Wednesday, July 6, 2011



its the Lovers birthday- well not quite the birthday is tomorrow.

im still stuck out of town for work and hence i wont be able to make it in.

#sidebar - When i get married im taking the 1st 5 years off.

i know ive always said i wanted to make partner BUT trust me you do not want to be an auditor and be married i dont know how the women in my office do it.

anyways he "understands" because i have proceeded to bribe him with promises of things -i cant ever blog about, for fear My mother would stumble upon this blog lol -when i return which seemed to have worked.

he gets no present anyways- well not till i get back. of which i AM yet to make up my mind.

i mean asides the other things we are doing together- breakfast/spa trip/ caterer having dinner over/ random tit bits- there is really no present for him.

because i cant make up my damn mind on what it is i should get it.

i suck at giving presents.

anyways moving on all this jara is a facade i am dying because i can NOT BE WITH HIM TODAY.
or rather tomorrow but yah u get the point. its just so sad. this paid employment BS.

*settling into office chair*

i am also home sick. very home sick.

but on the Upside- i am going home ON FRIDAY!!!!!!


lol my old Qc phrases crack me up. today someon tweeted "o dish there!" to me.
i was too excited.

i miss QC and Uni a lot. i think i was tricked into growing up.

and i really really need a holiday.

i have this headache that can only be from all this work i have been doing here.

you know what i hate the most about team work- lazy team members.

i am the laziest person but when it comes to work- i put my back into it. and how i wish everybody else on this damn thing had the same fucking attitude.

i CAN not wait for new team members. the other staff on the job is just using style to dash me his work- he would be like "oh have u finished, Can you just help me do this caption"

no Bitch i can not and would not do shit for you.

lol. i dont say that- i say ok when i finish what i am doing, then i drag what i have to do till i close.

i swear i learnt too much from the tortise.

i miss Ife- for someone who i hated and could not get along with, we are pretty much friends now.

im sure my mother is sleeping in peace now. we used to fight so much- she used to punish me when we were in QC. thats how bad we had it.

anyways. happy birthday to the Lover- i wish him the absolute best at everything- and if he does read this *wink*

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