Monday, March 21, 2016

I am experiencing so much peace.

It is ridiculous.

I can hardly explain it. I am excited and in awe of God's goodness at the same time I am elated.

Came home after a super fulfilling day to TWO fruit baskets from my MIL.

I think my mother in law is so thankful I agreed to marry her son. she keeps giving me things and sending me food. Randomly during the week.

As if she knows baby girl would be tired sometimes.

She also does this thing where her driver randomly comes to drop off things I mentioned in casual passingg for me.

To my real mummy- You are slowly getting over thrown.

I am always in awe of how nice my MIL is. Like maybe God sent her to me because I have been a good a faithful ( not often blamess sha) servant.


My mother legitimately thinks I am the prettiest most beautiful thing to walk on God's green earth.

No jokes.

She slathers me with compliments so randomly- Like I would be washing plates and look up and catch her staring at me, and she would just say- see as you fine.

It happens so much, I am ALMOST used to it.

Anyways this is such a good thing except when I need to explain to her the make up budget.

" What is wrong with the normal one you do?"- ps I do not even wear foundation.

And you are so fine, why is the money so plenty like that, the person will not have plenty work to do.

Can't one of your friends come and do it for you.

*pause* NO Mommy.

I think I fucked up and sent my momma the full wedding budget. Should have listened to the advice of the wise people AND just jejely done two- Like when I have to explain my shopping to Eros.

Speaking of Eros- it is so odd how we keep rubbing off on each other.

The other day, I wanted us to eat out and he said ah delivery will take too long, lets cook.

And as we were eating, he said ah- the food we would have eaten out would never have been this nice

AND we saved money too.


Hello- WHO ARE YOU? and what have you done to Master shop till you drop Eros- Firmest believer in the discipline that money just has to be spent and first of his name in line to the throne of the laulau lifestyle?

I could not believe the words- save money, could even fall out from his mouth.

I said a silent prayer to God in heaven because he knows how happy this made me.


How are we ALL looking forward to Easter?

Me- Thankful for the holiday and looking forward to monday.

Ps- I was dreading it, but now I am looking forward to it- whole heartedly.

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