Sunday, January 24, 2016

On letting God find me and Finding Shina

This year, I decided to get a lot more serious with God.

And let him get more serious with me.

Children of God ( and heathens)- It is working.

I have fallen into the hands of Pastor Poju Oyemade.

And I love it.

I'm strongly, thinking of making this my home church. The first service I attended ( and the only one I have attended in person the rest have been via youtube) I just knew in my heart. That it was done. and I was home. I also cried lots and lots and lots of tears. But that is not relevant here.

Anyways so I have taken to positive speaking, daily bible reading, Joining bible studies and the likes. and check this. I LOVE IT.

This journey I keep learning and God keeps coming through for me, and I am thankful.

Ps- He also answered all the prayers for all the things I had been asking for.

And this is just January.

2016 is actually going to be a super fabulous year.

On friday, I dipped from work to go and see Sir Shina Peters live at the Afropolitan vibes.

Now if you read my blog, you will know, I do not really refer to myself as Yoruba because- I'm really not.

However because SSP is the actual best thing since before Rapping in Yoruba became a thing; I would always stan for him.

a little back story to growing up-  My mother was obssessed with music.

Literally. Abba was on repeat constantly in my house. Whitney nko? NON Stop
But for Nigerian Music we alternated between Shina and Evi Edna Ogholi ( you might want to google her).

There is one of Shina peter's video's where he is dressed in a three piece suit with a red cummerbund and a matching red bow tie.

Readers and Children of God, My baby brother- had his first birthday party dressed up like Sir Shina Peters- exact replica.

And you can guess what we danced musical chairs that day to?- AfroJuju.

After Shina left the music scene, My mum moved on to Lagbaja but thats neither here nor there.
So you guys need to understand that my obsession with SSP, No be today.

Anyways that is sha how I went to Afropolitan to see Sir Shina Peters.

Let us just say that, when he came on- My friend said this Owambe is in my blood.

If you know me in real life- I'm pretty cool calm and collected. Infact before Shina came on, I was just standing and watching them SDC perform and you know general disinterestedness because these new generation rappers. meh

So when Shina came on- HAYYYYYYYY.

My mother would have been super proud.

Look- if I wore my polar watch maybe 2000 calories would have been burnt.


I obviously knew all the lyrics - because even though I do not speak Yoruba- I can sing Shina. duh

and I sang SHINA to my hearts content.

My friend told me afterwards that- so why do you need saying you are not Yoruba? because this thing is inside your body.


I obviously cant have Shina at my wedding because - Decorum has to be observed with a side of caution.

But it was LIT.

And I think one of the best things to grace the Nigerian entertainment industry- is SHINA.

Nigerians have a problem with maintenance.

So I was really glad for Shina.

I wish my mum would have been around to come and watch- She would have LOVED it.

Monday, January 18, 2016

All of the Lights in the new year

Happy new Year!
And I promise to do better in 2016. I mean that is a real photo of me.

You can enlarge all you want. :)

I would be back with a more delicious post but right now. I am trusting God.
And when he come's through for me; because he always does.
I would come back with all the news for you.

Ps: I feel like I need to really trust God, 2 different bible devotionals and then an extra avenue telling me to trust him.
I'm like YASSSSS Lord. I get it. I would trust you.

Pss: I found a place in Lagos where they actually do hot wax brazilian waxes.
Guess who is getting her husband hardwood floors for Valentines day?

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