Wednesday, August 2, 2017


A few things I had planned to be able to do in 2017

Run around in heels

Play the Piano

Do a full split

Start and hopefully conclude legal separation from Eros.

Today is August 2nd

Ask me where I have reached?

No where

Still not wearing heels anywhere

Still haven't started Piano classes

LOL at the full split

And very interestingly I can not even find the marriage certificate to even start the process.

I had a really interesting day yesterday

- Sorted out my last vendor payment which happened to be the wedding cake. Converted it to a cake for my mother's husbands birthday. Meh

- Found out my Amala woman has closed down. Hiss

- and off course the crushing disappointment from the realization that the thing with the boy won't work.

But on the upside: Remember when I told you how I was praying for something else asides ticket money?

My Aunt was really sick, it was going to cost a shit load of money to sort her out, but in under a month she is back home.

Walking. Talking. Eating.

Also my sugar wax girl is in Lagos from Abuja.

Pleased doesn't even cover it.

Even more exciting,

I've ordered my birthday cake already. My Birthday is in November.


Even with the left-ness of yesterday I am pretty excited about August.

I'm attempting a whole 30 no alcohol thingy thingy thing.

Will let you know how that goes.

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