Friday, July 22, 2011


I went to school here so there are so many memories here.

A bit to many.

This morning i tweeted how Apapa was my Nostalgia.

Everything i remember from here is now unattainable.

Everyday i drive past Apapa Club- and wonder if they’d turn me back at the entrance of the lounge.

Or bar. Or whatever it is called these days.

Primary school was perfect- except i was a major cry baby- perfection was Apapa.

Complete family, eating meals on the dining table- all the shit we were made to believe constitute a happy family.

Or what not.

Last night i was at the lovers- and we sat and ate in front of the tv. He is so freaking Anal about sitting at the table- who said people don’t change?

Off course its not like a change per say. People were playing game and he wanted to watch.

I worry a lot about marriage- which is odd seeing as i have no weight on my finger.

Whenever i tell the lover- he says I’m melo-dramatic and i worry about that which i have no control over.

Of late- I’ve been slightly off beat- distant from everybody. I keep telling people what it is- and they say i should suck it up.

Everybody says the same thing. Be grateful. Stop whining. You have it good.

BUT i want it better.

What am i bitching about- the fact that i am a hotel rat. I hate it. I hate hotel rooms.


Its just not me- its nice for a holiday and shit- but for work it disgusts me to my very core.

My spirit light dims a little every night i spend in a hotel room. It is truly and really disgusting.

I cant understand and people enjoy it- as i already said. It is disgusting.

Anyways my blog cant tell me to suck it up so Ha. I feel better.

I was actually crying on Sunday because i didn’t want to leave home- reminds me of midterms in boarding house.

I HATED BOARDING HOUSE- granted i made most of my best friends there and learnt majority of lifes lessons- i still hated it. With a passion that is revived every time i have to lodge in a FUCKING hotel!!!!!!!

Having nosey irritating co-workers is the worst thing ever.

Always asking- are you the only child? Are you full Yoruba? Do you speak any language asides English?

I think the reason i wanted to be an auditor was because i didn’t want inter-office relations. I just want to work and go to the club and make it rain on them hoes home, and relate with my loved ones.

But these ones want to chat and fraternize and check if you really bleached your ass hole and just basically be up in your freaking business- again ITS SO FUCKING IRRITATING!

OMG there is a strip club in Lekki???!!! And the best part of this is that Andre champagne is 18k there for a bottle. Actually that isn’t the best part- this is.

A carton of Andre champagne is like 15k max.

Amusing. Very amusing.

I need to get my nails done- they hurt every time i clutch my fists.

Since i got new music back on my ipod. I’ve been feeling odd.

New music- not my thing. Im an old soul.

I just re-read this post. I am very random. I quite like this.

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