Sunday, July 17, 2011


I have sooooo much to blog about. But I can't seem to find where to draw the line between My Journal and my Blog and My secret Diary.

Today I met my half brother- to be fair this was the 3rd time I was seeing him, but the 1st time I was meeting him and talking and all that.

Bonus I met his beautiful fiance.

For the longest time I had begrudged my father for leaving my Mother to raise 3 children without a job.

Then to find out he had a child BEFORE he maRried my mother.

I became very disinterested in relations with him.

So when my half brother came into the picture- my sister discovered him through hi5. I was not interested. Infact I was reluctant to relate with him. Anyways I did go and see him at the palms about 3 xmases ago after a LOT of encouragement from the Lover.

But all that asides like last week he sent me a face-book message that he was in town. And like everyself respecting human being my facebook profile is verrrry private. Anyways so he sent me his number about 2days later and I called him.

We had tried all week to meet up BUT work had been crazy- so today when he called me- I just bailed from work AND went to meet him.

He looks soooo much like my father- its startling. Well maybe not startling but shocking because my brother looks nothing like my father.

But you see he is Nothing like my father and I realised how wrong I was attempting to transfer the Hate/ dislike/negative energy I have for my father to him.

I had such a fun time talking to him today I'm thankful I didn't see a movie. It turns out he is very close to my fathers people ie my grand dad- who I JUST found out today HAD FOUR WIVES!!!!!

I tell you the institution of marriage is very scary.

Anyways I found out a lot from him but I am thankful I have kept away from my fathers people.

As a Yoruba girl I realise that when I have to get married I'd have to do it like the Yoruba tradition and involve my Father and all that. What I really want is for my Mother to re-marry so we can by-pass all that.

Its just so annoying that a man doesn't look after his children but when things go alright they are eager to share in the glory. Its very irritating.

Anyways I wish him and his Fiancee a nice wedding- hopefully I'd be available to attend- a part of me does not want to because I know my father would be at the wedding of my Half brother- awkward much? I know when I get to that bridge I'd cross it.

Onto less heart wrenching news

I still haven't given the lover anything.

Work is ok- my coworker or rather ex co-worker said once she saw me she knew I'd be worth the employment. :)

Compliments from co-workers make me happy. ^_^

A little to happy. For someone who compliments don't Faze. I like getting work related compliments sadly they are far and few between each other.

My GrandMa is in town- Nothing reminds you of how far you have come like your grandma.

I am thankful for her.

As is my Younger brother too- this excites me. I love his non bathing self too much.

Anyways breakfast at Cafelicious tomorrow with the Lover On me.

Of recent I've observed my gold digging traits returning- I am glad. I'd hate to be one of those girls who wouldn't take things from men. Lol jk.

Still thinking about that belly button piercing. Motivation to slave away at the gym for ever.

My friend Debo suggested this 30min intense work out plan- *tufia* when I'm not a spartan?

Ok enough of my rambling. Tomorrow is a busy day.

Need to cut my nails-making a fist without hurting is impossible.

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Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

I can relate to the issue of step brothers and all. I have one that's only 3months older than I am. Go figure. My parents stayed together up until about 2yrs ago when things went sour *sigh*

My fear now is to end up with a man that's jst like my father :( I dnt want to have to carry the family burden on my shoulder like my mother did. But God dey sha!

U've been with the Lover over 3yrs??? Nice!!!


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