Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nigerian Parents

SOOOOOOOOOO I am supposed to be slaving away at work then I come across this post.

It lists the youngest billionaires- all worth $1bn and above- under 45 or sthg like that.

Let me tell you what I found.

say 10 out of the 47 were IT start ups ( awon mark zuckerberg and co)

The remaining 37, Family inheritance.

I mean there were people who had 5 relatives on this list from the same ineheritance as per

four siblings one aunty- all billionaires from the money one person left behind.

Some colombian (Domingo) and the Sweden H&M owner.

The second amusing thing was that there were a bunch of people separate from this inheritance clique that were running family businesses into the 3rd /4th generation at the helm of affairs and were billionaires. From share holdings in these family businesses or investment in other business with their inheritance money.

Then there was the token royalty heir, wife of next in line etc etc

The weirdest thing is how Nigerian parents do not want to do anything for their children.

( Kindly note that every statement I make is not from my life but general observation/complaints I hear people make about their parents)

One, I know a shit load of Nigerians that are rich are properly rich, so why do they die and thier children go to shit?

Like what is up with leaving the money for one uncle to maltreat the seed of your loin?


Those that are yet to die, are unwilling to hand over the business to their children.

Then they die and the whole thing goes to shit- Hello succession plan epic fail.

It is the oddest thing really.

First person on that list is a disk jockey. as per DJ. Think DJ exclusive/spinall.

and he is worth over a billion USD.

Dear Nigerian parents your son will go and read that degree for you and lead a mediocre life.

I think Nigerians generally are afraid of good things happening too soon too fast ( myself included)

Which is why I applaud Davido's daddy.

The one thing I sha took away from that list is that- YOU CAN NOT TAKE YOUR MONEY WITH YOU TO HEAVEN.

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