Monday, March 21, 2016

I am experiencing so much peace.

It is ridiculous.

I can hardly explain it. I am excited and in awe of God's goodness at the same time I am elated.

Came home after a super fulfilling day to TWO fruit baskets from my MIL.

I think my mother in law is so thankful I agreed to marry her son. she keeps giving me things and sending me food. Randomly during the week.

As if she knows baby girl would be tired sometimes.

She also does this thing where her driver randomly comes to drop off things I mentioned in casual passingg for me.

To my real mummy- You are slowly getting over thrown.

I am always in awe of how nice my MIL is. Like maybe God sent her to me because I have been a good a faithful ( not often blamess sha) servant.


My mother legitimately thinks I am the prettiest most beautiful thing to walk on God's green earth.

No jokes.

She slathers me with compliments so randomly- Like I would be washing plates and look up and catch her staring at me, and she would just say- see as you fine.

It happens so much, I am ALMOST used to it.

Anyways this is such a good thing except when I need to explain to her the make up budget.

" What is wrong with the normal one you do?"- ps I do not even wear foundation.

And you are so fine, why is the money so plenty like that, the person will not have plenty work to do.

Can't one of your friends come and do it for you.

*pause* NO Mommy.

I think I fucked up and sent my momma the full wedding budget. Should have listened to the advice of the wise people AND just jejely done two- Like when I have to explain my shopping to Eros.

Speaking of Eros- it is so odd how we keep rubbing off on each other.

The other day, I wanted us to eat out and he said ah delivery will take too long, lets cook.

And as we were eating, he said ah- the food we would have eaten out would never have been this nice

AND we saved money too.


Hello- WHO ARE YOU? and what have you done to Master shop till you drop Eros- Firmest believer in the discipline that money just has to be spent and first of his name in line to the throne of the laulau lifestyle?

I could not believe the words- save money, could even fall out from his mouth.

I said a silent prayer to God in heaven because he knows how happy this made me.


How are we ALL looking forward to Easter?

Me- Thankful for the holiday and looking forward to monday.

Ps- I was dreading it, but now I am looking forward to it- whole heartedly.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International women Day!

God made man, then he had a better idea- Temilade tweeted this!

happy international women day!!!

You guys obviously already know how much fun I have being a woman, I mean I do not need to list it all out to you- so I am super excited that the world has given me a day to wax lyrical about it.

Not like I needed permission.

Today I want every woman out there to know that you are enough. You being a woman is one of the advantages you have ( I know the world leads to you believe otherwise)

But I need you to trust your journey and enjoy the journey and choices you make as a woman.

Totally enjoy them because there is nothing worse than waking up one day and realising that express don pass you while you were sleeping on a bicycle.

Does this mean my life is perfect?

*scoffs* hardly.

You know its the strangest thing how I my life has really been the most difficult I have experienced and somehow this is my most excited period/ happiest times.

You do not believe me- so let me tell you- I do not own a frying pan. And that is super frustrating- ps I learnt to use a pot to fry eggs.

I also threw myself into doing things for other people. ( women)

Speaking of throwing myself into that, I created content for my friend's website and it went live today.

Happy international women day to me!

I felt so proud, You know I have had this blog for over 7 years BUT This is the first time I was bold enough to even write for something that isnt uber casual.

When the link came and I read it. I was like WORDDDDD.

LOL it was the most amazing feeling.

And no it was pro bono- It would be the last so if you have a website and you need content creation come to me.

Ps- note how I did not talk about how Erin Ijesha?
Let me just say it was good.

the trip was interesting as it was exciting. so much loved it

Relationship gains. from being sat next to eros for cummulatively 12 hours in a cramped bus next to each other for company because we both (not explicity) agreed that we were too cool for school.

But he loved it. as did I, and are currently trying to hook up another city trip.

I know even me sef- I cant believe it. Like is this you boo?

Finally in conclusion to this super disjointed post-

Women till you realise your powers inherent as a woman and use them for your higher purpose (hint: This does not include snatching other people's husbandsssss) It actually is in line with making the world a better place than you met it...

You would really not enjoy being a woman.

I know I have been there.

So from the most womanly Woman you would ever come across- I love you ( if you are a woman on a journey) and even if you aren't on your journey I like you for the simple fact you have boobs!


Happy Women's day.

Look Women is already plural abi?

I know I said finally BUT one last thing- Women who are over 20 but less than 70

Please. Please Please, go and get a pap smear.

My friend set up a twitter handle with all the possible information you need regarding this.

Pap Smear Campaign  and would be updating with centers where you can get one done.

If you feel this is too expensive- Skip a weekend face beat and go and get your smear ON!

For real cervical cancer is detectable and treatable if discovered early.

I know for a fact that the alternative is worse.

Also whether or not you are sexually active- Try to get a pap smear.

Okay? Im done for real now!

One more-  Still seeking a tribe for my weekly meet-ups related to gossiping and sangria's and what have you.

pss- went to latarvena last night (Pro tip to enjoy date night with bae? Let your phone battery be at 2%)

You will focus on him/her 120%.

The Sangria there was excellent I had 2 jars. one cost N1,800.

Color me slightly inebriated.

Happy International (&local) Women's Day!

ps- I did not proof read this so as usual all typo's are mine. Bye

Thursday, March 3, 2016

I just might

Pen an open letter to Wenger.

Because I know I am not the only woman whose sex life is directly propotional to the result of her husband's football club.

Married women. sexually active women whose husbands/sex partners support arsenal, please come forward lets form a support group.

Thanks and God bless.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What is in your hand and other items

Now I do not know if I have mentioned this here BUT

I have been approached by people I know do to some type of work for them that is not accounting work.

I know crazy right?

Not really.

I have been wanting to generate an separate stream of income from side hustle but I have been unwilling to follow through?


I have no idea.

Anyway Today I decided to fulfil a need/gap- my sister runs an interior decorator business. and I asked her to create  a seprate IG page because really why do you have all these selfies on your  business page?

But I felt like she wasn't really following through properly SO- I decided to

offer to run her social media. For FREE.

for a month anyways.

I only agreed to do this spur of the moment because as I was scrolling on IG- I saw this post that TD Jakes posted.

It was a bible verse, where God asked Moses "What is in your hand?"

Hint: It was an ordinary Shepard's rod.

And God asked him to throw it down and I think we all know how the rest ends.

God will use what is in your hand to answer your prayer requests.

Ps- My cell phone was in my hand.

And So I ask - what is that thing in your hand that you are yet to start throwing on the ground for God to work on?

My nails look so pretty.

I keep forgetting how much I talk/blog about my nails then I meet someone in real life and she says- Let me see your hands.

And I'm like huh?

And she is like- You are the one ALWAYS posting your nails on instagram.

*hides face in shame*

I said I wont do any major buying this year. Infact I want to give out a lot of my clothes and stuff.


No reason- I can work with what I have tbh. and that is the plan.


I have no fuel/no car/it is kind of not feasible to uber to the mainland daily.

Guess who wants to consider takin bus home today?

Or at least to obalende?

Actually It rained today so maybe tomorrow?


Pss- Erin Ijesha is on SATURDAYYY!
So excited. will pack a bit tonight when I get home.

Emails at 1am

This week the love of my life Uloh was in town. Sooo we went out eating drinking running and just generally doing nuisancey shit around tow...