Sunday, July 24, 2011


The lover is mad at me- im so fucking upset because its really not like my fault this time.

im actually really sad. i wish apologies are enough sometimes.

Anyways- i just discovered this song by BABA DEE- GUM BODY.

i havent been this excited about a song since Terry G's free Madness-

thats the link there- go on click it. you know you want to.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I went to school here so there are so many memories here.

A bit to many.

This morning i tweeted how Apapa was my Nostalgia.

Everything i remember from here is now unattainable.

Everyday i drive past Apapa Club- and wonder if they’d turn me back at the entrance of the lounge.

Or bar. Or whatever it is called these days.

Primary school was perfect- except i was a major cry baby- perfection was Apapa.

Complete family, eating meals on the dining table- all the shit we were made to believe constitute a happy family.

Or what not.

Last night i was at the lovers- and we sat and ate in front of the tv. He is so freaking Anal about sitting at the table- who said people don’t change?

Off course its not like a change per say. People were playing game and he wanted to watch.

I worry a lot about marriage- which is odd seeing as i have no weight on my finger.

Whenever i tell the lover- he says I’m melo-dramatic and i worry about that which i have no control over.

Of late- I’ve been slightly off beat- distant from everybody. I keep telling people what it is- and they say i should suck it up.

Everybody says the same thing. Be grateful. Stop whining. You have it good.

BUT i want it better.

What am i bitching about- the fact that i am a hotel rat. I hate it. I hate hotel rooms.


Its just not me- its nice for a holiday and shit- but for work it disgusts me to my very core.

My spirit light dims a little every night i spend in a hotel room. It is truly and really disgusting.

I cant understand and people enjoy it- as i already said. It is disgusting.

Anyways my blog cant tell me to suck it up so Ha. I feel better.

I was actually crying on Sunday because i didn’t want to leave home- reminds me of midterms in boarding house.

I HATED BOARDING HOUSE- granted i made most of my best friends there and learnt majority of lifes lessons- i still hated it. With a passion that is revived every time i have to lodge in a FUCKING hotel!!!!!!!

Having nosey irritating co-workers is the worst thing ever.

Always asking- are you the only child? Are you full Yoruba? Do you speak any language asides English?

I think the reason i wanted to be an auditor was because i didn’t want inter-office relations. I just want to work and go to the club and make it rain on them hoes home, and relate with my loved ones.

But these ones want to chat and fraternize and check if you really bleached your ass hole and just basically be up in your freaking business- again ITS SO FUCKING IRRITATING!

OMG there is a strip club in Lekki???!!! And the best part of this is that Andre champagne is 18k there for a bottle. Actually that isn’t the best part- this is.

A carton of Andre champagne is like 15k max.

Amusing. Very amusing.

I need to get my nails done- they hurt every time i clutch my fists.

Since i got new music back on my ipod. I’ve been feeling odd.

New music- not my thing. Im an old soul.

I just re-read this post. I am very random. I quite like this.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I have sooooo much to blog about. But I can't seem to find where to draw the line between My Journal and my Blog and My secret Diary.

Today I met my half brother- to be fair this was the 3rd time I was seeing him, but the 1st time I was meeting him and talking and all that.

Bonus I met his beautiful fiance.

For the longest time I had begrudged my father for leaving my Mother to raise 3 children without a job.

Then to find out he had a child BEFORE he maRried my mother.

I became very disinterested in relations with him.

So when my half brother came into the picture- my sister discovered him through hi5. I was not interested. Infact I was reluctant to relate with him. Anyways I did go and see him at the palms about 3 xmases ago after a LOT of encouragement from the Lover.

But all that asides like last week he sent me a face-book message that he was in town. And like everyself respecting human being my facebook profile is verrrry private. Anyways so he sent me his number about 2days later and I called him.

We had tried all week to meet up BUT work had been crazy- so today when he called me- I just bailed from work AND went to meet him.

He looks soooo much like my father- its startling. Well maybe not startling but shocking because my brother looks nothing like my father.

But you see he is Nothing like my father and I realised how wrong I was attempting to transfer the Hate/ dislike/negative energy I have for my father to him.

I had such a fun time talking to him today I'm thankful I didn't see a movie. It turns out he is very close to my fathers people ie my grand dad- who I JUST found out today HAD FOUR WIVES!!!!!

I tell you the institution of marriage is very scary.

Anyways I found out a lot from him but I am thankful I have kept away from my fathers people.

As a Yoruba girl I realise that when I have to get married I'd have to do it like the Yoruba tradition and involve my Father and all that. What I really want is for my Mother to re-marry so we can by-pass all that.

Its just so annoying that a man doesn't look after his children but when things go alright they are eager to share in the glory. Its very irritating.

Anyways I wish him and his Fiancee a nice wedding- hopefully I'd be available to attend- a part of me does not want to because I know my father would be at the wedding of my Half brother- awkward much? I know when I get to that bridge I'd cross it.

Onto less heart wrenching news

I still haven't given the lover anything.

Work is ok- my coworker or rather ex co-worker said once she saw me she knew I'd be worth the employment. :)

Compliments from co-workers make me happy. ^_^

A little to happy. For someone who compliments don't Faze. I like getting work related compliments sadly they are far and few between each other.

My GrandMa is in town- Nothing reminds you of how far you have come like your grandma.

I am thankful for her.

As is my Younger brother too- this excites me. I love his non bathing self too much.

Anyways breakfast at Cafelicious tomorrow with the Lover On me.

Of recent I've observed my gold digging traits returning- I am glad. I'd hate to be one of those girls who wouldn't take things from men. Lol jk.

Still thinking about that belly button piercing. Motivation to slave away at the gym for ever.

My friend Debo suggested this 30min intense work out plan- *tufia* when I'm not a spartan?

Ok enough of my rambling. Tomorrow is a busy day.

Need to cut my nails-making a fist without hurting is impossible.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011



its the Lovers birthday- well not quite the birthday is tomorrow.

im still stuck out of town for work and hence i wont be able to make it in.

#sidebar - When i get married im taking the 1st 5 years off.

i know ive always said i wanted to make partner BUT trust me you do not want to be an auditor and be married i dont know how the women in my office do it.

anyways he "understands" because i have proceeded to bribe him with promises of things -i cant ever blog about, for fear My mother would stumble upon this blog lol -when i return which seemed to have worked.

he gets no present anyways- well not till i get back. of which i AM yet to make up my mind.

i mean asides the other things we are doing together- breakfast/spa trip/ caterer having dinner over/ random tit bits- there is really no present for him.

because i cant make up my damn mind on what it is i should get it.

i suck at giving presents.

anyways moving on all this jara is a facade i am dying because i can NOT BE WITH HIM TODAY.
or rather tomorrow but yah u get the point. its just so sad. this paid employment BS.

*settling into office chair*

i am also home sick. very home sick.

but on the Upside- i am going home ON FRIDAY!!!!!!


lol my old Qc phrases crack me up. today someon tweeted "o dish there!" to me.
i was too excited.

i miss QC and Uni a lot. i think i was tricked into growing up.

and i really really need a holiday.

i have this headache that can only be from all this work i have been doing here.

you know what i hate the most about team work- lazy team members.

i am the laziest person but when it comes to work- i put my back into it. and how i wish everybody else on this damn thing had the same fucking attitude.

i CAN not wait for new team members. the other staff on the job is just using style to dash me his work- he would be like "oh have u finished, Can you just help me do this caption"

no Bitch i can not and would not do shit for you.

lol. i dont say that- i say ok when i finish what i am doing, then i drag what i have to do till i close.

i swear i learnt too much from the tortise.

i miss Ife- for someone who i hated and could not get along with, we are pretty much friends now.

im sure my mother is sleeping in peace now. we used to fight so much- she used to punish me when we were in QC. thats how bad we had it.

anyways. happy birthday to the Lover- i wish him the absolute best at everything- and if he does read this *wink*

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I hate/loathe being kept in confinment against my will. it annoys me especially since this is something i have no control over.

i Also hate being lied to, for some reason everybody seems to enjoy/dervie joy from doing that to me.

I hate hate hate hate people coming to my house and taking my stuff, clothes, shoes,bag anything- Ask me dammit.

I hate how since i got a job everybody expects me to give them money- i dont quite understand this.

I hate how my Snr cant stand up to my manager. i watch him and shake his head. and wonder how can a man be so spineless?

I shake my head and how much missing the Lovers birthday makes me want to quit my Job.

well among other things. but i actually want to quit my job now.


Because i am being forced to work with my manager- who is nothing short of a beast.

i dont like him much. especially after i have worked with other people.

who treat thier staff like they are human.

My senior is threatening to stream-line me into Fin-services.

and i swear auditing a Fin Institution is the worst thing that can happen to any auditor.

so if that happens, i will quit and face my Gmat Jeje. because i need to go to school.

actually im looking forward to it. lol

why wont they let me audit Oil and Gas tho?

because i intend to move into that after my stint here.

well at least i hope that is what God has for me.

The lovers birthday is around the corner, and apparently the gifts i intend to buy for him...

are to "wifey" like. BUT since its me , i may get away with it- according to Asake

then my other friend- thinks its too practical, says i should buy sthg more fancy- whatevzz.

anyhoos so im back at square one giftless- because i am such a generic gift giver AND quite frankly i have given most of the stuff that i could possibly give him.

my friend suggested an iPad- i told her i wasnt in the business of giving out gifts that i dont own.

is that mean? :S i think its pratical- very practical.

i think i would end up giving him cash or a cheque and have him do as he likes.

i am so un romantic.

#ps the gift i intially had in mind, was a kitchen appliance.

what? he just moved into his own place and i thought it apt.


Listening non stop to Baby all these nights I've struggled and fought my pride scared that someone your type couldn't s...