Tuesday, August 8, 2017

List 28: List the wildest things you want to try

- Sky Diving
I have an insane fear of heights plus I'm Nigerian so I'm very aware of the fact that 1000 people may have jumped and when its my turn the parachute won't deploy because my village people are working over time.

-Spontaneous Trips
Like a what are you doing, pack a bag lets go type trip
I'm an excel plan the trip typa girl.
There are budgets and there are correspondences and there are plans
that are flexible, but plans none the less

- Playboy Cover
I reallllllly wanna do a playboy cover I mean I'm only going to have this body now so I might as well. you know?

- Write a book
This I've always wanted to do and maybe I can get it done this year. Maybe.

Post Script
Wildest Person I want to try: The boy I liked.

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