Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I think
Actually I know

That there is one thing I hate more than being lied to,
and it's people taking my things without my permission.

It is disrespectful AF.

And I do not do it, because I know how much it irks me.

Same way I ask people before I pick out of their plates because I know how much some people hate it.

I don't care about it but I respect people enough.

So I moved back home and my sister assumed it was perfect to just pick up where she left off stealing my things.

Latest one includes a set of 3 gold bracelets valued at 500GBP.
Now I had been managing my bracelets so that next time I'm in London,
I will go back with my receipt and sell them jejely and collect my money
because Ticket to Barbados is 500GBP

Imagine my confusion when I couldn't find them.
They are kept in one place and I didn't move them.

Anyway I went to visit my sister
and guess what I found?

My beloved bracelets in the tray where she keeps her keys.

And offcourse one was broken.

Bye bye Ticket to Barbados.

But check this, she doesn't understand why I am upset.
Apparently I am " Over reacting"

And everytime she says that word I just want to slap her across the face with a folding metal chair.

Over reacting to something I have told you repeatedly that I hate?


Just thinking about this is stressing me out.
Fast forward to this morning,
she messages me about how much she loves me and she wants me to know

And I tell her,

Stop taking my things.
If you "Love" and respect me as you claim and you really want me to know
leave my things alone.

Off course she starts talking about how it is only material and it's not enough for me to react like that.

Me: LOL.

When you are ready to love me, you know what to do.
till then I'm not interested in this conversation.

I hope she goes back to my mother and they both cry over this.

because I know that shit isn't ending.

And now I'm ready for war fare.



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