Nigerian designers

I happen to have a short notice event tomorrow,

So today I decided to go and see what the Nigerian stores had since Pounds = 311 Nigerian Naira

And flossing is not my middle name.

So that is how I went to the apparent foremost fashion curator house in lagos.

name with-held because  I'm not here for business spoiling.

Anyway so That is how I went there o, and I was so terribly disappointed.

Excuse me Nigerian designers have you never heard of the term finishing before?

Half of the stuff I tried on, had the worst zip finishings ever.

So now I need to ask those of you that patronize these "desginers" do you know and not care that you are paying almost 100 GBP ( at the current exchange rate) for rags. Literal rags?

Like If my tailor at obalende came to me with clothes that poorly finished

I might just slap him forward into 2016.

Really Nigerians we need to do better.

Totally Back at asos, till you people get your act and zip closures together.

Pss- I was so ready to SLAYYYY at this event, but now i'm just here like * insert sad face smiley here*


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