Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nigerian designers

I happen to have a short notice event tomorrow,

So today I decided to go and see what the Nigerian stores had since Pounds = 311 Nigerian Naira

And flossing is not my middle name.

So that is how I went to the apparent foremost fashion curator house in lagos.

name with-held because  I'm not here for business spoiling.

Anyway so That is how I went there o, and I was so terribly disappointed.

Excuse me Nigerian designers have you never heard of the term finishing before?

Half of the stuff I tried on, had the worst zip finishings ever.

So now I need to ask those of you that patronize these "desginers" do you know and not care that you are paying almost 100 GBP ( at the current exchange rate) for rags. Literal rags?

Like If my tailor at obalende came to me with clothes that poorly finished

I might just slap him forward into 2016.

Really Nigerians we need to do better.

Totally Back at asos, till you people get your act and zip closures together.

Pss- I was so ready to SLAYYYY at this event, but now i'm just here like * insert sad face smiley here*

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Will You marry me and other cool stories

If you follow me on instagram, or you know me well enough in real life you will know by now that this post is LONGGGGG over due.


Because I live in the perpetual fear of Bad belle people and general negative energy

and people laughing at me when I got my heart broken in 2013 ( which inadvertently launched my baby girl career)-

but all this is neither here or there.

I got engaged.

Which means I am getting married.

Most likely in June.

Also- if you know me well enough you already know the answer to this question ( most likely because you have asked me or some one close to me)

I am not pregnant.

At least last time I checked I wasn't.

Am I excited?

OMG sometimes I stare at the ( quite snug- ps, did anyone get a ring that was actually her size?) ring on my finger and wonder

is this what I want?

Then I make a list.

But most times I am scared.

what if I make a rubbish wife.

The non- Yoruba man ( Thank you Jesus) I am getting married to has told me not to worry about my bed making skills- Because we are getting domestic HELP!

Yayyy and a driver too.

Another question I get from my really close friends is if I am ready/expentant since it is all so sudden.

and I am like y'all know I  am always down for some good fun.

I am stressed about this I won't lie, constantly having bouts of " cold feet"

But the trick is to do it Afraid.

I am especially side eyeing all my travel situations this year.

I had this whole travel thing all planned out.

Whatever the case, I am still going to vegas in May ( maybe pull off that bridal shower that simi couldn't quite hack)

I get asked alot - if I like my ring.

LOL, It's this really really really cute ring.

I don't think it is really my person, But I am warming up to it.

And I did not think that would happen since I am pretty set in my ways.

Finally OMG the collective excitement and happiness and good will from everyone.

I amazing/overwhelming/ slightly amusing.

Since I do not remember ever being excited for anyone getting engaged.

I am in awe of how magnanimous people are.

My friend said its because they are praying for the same thing to happen to them.

Whatever the case. I am uber thankful.

So Bennie and Lekan, I hope you are both happy that I have blogged about this major event.

Alsooooooo- this goes sans saying- my Mother is super stoked.

Between her, My future mother inlaw and my wedding planner

I am positive I will have no gist for you guys.

Friday, February 20, 2015


Yesterday I buried another co-worker.

This is the second pregnant woman that has died this year ( Keep in mind we are in just in February)

It was the saddest thing because, we joined the firm the same day.

She also got married on thursday.

And she was buried a week later.

makes me really wonder- This life what are we really slaving for?

She was married; she just completed her MBA, She was 8 months pregnant due next month

and we buried her.

I would never forget her younger brother at her grave just crying. and crying and crying.

Only consolation is that she has gone to be in a better place we no more suffering.

And she would never bother about a deadline anymore.

grapevine gist has it that, she had requested for 10 days for mandatory bed rest as ordered by her doctor, and she was denied that but was given a measly 3 days.

While I do not deceive myself that I have a work life balance; I am so scared at how much work controls and has such a tight rein on our lives.

As lent has commenced; one of my major prayer points is that I am able to live to work and not work to live.

because really and truly what are you working for; if you are only digging your grave with the work you are doing?

On a much lighter note- This means getting leave days approved would be such a breeze now.

I'm thinking of going to paris.

For a week for general chill,

because baby girl NOT slave employee.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I had the most delightful lunch today.

My client's took us out to lunch and it was so refreshing.

I am here for honest conversation and amazing food.

We went to this 5 star Michelin Indian restaurant in Mayfair called Gymkhana.

And I had this rabbit dish- which was so absolutely delicious ( makes me wonder why they made us keep them for practicals in biology)

Rabbit meat is so fabulous along with - Rabbit fur ( But I will tell you about that later)

Anyway I have no photos as always so you will have to let me describe this to you with my words.

Think of the most indian setting you can imagine ( think bollywood fused with a nollywood rich man's sitting room)

We had the most central lowest key dining room and we just sat there and chatted chatted chatted

Offcourse about marriage.

Turns out one of my clients is a sister inlaw to my dearest and nearest ( In heart not distance) friend

and she surprisingly called us during lunch.

And is currently keeping malice with me! hahahaha.

And we concluded that Nigerian women are the true heros who manage to slather Nigerian men with a layer of Male privilege, daily.

Offcourse I would not discuss all our lunch entailed but know that it was such a good experience.

And when we were walking back to the office- we popped into the Victoria Beckham store.

OMG everything was white, and there was this orange bag. *sigh*

Anyways I had such a good day.

But I am eager, dying. can not wait to go home to Lagos.

Lagos I miss you, your madness, traffic and your wretched Yoruba boys.

*sprinkles love and light everywhere*

Emails at 1am

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