

- Sky Diving
I have an insane fear of heights plus I'm Nigerian so I'm very aware of the fact that 1000 people may have jumped and when its my turn the parachute won't deploy because my village people are working over time.

-Spontaneous Trips
Like a what are you doing, pack a bag lets go type trip
I'm an excel plan the trip typa girl.
There are budgets and there are correspondences and there are plans
that are flexible, but plans none the less

- Playboy Cover
I reallllllly wanna do a playboy cover I mean I'm only going to have this body now so I might as well. you know?

- Write a book
This I've always wanted to do and maybe I can get it done this year. Maybe.

Post Script
Wildest Person I want to try: The boy I liked.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Bad things and Bad people

Sometimes you need a reminder that you know circumstances are just that - Circumstances.

They aren't defining points, neither are they labels. 

They are simply circumstances.

Last night I was out with T as is our usual tradition, my sugar baby text me.

And I went out to talk with him for  a bit, in a bid to disuade him I mentioned that I was currently separated from Eros.

He said

It's a bad thing to happen, but you are not a bad person, and it is important to remember this.

Out of the mouth of Babes.

If I could weep from relief I would have.

I mean I have friends till date who made the most off hand comments and hurtful comments about this but look at this underage baby giving me clarity.


As an aside: These Young boys have all the linessss.
Like I am equal parts impressed and amused at the same time everytime we have a conversation.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


A few things I had planned to be able to do in 2017

Run around in heels

Play the Piano

Do a full split

Start and hopefully conclude legal separation from Eros.

Today is August 2nd

Ask me where I have reached?

No where

Still not wearing heels anywhere

Still haven't started Piano classes

LOL at the full split

And very interestingly I can not even find the marriage certificate to even start the process.

I had a really interesting day yesterday

- Sorted out my last vendor payment which happened to be the wedding cake. Converted it to a cake for my mother's husbands birthday. Meh

- Found out my Amala woman has closed down. Hiss

- and off course the crushing disappointment from the realization that the thing with the boy won't work.

But on the upside: Remember when I told you how I was praying for something else asides ticket money?

My Aunt was really sick, it was going to cost a shit load of money to sort her out, but in under a month she is back home.

Walking. Talking. Eating.

Also my sugar wax girl is in Lagos from Abuja.

Pleased doesn't even cover it.

Even more exciting,

I've ordered my birthday cake already. My Birthday is in November.


Even with the left-ness of yesterday I am pretty excited about August.

I'm attempting a whole 30 no alcohol thingy thingy thing.

Will let you know how that goes.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Update on I met a boy.

So you know the boy
that I actually developed a range for a liked to bits  liked

It's not happening.
And it's so awful how you grow up
and you realize that things won't work
no matter how much like
or potential a thing might have
or perfect vibes

I miss being young and stupid
and making those stupid decisions with my chest
But you gatta learn, you gatta grow
Ignorance is actually bliss.

So I'm thinking do I want to try this friend thing
But you know how you end up being friends with someone
and next thing
Reverse cow girl.

To thine self be true abi how do they say it?

I feel maybe I should try this celibacy thing Fr Fr.
I mean I'm already on course abi?
Let it be deliberate.

I am thankful for T,
for Thursdays and for being
the right type of asshole.

My wax girl from abuja just happens to be in lagos.
Color me dying of excitement abeg.
Body gonna be out here feeling like
the glory of God.


Listening non stop to Baby all these nights I've struggled and fought my pride scared that someone your type couldn't s...