Yesterday I buried another co-worker.

This is the second pregnant woman that has died this year ( Keep in mind we are in just in February)

It was the saddest thing because, we joined the firm the same day.

She also got married on thursday.

And she was buried a week later.

makes me really wonder- This life what are we really slaving for?

She was married; she just completed her MBA, She was 8 months pregnant due next month

and we buried her.

I would never forget her younger brother at her grave just crying. and crying and crying.

Only consolation is that she has gone to be in a better place we no more suffering.

And she would never bother about a deadline anymore.

grapevine gist has it that, she had requested for 10 days for mandatory bed rest as ordered by her doctor, and she was denied that but was given a measly 3 days.

While I do not deceive myself that I have a work life balance; I am so scared at how much work controls and has such a tight rein on our lives.

As lent has commenced; one of my major prayer points is that I am able to live to work and not work to live.

because really and truly what are you working for; if you are only digging your grave with the work you are doing?

On a much lighter note- This means getting leave days approved would be such a breeze now.

I'm thinking of going to paris.

For a week for general chill,

because baby girl NOT slave employee.


mizchif said…
This work- life balance is one of the hardest parts of adulthood.

I hate to hear of pregnant women dying. I mean news of death is never pleasant but all the excitement of welcoming a little one only to end in tragedy is just......too much.

These days the plan is to save and then spend all my savings on travel because this life, only one.

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